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Australia's Beam Queen

Failure doesn't exist unless you allow it to.


Emma Nedov has represented Australia internationally as an artistic gymnast for over 20 years, dedicating her career to inspiring and empowering others by sharing her experiences.

Facing a metabolic shift in her body post-sport, Emma participated in a health program, sparking a newfound passion for health and wellbeing. She soon became a coach for Simplr Health and earned her accreditation as a sports nutritionist.

Emma's interest in business dates back to her youth; in 2018, during the World Championships, she and a teammate launched Artium Sport, a gymnastics and sports brand. Her drive for learning and gaining experience led her to become a director on the Board of YMCA Whittlesea, a meaningful role considering her career and gymnastics success began at YMCA Epping in NSW.

Holding a philosophy that everyone can achieve greatness, Emma has lived an exciting life, confronting challenges and overcoming adversity from a young age. She aims to use her life lessons to empower others. Recently, she created a podcast and video series, 'ENbalance', where she engages in conversations with fellow athletes about their sporting experiences and how these experiences contribute to success in life.

Talking Points

How mistakes help us grow

"Failure" and mistakes are embarrassing, scary and confronting but they are our best insight into how we can do better. Without them, we may never improve.

Be prepared for things not to go your way

Goals are essential. Having a path and committing to it, is the best way to ensure you're heading towards what you want. However, this is life we're talking about and it doesn't always work out the way we want. Is that going to stop you? Being prepared for an alternative path to achieve a different and hopefully better goal is essential to be able to achieve greatness

The power of self belief

Without true belief there is not committment and without committment there is no definite path to achieve what you really want. You have to believe you are capable to look the fear of success in the face and go for it.
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