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Cybersecurity Keynote Speaker, National Security Strategist at VMWare Carbon Black, & Former FBI Operative


Best known for his role in capturing the most notorious spy in United States history, Robert Hanssen, Eric O’Neill is a cybersecurity authority, motivational speaker, former FBI counterterrorism and counterintelligence operative, and technology futurist. He is the bestselling author of Gray Day, and the inspiration for the film Breach, in which he was portrayed by actor Ryan Phillipe. O’Neill is the founder of The Georgetown Group, a premier investigative and security services firm, and a national security strategist for VMware Carbon Black, the leader in next-generation network and endpoint security. In addition to cybersecurity, O’Neill also addresses the new SEC cybersecurity reporting requirements, the threat to U.S. security posed by terrorism, cyber threats to critical infrastructure, foreign intelligence, Neural Network AIs like ChatGPT, and the national conscience in a monitored society.

As a highly engaging speaker, Eric O’Neill weaves real-life experiences worthy of a Hollywood spy thriller and the bestseller list into talks that are entertaining, informative, and inspiring. As a cybersecurity expert, he provides practical cybersecurity insights into real work situations relevant to many industries. Key to all of his talks is his captivating first-hand account of capturing Robert Hanssen, the notorious spy responsible for the greatest security breach in U.S. history.

Eric O’Neill began his career in counterintelligence and counterterrorism as a graduate of the FBI’s Intelligence Program. He spent the first five years of his FBI career as a special surveillance group field operative monitoring foreign, national, and domestic terrorists and spies. He transitioned from field operative to direct undercover work focusing on Hanssen. The unique nature of the assignment, one with huge significance but little backup or support, required O’Neill to tap into deep reserves of courage and inner confidence-experiences that he now draws upon as a motivational speaker.

Currently, Eric O’Neill is the National Security Strategist for VMWare Carbon Black, the leader in next-generation network and endpoint protection, where he provides insight and advice on strategic cyber-security issues and ensures that they are an active participant in the national conversation on cybersecurity strategy. He is also a founding partner of The Georgetown Group, a premier investigative and security consultancy specializing in counterintelligence operations, investigations into economic espionage, cybersecurity penetrations, internal investigations, catching the trusted insider, and security risk.

O’Neill graduated with honors from George Washington University Law School and is a practicing attorney. He serves as the General Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer for Global Communities, a charitable humanitarian relief organization serving 20 million people each year.

Talking Points

What James Bond & Jason Bourne Would Never Tell You About Achieving Your Company’s Mission

You’d never see James Bond give a game-changing keynote to a leadership team. Or, see Jason Bourne coach corporate audiences on how to turn obstacles into accomplishments. Luckily, we have real-life FBI cybersecurity expert and celebrated spy catcher, Eric O’Neill.

O’Neill weaves his edge-of-your-seat espionage story-featured in the Hollywood hit, Breach and his own bestseller, Gray Day-into highly actionable, irresistibly motivational takeaways to help achieve both personal success and your organization’s goals and mission. Highlights include:

- “Luck is for lottery winners.” How to not only identify opportunities, but create them.
- Achieve success even when you’re not set up for it.
- Manage setbacks and turn them into triumph.
- Why time is the most valuable commodity.
- “Don’t just have a Plan B, have a Plan C.”

O’Neill’s thrilling espionage story of catching the most notorious cyberspy in U.S. history imparts invaluable lessons in a unique, captivating and unforgettable way. Audiences learn how to set goals and achieve them with confidence, determination, and in O’Neill’s case, the courage to triumph like Bond or Bourne. Yes, even when the mission seemed impossible.

Future Technology Trends: How To Protect Your Privacy & Data

While technology may keep advancing, the challenges remain the same. How can you keep your privacy and data secure when every device is becoming more interconnected? We are immersed in new technology-that tracks us, listens to us, and stores data on our preferences. Neural Network AIs like ChatGPT are disrupting education and business and are a goldmine for cybercriminals. Quantum computing will soon make encryption irrelevant and the Dark Web is growing currently the third-largest economy on Earth, where your data and privacy are for sale to the highest bidder. In this eye-opening talk, former FBI spy hunter and cybersecurity expert Eric O’Neill explores the latest technologies and what you and your business can do to keep your data private and safe.

Cybersecurity: How To Protect Your Data In The Age Of Remote Work And International Espionage

Good cyber practices are not only critical for your data safety but will soon be a requirement for organizations as the SEC recently proposed new rules relating to public companies’ cybersecurity and incident reporting practices. By 2026, experts predict cyber theft of information from government agencies, businesses, and private individuals will surpass $12 trillion. Ransomware attacks are not only the most damaging and costly cybercrime for businesses, they are also the go-to tool for spies, terrorists, and attackers. And these attacks are only becoming more common as employees work from home and international tensions rise. When your organization’s most precious asset is its data, how can you keep it secure? In this lively and informative talk, cyber-security expert, author, and spy hunter Eric O’Neill uses true stories informed by decades of work as an undercover operative in the FBI and security consultant to help your business protect its information.
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