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Multi-million dollar Amazonia superfood founder.


One of the most dynamic speakers of his time. Dwayne provides a motivational, uplifting presentation that excites and captivates his audience. His young, vivacious manner is unique and entertaining, while his message sounds from the heart.

Current work

Dwayne is the CEO and founder of Amazonia, a company that has epitomised the health movement in Australia and abroad. This multi-million dollar, multi-national company was built on the vision by Dwayne and his team.

Very unique to his space, Dwayne and his team have reshaped an industry and brought a dynamic, young, innovative twist to a relatively stock standard industry. Driven by an ethical 'Shine Brighter' philosophy, Dwayne and his team have achieved some remarkable feats.

Now preserving over 4,000 acres of Amazon rainforest, Dwayne has set up an industry that pays more financial income to keep trees standing, working with grower cooperatives in the Amazon, Ecuador, Thailand and South Africa. Amazonia directly preserve in excess of 10,000 acres through their fair trade and sustainable actions and affect in order of over 10,000 families abroad with wages far surpassing fair trade standards.

'Who says business can't be sustainable? Business now has no choice but to be sustainable. When you choose to source organic nutrient-dense food, the environment needs to be rich in order for these foods to grow. This is the fundamental basis of the business; we source and innovate these food industries that lead to better management of workers and the environment and which result in more nourishing products for the consumer.'

With regular Raw parties, this company has been the driving force behind the health movement in Australia. It's culture is so unique and liked that Amazonia rarely needs to advertise for staff. 'When leaders in the industry come knocking on your door, that's when you know you’re doing something right. People, including myself, want to create positive change, want to do good by others, want to uplift; and this is why people want to help Amazonia - because we do just that through every facet of our business'.

Living in a giant teepee out the back of his big house in Bellevue Hill, Dwayne is a self-appointed big kid. One laughs at the fact that this character lives just down the road from James Packer in a teepee; you don't get more dynamic than that. One thing is for sure though - Dwayne speaks from the heart and provides a refreshing, authentic talk that motivates and inspires.

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