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Global authority, international speaker & best selling author on productivity

Pay attention to the clock in your body, not the clock on the wall.

Donna McGeorge is passionate about enhancing a large amount of time we spend in our workplace (too much, for many) to ensure it is effective and productive, as well as enjoyable.

Donna believes that workplaces are complex, but not hard. More often than not it’s getting the simple things right, consistently, that has the greatest impact. She also knows that when we decide to be intentional, we can surprise ourselves with what we can achieve.

Current Work:

Known as THE productivity coach, she has a range of sessions, books, products and services to help you improve your productivity. As a speaker, facilitator, and consultant, Donna’s animated delivery and ‘front of room’ energy enables people to engage enthusiastically with her and her material. She brings her creative and practical approach together with a significant corporate organisation development background to help people where they are at.

For over 25 years Donna has worked as a trainer, facilitator and speaker in leading corporate environments, including Ford Motor Company, Australian Red Cross Blood Service, L’Oreal, Jetstar, Pacific Hydro, Nissan Motor Company, Flight Centre, and ANZ Bank. In 2014, Donna returned from 2 years abroad, where she worked closely with the senior leadership team at Ford Asia Pacific in China to help transform organisational design, development, and strategic planning.

Talking Points

The 1 Day Refund: Take back time, spend it wisely

: It’s about time we overcame overwhelm, took back control and focused on what’s important. It’s not enough any more to do “to do lists” and other traditional time management strategies to run your life. Neuroscience and other breakthroughs have shown that we need to pay more attention to the clock in our bodies, than the clock on the wall. Based on her best-selling productivity series, It’s About Time, Donna brings the best of her knowledge to help people build adaptive capacity into their lives.

You’ll learn:
* Why we have been led up a garden path when it comes to productivity (and how to get it right)
* The 4 Types of Space we need to focus on to create capacity and how to leverage each
* Strategies to develop a savings plan to take back time and spend it wisely.

Adaptive Capacity: Give yourself the space to pause, think and respond

In 2020 and 2021 the word “pivot” became the catch cry of those needing to respond to the changing working and living environment. Some were successful, and some struggled. What was the difference? It was an individual’s, or organisation’s adaptive capacity that sorted the wheat from the chaff. Whether you lead an organisation, a team or yourself, optimising your adaptive capacity will give you a competitive advantage.

You’ll learn:
* Why creating space to think (no really think) is the key to managing and taking advantage of changing circumstances
* The 4 Types of Capacity and the impact of each on our ability to be productive and effective
* Strategies to build your adaptive capacity to react faster and better than your competition

The 15% Rule: Create a productivity buffer

More! More! More! Faster! Faster! Faster! We’ve been told that the successful people in life are those that are willing to go longer and harder than others. And yet, some of the most successful people in the world have shown that extreme effort doesn’t always yield extreme results. Join Donna as she shows time and time again that success is about effort in the right place, and the right time and at just the right level. That going hard and being “on” all the time is likely detrimental to what you are wanting to achieve.

You’ll learn:
* Why 100% on 100% of the time is making you less productive (and how to get it right)
* How sportspeople, entertainers and inventors know why having a 15% buffer helps them be more successful
* Techniques to help you take back 15% right now, and give yourself a room to breathe
We have used Donna as both a live and virtual speaker. In any context she wows the audience and leaves them feeling motivated to make changes in their work and personal lives. L’Oreal

Donna's presentation for my Women of Impact Online Retreat was very well received. Delegates particularly enjoyed her stories, found her incredibly relatable, and she used her models in a way that really drew people in and kept them engaged for the entire hour. From an organiser's perspective, Donna was a standout - highly professional, easy to liaise with and had high quality visuals for her virtual presentation.

Women of Impact

Donna is guaranteed to make you laugh and keep you engaged. Whether she’s training you online or in person, her content is always interesting and fun. Highly recommend her for coaching, team building, webinars and in person programs.

Cleanaway Waste Management

Management Over the fifteen years that I have worked with Donna, she is one of the strongest Learning & Development professionals I have worked with. As a client, I appreciate her facilitation skills, flexibility, ability to understand the audience and adapt in the blink of an eye. I have total confidence in a great outcome each and every time.

Davey Water Products
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