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Dr Elizabeth
Wilson (Shoesmith)

Behavioural Scientist and CEO of the Inclusive Organisation Group


Dr Elizabeth Wilson is on a personal mission to create a world where everyone is included and valued for their difference. It was after indirectly experiencing the exclusion and discrimination of her husband, who is profoundly Deaf, that she committed her career to inclusion. In fact you may even recall her viral wedding video, which has amassed over 300-million views, of her using sign language to sing the song ‘1000 years’ to her husband before walking down the aisle in 2018. Versions have been created by social media pages across the internet in English, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, and Russian. Soon after their wedding, the media became interested in their story. This provided an opportunity for Dr Liz to start spreading the message and her vision for a world where everyone is included.

Dr Elizabeth Wilson has been described as inspiring, captivating, engaging, passionate, professional, courageous, and a game-changer. As founder and CEO of The Inclusive Organisation Group of companies, she combines her 20+ years of expertise in organisational transformation for Asia Pacific’s most notable organisations, a PhD in organisational culture and behaviour, and a passion for inclusion. She has set the global benchmark for business-as-usual inclusion. Her innovative, yet pragmatic, approach is creating a global movement of change through the organisations, governments, and institutions we all interact with on a daily basis. This was even recognised at The Stevie Awards in New York City in 2018.

Dr Elizabeth Wilson is as much ‘heart’ as she is ‘mind’. While she believes in what is simply the ‘right thing to do’, the behavioural scientist and researcher in her means she can back what she says with evidence-based undeniable facts.

As a professional speaker and facilitator, Dr Liz will engage and inspire your guests with a desire to make a difference and contribute to creating a world where everyone is included.

Talking Points

Inclusive Love for an Inclusive World

The funny yet confronting story of her hearing-Deaf relationship with her husband and how overcoming bias and doing things differently is critical to creating an inclusive world

Inclusion Starts With Me

Dr Liz moderates a panel discussion with Scott as a panel member plus 2 - 3 other panel members from other diverse groups either from within the client organisation or from the Inclusive Organization team. Panel members share personal stories of exclusion, while Dr Liz serves as the mirror for the audience on how the exclusion people face is not because of their difference, but because of the barriers we put in their place.

Labels are Divisive and Morning Teas Don’t Help

Dr Liz breaks the news to participants that celebrating labels with morning teas won’t get us past acceptance, and to get to true inclusion we need to throw away the labels and focus on a pragmatic approach to creating a world where everyone is included.

Creating an Inclusive Organisation Where Diversity Thrives So Your Business Does Too

Dr Liz incorporates story telling about employee and customer experiences that highlight exclusion barriers where you may never have expected, and then presents a practical way for participants apply in their roles to reap human capital, financial, legislative benefits of inclusion for the organisation - while also creating a better experience for everyone and a more inclusive world.

Exclusion Experienced

Immersive exclusion activity that confronts participants with the challenges others face on a day-to-day basis. A debrief is included with individuals living with that exclusion, followed by an action planning session so something gets done differently.

Tailored Presentations

Dr Liz will create a presentation bespoke to your event theme, objectives, and participants; there are some ideas below to get you started.

You also have unique the opportunity to include Scott Shoesmith with Dr Liz at your next event. Her husband, Scott, who is profoundly Deaf, is available to co-present. Watching them together on stage together is a memorable experience and you are guaranteed an even more inclusive, emotive and captivating event.

If you really want to know what’s going on in your organisation when it comes to diversity and inclusion, then Dr Liz can uncover the facts for you. And she isn’t just looking at diversity targets or unconscious behaviours and bias. Expect to uncover practical and tangible lead indicators of inclusion from your business strategy, to product and service design, right through to employment and work practices, and the way you engage with your customers. And don’t worry you won’t be left confused with what to do about it…you’ll end up with a very simple plan of attack for improvement. Combining her expertise in organisational transformation, a PhD in organisational culture and behaviour and passion for inclusion, be prepared for inclusion to become business-as-usual!
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