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Best selling Author, Award-Winning Podcast Host, and Founder of The Queen of Confidence


Erika Cramer, aka The Queen of Confidence, is an international confidence coach, inspirational speaker, and bestselling author who has transformed her story of trauma and adversity into a journey of healing and success.

Her raw, real, and unapologetic approach has inspired millions of women around the globe to reclaim their confidence and transform their lives.

With a global business supporting women, an award-winning podcast with over 2 million downloads, and a Bachelor's degree in psychotherapy underway, Erika is a powerhouse of humour and heart who is supporting people everywhere to take up space and create the lives of their dreams.

Talking Points

BECOMING UNSTOPPABLE: The key to unlocking your potential and achieving greatness.

In this powerful and engaging keynote, Erika will teach you how to:
- Overcome self-limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering thoughts
- Define success based on what truly matters to you, rather than external standards
- Cultivate resilience and embracing challenges as opportunities for growth
- Cultivate discipline and consistency in pursuing your goals
- Understand the role of fear in growth and learn to leverage it as a catalyst for progress
- Develop strategies to step outside your comfort zone and embrace calculated risks
- Build resilience and bounce back from setbacks or failures

You’ll walk away understanding the mindset shift necessary to embrace your potential, overcome obstacles, and achieve greatness in life. But just a warning: This talk could help you get everything you’ve ever wanted (and more).

THE RESILIENT MINDSET: Becoming unstoppable in the face of challenges

Through storytelling and personal experience, Erika will show you how to:
- Understand the power of mindset in navigating adversity and building resilience.
- Develop the ability to bounce back from setbacks and embrace learning from failures.
- Develop strategies to embrace change and navigate transitions with confidence.
- Build effective communication skills to express needs and ask for help when necessary
- Adopt a solution-focused mindset that focuses on possibilities and finding creative solutions.

You’ll walk away knowing that setbacks - whether they be big or small - are not roadblocks but stepping stones towards growth and success. Audiences will be inspired to build their resilience muscles and develop a belief in their own ability to overcome obstacles that come their way.

SHOW UP. STAND UP. SPEAK UP: How to supercharge your self-confidence, and kiss imposter syndrome goodbye

Erika’s most popular keynote will teach you how to:

- Recognise impostor syndrome and its common manifestations
- Identifying self-limiting beliefs and negative self-talk that hinder self-confidence
- Recognise and embrace your unique strengths, talents, and accomplishments
- Discover your values, passions, and purpose
- Embrace vulnerability and share your story to connect with others
- Build resilience to bounce back from setbacks and criticism
- Challenge the fear of judgement by reframing failure as an opportunity for growth
- Celebrate achievements and milestones along the journey of self-confidence

You’ll leave with a new found sense of energy and a head full of strategies and stories that will help you find your voice and live a life free from the constraints of self-doubt. Trust us, this one packs a punch.

UNLOCKING POTENTIAL: How to grow the people, who grow your business

If you’re looking to build a team that’s engaged and motivated, this talk will help you:

- Develop a growth-oriented culture that nurtures employee potential
- Encourage a growth mindset where mistakes are seen as learning opportunities
- Empower team members through meaningful feedback and recognition
- Recognise and celebrating achievements to boost morale and motivation
- Create opportunities for employee autonomy and ownership of projects

Audiences will leave with actionable strategies and a framework to help you foster a culture of continuous motivation and celebration where team members feel excited to come to work and be part of something, ultimately propelling businesses and teams to new levels of success.

CHOOSE IT: Building a life of meaning, purpose and success

Want to create success on your own terms? In this energetic and inspiring talk, Erika will teach you to:
- Reflect on your passions, strengths, and core values to identify your purpose and define success on your own terms
- Recognise that every decision, big or small, shapes your life's direction
- Break down big goals into smaller, actionable steps to create momentum
- Embrace the responsibility that comes with making conscious choices
- Identify and challenge self-limiting beliefs that hold you back
- Cultivate self-awareness to align your choices with your values and aspiration
- Set meaningful goals that align with your purpose and bring fulfilment

Confidence is a practice. The more you commit to creating it, the more confidence you will create. And from this talk, audiences will be encouraged to channel that confidence to make intentional choices, define their own version of success, and build a life filled with meaning, purpose, and success.
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