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Australian Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Global Swimwear Brand, Triangl


Erin Deering is an Australian entrepreneur and co-founder of global swimwear brand, Triangl.

Pioneering neoprene cuts and the influencer effect, Erin, alongside her co-founder, successfully grew Triangl into a cult status, USD$200 million-valued company. But, just like so many other women, Erin discovered that ‘having it all’ came at immense personal sacrifice. Finding herself “totally broken” by years of relentless brand growth, Erin walked away from Triangl at its peak and embarked on a period of intensive self work.

Having tried it all - meditation, manifestation, and good old-fashioned therapy - Erin emerged with a renewed sense of passion and purpose.

She has a podcast called "The Work" where she shares about business, personal development and self care.

She is a speaker, mentor and author of a memoir titled Hanging By A Thread which has charted at #1 on Booktopia.

Talking Points

Self-Care: A Necessity, Not a Luxury

Erin Deering dives into the often-undiscussed topic of mental health, especially in the high-stress environment of building a business empire. As co-founder of the $200 million company Triangl, Erin faced numerous mental health challenges. Her story is not just about building a successful business but also about her personal journey of overcoming these obstacles, exiting the business, and now embarking on an exciting new venture. Erin's experiences underscore the vital message: practicing self-care is essential, not self-indulgent.

Marketing Insights: Putting the Customer Front and Center

Erin Deering is a mastermind in marketing, having established a global brand that attracted celebrities like Beyoncé, Kendall Jenner, and Miley Cyrus. In this segment, she delves into her innovative marketing strategies, focusing on a customer-first approach. Erin shares her insights and frameworks, highlighting the importance of understanding and prioritizing customer needs to create a successful brand.

Business Growth: The Art of Strategic Scaling

In the realm of e-commerce, rapid growth brings its own set of challenges. Erin speaks candidly about the growing pains experienced in business expansion - the need for new systems, hiring the right people, and tackling unforeseen problems. Drawing from her experience in scaling up Triangl, Erin offers valuable advice on how to navigate these challenges. She emphasizes the importance of sometimes slowing down to enable sustainable scaling, blending her personal anecdotes with practical tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.
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