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Empowering Lasting Transformation for Individuals & Organisations

The bitter part of the fruit reveals it's sweeter part.

Dr. Ehssan Sakhaee is a renowned engineer, author, entrepreneur, leadership educator, and Senior Lecturer in Professional Practice and Leadership at the University of Canberra's Faculty of Science & Technology.

Specializing in professional practice, management, and leadership, Ehssan has a distinguished history of developing leadership programs for Fortune Global 500 companies, including 3M Australia and NTT Japan, specifically targeting their technical and engineering teams.

Formerly the Director of the Engineering Leadership Programme at the University of Sydney, Ehssan led the university's inaugural leadership program and has been instrumental in shaping the future of leadership education. His work as an instructor for the "Leadership and the Human Element in Project Management" unit at UCLA Extension resulted in one of the highest-rated courses in the College of Engineering at UCLA Extension.

Ehssan's innovative contributions to education technology include the development and implementation of a novel software tool at the University of Sydney, an EdTech platform that assesses soft skills and has been utilized by nearly 20,000 students across six institutions globally. His dedication to the field has been recognized with numerous awards, including the IEEE Kansai Gold Award in Japan and the Faculty of Engineering Teaching Innovation Award at the University of Sydney.

As the author of several books, including "Leadership and the Human Element in Project Management" and "The Illustrated Handbook of Self Leadership," Ehssan continues to inspire and educate future leaders. He is also the founder of Inspirational Management Australia, a leadership consultancy that supports organizations in thriving and cultivating well-being and effectiveness within their teams.

Committed to raising people's and the planet's consciousness, Ehssan's leadership framework and philosophy stem from the cultivation of awareness and understanding of our world. By operating from this higher level of awareness, he aims to foster wisdom, compassion, and sustainable positive change within individuals, relationships, and our planet.

Talking Points

The Power of Presence

What is the one skills that one can cultivate the enhances personal wellbeing and effectiveness and transform the landscape of our relationships and our organisations? It is presence. When we become more aware of ourselves, others and our environment, we tap into an untapped potential that was previously inaccessible. It is the place that the mind becomes quiet and a deeper intelligence takes over - an intelligence beyond the evolution of the human mind.

The Power of Intrinsic Motivation

How motivated can each individual stay through these interactions? Also, what is the quality of this motivation and how aligned is this with maintaining engagement, wellbeing and effectiveness? In this session you will learn about motivational concepts backed with proven theories, as well as evidence-based practical approaches to support individuals’ motivation, how they can facilitate wellbeing among team members and promote self-effectiveness. Ideal for team leaders, managers and CEOs.

Beyond Identity

This keynote explores identity how today the attachment to the plethora of labels we carry have become a source of diminished individual and collective wellbeing. This talk delves into the biology and science of who we are and practical strategies on how we can rediscover ourselves at a deeper level beyond labels. This then allows us to bring about a higher sense of satisfaction, and wellbeing at both individual and collective level.

The Universal Leader

Join us for an interactive session on Universal Leadership - the kind of leadership our world deeply needs as we evolve out of the old paradigms of survival-based leadership mindset. In this session we will explore the 12 facets of Universal Leadership, including mirroring the universe, curious inquiry, deep presence, authenticity and reality-alignment, custodianship, as well as 7 other characteristics that the Universal Leader utilises to foster a future that fosters the next stage of human evolution and planetary survival.

The Power of Inquiry

This keynote explores the power of inquiry. How do we ask more effective questions of ourselves and of others to guide us towards better outcomes? What questions can we ask so that we can transform situations for the better? How do we use the power of inquiry to coach and guide others without being authoritative? How can we empower others using great questions, guiding them towards the right answer? How do we utilise the power of curiosity to learn deeper about problems so we can find more effective and sustainable solutions? This keynote explores these themes and provides practical tips to cultivate the power of inquiry within ourselves.

The Power of Acceptance

This keynote focuses on the power of self-acceptance and it’s gateway into inner peace, wellbeing and effectiveness. When we fully embrace our flaws and make peace with our limitations, we can rise above them and transcend the limitations towards higher wellbeing and effectiveness in all areas of our lives both personally and professionally. Acceptance is also the gateway towards positive and sustainable change whether in the context of self-improvement or global transformation.

The Power of Perspective Taking

This keynote highlights the art of perspective taking. Perspective taking is a powerful technique that leads to empathy as well as better decision making processes that consider multiple points of view. Through diversity of perspectives, we create a more accurate view of how things really are and the reality of our world. Perspective taking is the first step to empathy that opens the gate to effective dialogue and understanding and meaningful collaboration. Perspective taking takes courage and it requires us to step outside ourselves to see things from the perspectives of others and a higher global perspective to both leading ourselves to solving complex problems in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world.
I have been especially impressed by Ehssan’s determination, professional achievements, and work ethics, which he so smoothly integrated into his lectures, teaching material, and style. UCLA Extension Engineering Department

Dr. Sakhaee's courses had the most impact on my continuing toward a MS in Project Management.

UCLA Extension Landscape Architecture

Dr. Sakhaee knows his material and is a pure delight to have as a professor. He uses understandable examples to illustrate the material and makes learning fun!

Diane Rogers, Ph.D., CAPM,
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