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Risk management expert.

Risk is life..but how can we manage risk?

David Turner is one of Australasia’s leading risk management professionals including; mentoring, lecturing, media guest, and specialist in human behaviour and the true but frequently unseen causes of risk.

David’s life goal is to find the key formula to mitigate risk within organisations.

Current Work

David advises on risk management in the private and government sectors within Australia and New Zealand including: BHPB, Multiplex, Deloitte, KPMG, Chubb Australasia, PwC, Jims Group, Woodside, Rio Tinto, The, Bethany Aged Care, Transdev Australasia, the Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG - Global), and Government such as - Defence, Police, Ministry of Justice, Liberal Party of WA, CHOGM 2011.
David has spoken across 30 events including; conferences, workshops and guest appearances on radio, Channel 7, Channel 9, Channel 10, and Australian radio stations, as well as guest speaking on global webinars.

David is on the board of Risk New Zealand, and is continuing his research through a part time PhD ‘Risk within Directors Duties and Corporate Governance.’

Previous experience

Education: David completed his diplomas in Risk Management, Management, Occupational Health and safety and Marketing, and founded his own Risk Management Company before completing his Master’s in Business Law in 2014 where his thesis focused on ‘People’ - decreasing legal liability through embedding risk management habit and practice within organisations.

Entrepreneur: David has built three diverse businesses where he injected risk management methods to gage performance and results.

Appointments: David has previously been a member of the Institute of Company Directors Australia, Vice President Liberal Party Hasluck Western Australia, and provided advice for the Salvation Army and various non for profit organisations.

Qualifications and memberships include;
• Masters of Business Law
• Diplomas; Risk Management, Management, Security, Marketing, Health & Safety
• PhD - Student; (Risk - Directors Duties and Corporate Governance)
• Board Member Risk NZ
• Institute of Company Directors Australia (past membership)
• Liberal Party of Western Australia (Ex Snr Vice President Hasluck Division)

Talking Points

Breaking old habits to enable good decision making

Organisations tend to run on habit because it’s human. However, the key cornerstones of habit need careful assessment to enable change and therefore better acceptance of risk management practices.

Turning risk management into a habit

When risk, issues, and assumption management becomes a habit within your organisation, then managing risk becomes a frequent and productive activity.

How risk management makes you a leader

Risk management is within every part of leadership including; communication, planning, networks, strategy, people. Learn how to use risk management to enable maximum leadership performance.

Why Programmes and Projects fail

A significant number of projects produce poor results or failure to deliver, however there are key reasons projects and programmes fail, and key activities and indicators of risk long before a programme becomes derailed, learn what these indicators are and how to revive your project and succeed.

People, us, you, me, the biggest cause of risk

With all good intention we still create our own risk almost every day: Learn why, and the signs and symptoms of human risk and how to mitigate this risk.

Saving small to medium business through good risk practice

A large percentage of new and existing businesses fail due to risk understanding and practice, risk and risk management is the heart of a business and understanding how to identify risk and how to treat these risks can mean the difference between success and failure.

ISO31000 2018 explained

The ISO has evolved with a new version released in 2018, learn what the ISO Standard means and its goal, and how you can effectively use the ISO31000 within your organisation to achieve risk management success

Why your risk register and framework is only 10% of the solution

By the time we discuss risk and then populate the risk register many unseen risks have already risen and are affecting our goals. These risks usually stay and cause damage as we proceed, however these risks can be identified and controlled. Learn what these hidden risks are and how to mitigate them.

How risk management can create its own risk

We think we have risk management in place and feel confident? This is the time we really need to start looking at our risk, and challenge our assessments and methods.

My risky life

Over 25 years of risk management and observations of human behaviour within private and government organisations, and what I have found.

Group think and risk management

Within board rooms, leadership groups, management meetings and daily organisational operations, many good decisions and actions are lost due to negative group think. Learn how to identify group think both positive and negative, and manage group think to decrease risk to your organisation.

Assumptions the leading cause of risk and issues

Alongside risks are assumptions, usually many small and seemingly insignificant items that make up the highest degree of uncontrolled and unseen risk. Learn how to identify assumptions and mitigate these.

Root causes of Risk

We threat risk through methods such as discussion and risk working groups, risk management software and matrix’s, however much of the time we do not treat the root cause of the risk that carries the seed to create more risk and issue at a future time. See how to identify root cause and use this to effectively combat risk and issue.
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A great presentation David, we did not know how risk management touches every area of what we all do thank you! Chartered Accountants Conference NZ

David is well known for his leadership, expertise and humility, a great combination in any organizational consultant or keynote speaker. If you are fortunate enough to engage with David you'll soon recognise a strategic solution thinking innovator and a highly trusted and intuitive advisor If you are looking or depth of expertise particularly in the field of complex risk management and human behavior, then I'd strongly recommend David as your front runner for any engagement.

Australian Performance Expert

David is a thorough professional with a presentation series detailing knowledge of risk related issues pertaining to Western Australia. He has wide industry experience and is able to provide clients with sound analysis and advice.

Murdoch University

The risk management training under David Turner provided extensive workshops on Environmental Design to over 50 City of Mandurah employees. The successful workshops have given the City many trained eyes on the street by training critical frontline employees to help identify, rectify and prevent crime in the Mandurah area.

City of Mandurah

A great session about human behaviour and risk thank you!

Rio Tinto
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