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Transforming the World, One Mind at a Time


Who are you in the game of life? What are you doing to improve yourself and achieve your personal best? Is your team motivated enough to achieve their best? Like anything else in life, being able to have a better mental state and mindset does not always come easy; it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. Our brain function is essential in increasing our ability to get tasks accomplished.

From an early age, Eric Bailey has endured many challenges in his life. From the physical to emotional aspects, he suffered from abandonment, low self-esteem, and financial struggles. It made him who he is today. Seeking a comfortable life was never an option for me. He genuinely believes the greatest mistake we can make is to seek a comfortable life and not live to our fullest potential.

With that being said, Eric is ready to take you on a journey of self-growth and change, guiding you on how to keep your eye on the prize, the Do x Don't attitude, to attach your passion, energy, and emotions to your goals, equipping yourself with tools to eliminate distractions and go to achieve your objectives with success.

Eric helps audiences model their attitude, align their perspectives and commit to putting up a plan of action to transform their vision into reality with dedication and continual improvement. What are you waiting for? You and your team will take a journey to transformation, development, and improvement. The time is now!

Talking Points

Championship DNA

This will be interactive, high-impact, fun and engaging to get staff involved and excited about learning, growing, developing and achieving more than ever before.
This session is about getting staff to decide about sitting on the bench or being a regular contributor and winning a CHAMPIONSHIP for the TEAM.
Aimed at increasing involvement and engagement from staff about how and why it is important to raise their standards and work to a world-class level. Not just for the organisation but for themselves, their team, and more importantly their customers.
We also explore the challenges that face our organisations when it comes to Mental Wellness and low morale.
Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.

This will incorporate:
- The process of goal setting
- Identifying what is missing from your life
- Facilitating greater direction and focus
- Increasing productivity
- Boosting motivation

How To Create Team Synergy In Post A Post COVID-19 Climate

In today’s volatile economy, organisations are finding it more difficult to adapt to expanding costs, shrinking margins, increased competition, mental wellness concerns and regulation. Teamwork, accountability, and purpose have greatly diminished, leaving employees fearful and paralysed to step outside of their comfort zones. The result? Decreased revenues, lowered morale, and mediocre performance. Motivational Speaker and Personal Peak Performance Expert offers your organisation the ultimate virtual or face to face experience that unifies, inspires, and rallies your sales staff, leadership teams, and front-line employees to create a renewed and lasting movement within your organisation.

This will incorporate:
- Improving communication to facilitate change and development
- Mapping and displaying personal visions
- Finding common ground
- Identifying motivators
- Exercises to hold yourself to a higher standard
- Sharing visions of what success looks like
- Identifying strengths
- Accountability
- How to stay on track during tough times

Fly Eagle Fly

Eric believes that true leadership does more than simply inspire, it transforms. It allows you to take whatever team you have, whatever cards you have been dealt, whatever challenges you face, and win. Eric will take you on a journey to discover leader-“ship,” where you take the helm and prepare to guide your crew towards success! This makes all the difference in the world to your organisation and will ensure that your team sees you as a true leader.

Exceptional leadership is one of the hallmarks of the world’s most successful businesses and organisations. Gain insights into the natural strengths and weaknesses of your fellow team members and then learn how to harness all that potential. No matter what your role or position, you will uncover your own innate leadership qualities and learn how to use them effectively. Walk out as a Leader truly ready to Win!

This will incorporate:
- To welcome change and challenge cultivating personal leadership
- Setting empowering goals
- Nurturing health and well-being
- Persisting in tough times
He worked with us and gave so much of himself that each staff member and executive leader walked away feeling positive and touched that this man could share such personal reflection in such a motivational way. Even our most negative staff member turned the corner. That says something about the skills, tools, and ability of this man to effect change from the bottom up! Suncorp Financial Services

Your presentation was an integral component of our Diversity Theme. We walked away with more than just a few philosophical ideals; we learned how to put diversity and inclusion into action. Eric, you are a great role model and inspiration to all that hear you. Keep helping people get off the nail!

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