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Paralympian, Entrepreneur


I am grateful for the moments I had nothing to be grateful for.

Elle Steele is a woman of unparalleled achievements, seamlessly blending the worlds of Paralympic glory, lingerie modeling, entrepreneurship, and psychic energy healing. Her diverse resume mirrors a life shaped by a congenital disability called Arthrogryposis and Amniotic band syndrome, leading to over 30 surgeries and the need to relearn walking five times.

Born with an indomitable spirit, Elle's father, upon learning of her condition, was told by a doctor that she would not only walk but dance. This optimism became the foundation of Elle's mindset - focusing on her capabilities rather than limitations. Throughout her life, this positivity has been a guiding force.

Water, for Elle, holds profound healing power, symbolising transformation and boundless potential. Whether competing in the pool or immersing herself in the ocean's saltwater, Elle finds clarity and endless possibilities. Her dedication to walking into the ocean after each relearning episode signifies her commitment to personal growth.

Elle's affinity for swimming blossomed early, winning her first gold medal at 14 and representing Australia in the 2000 Sydney Paralympics at 17. Beyond her athletic prowess, Elle displayed unique leadership as the captain of Australian swimming teams, laying the groundwork for her journey to empower others.

Post-retirement, Elle delved into neurolinguistics, realising the impact of language on her perception of disability. Shifting her mindset, she embraced psychic healing to find happiness in herself and her body. Rejecting stereotypes, Elle emphasises that psychic healing is about inner feelings and dispelling limiting beliefs.

Elle's mission extends beyond personal triumphs. Through teaching psychic healing, she empowers individuals of all abilities to say "yes" to themselves and the world, embracing uniqueness and navigating challenges. Elle's message is clear: follow your inner desires, believe in your capabilities, and keep dancing through life, irrespective of the pace or style.

Talking Points

Triumph Through Resilience in Professional Endeavors

Gain valuable insights into corporate success through the lens of Elle Steele's extraordinary career. Discover strategies for overcoming challenges, fostering resilience, and maintaining a positive mindset. Elle's story serves as a motivational blueprint for professionals, offering practical takeaways for achieving excellence in the corporate world.

Key Takeaways:
Resilience as a Professional Asset
Positive Mindset for Corporate Success
Strategies for Overcoming Challenges

Wellness Strategies for Academic and Professional Achievement: Elle Steele's Water-Infused Wisdom

Explore the strategic wellness practices that propelled Elle Steele to success in both athletics and business. Understand the transformative power of water and its application in maintaining clarity, resilience, and peak performance. This topic offers practical takeaways for academic and professional audiences seeking holistic approaches to success.

Key Takeaways:
Integrating Wellness into Academic and Professional Life
Strategic Use of Water for Clarity and Resilience
Sustaining Peak Performance through Strategic Wellness

Leadership Redefined: Elle Steele's Corporate Evolution and Empowerment

Delve into Elle Steele's journey from Paralympic leadership to corporate mentorship. Explore the impact of language on leadership and discover how embracing psychic healing can foster a culture of empowerment. This motivational talk provides actionable insights for leaders, educators, and professionals seeking to redefine their approach to leadership.

Key Takeaways:
Language's Influence on Corporate Leadership
Embracing Wellness Practices for Empowerment
Navigating Transitions with Resilience and Forward-Thinking
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