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Engineer, social entrepreneur, leader in diversity

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Do things you’ve never done. Be things you’ve never been.

An award-winning business leader, engineer and entrepreneur, Felicity Furey has made a career out of making the ‘impossible’, possible.

Named one of AFR’s 100 Women of Influence by age 26 and Boss Magazine’s Young Executive of The Year, Felicity has led multi-million dollar engineering projects across Australia, founded several successful businesses including WeAspire and Power of Engineering and secured partnerships with the likes of Qantas, Toyota and Energy Australia to bring her vision to life.

Felicity helps find hidden leadership talent, mentors high-performing teams and equips current and emerging leaders across every industry with the skills they need to make an impact and drive meaningful change. Felicity is the CEO of WeAspire and undertaking a Ph.D. in emerging leadership.

Current Work
An inspirational leader and in-demand speaker, Felicity’s engineering mindset is primed to help leaders and teams reignite performance, reframe challenges as opportunities and redefine what’s possible in the future of business and leadership.

From BOSS Magazine’s Young Executive of The Year to being one of Westpac AFR’s 100 Women of Influence and the Director of four businesses, Felicity has made a career out of making the ‘impossible’ possible.

In the world of engineering, Felicity skyrocketed to the top to lead some of Australia’s most innovative mega infrastructure projects for the likes of Arup, fortune 500 company AECOM and Brisbane City Council, where she delivered a $45 million dollar transport infrastructure project portfolio at just 23 years-of-age.

One of just twelve women in her first engineering class of 120, Felicity remains committed to fueling diversity across all industries by equipping current and emerging leaders from all backgrounds with the skills and tools to make an impact. Felicity’s businesses, WeAspire and Power of Engineering along with partnerships with Qantas, Boeing, Toyota, Telstra, Origin and Energy Australia have powered her mission to help more people ignite their leadership and potential in STEM careers and spark meaningful change.

Felicity takes to the stage to share her inspiring stories and insights and has done so with over 25,000 current and future leaders across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the United States. She’s secured over $1.5 million in funding for her own businesses, including scarce angel investment funding, and mentored leaders in business, finance, engineering and tech.

Felicity is on a mission to transform leadership and foster intergenerational collaboration. As the co-founder and CEO of WeAspire, she aims to train 1 million emerging leaders to ‘do the impossible’ and become professional, diverse and global leaders by 2030.

Felicity has been featured in major press outlets including the Australian Financial Review, ABC News, Sky News, and the Australian Newspaper.

Talking Points

The Future of STEM

How do we create, plan and invent a future that doesn’t exist yet? How will we solve the challenges of water or food shortages, energy crises and invent products to make our world a better place? To build the future we need all citizens to have critical and creative thinking skills. What better way to get these skills, but through STEM education and careers. How can we attract, engage and retain the next generation into STEM?

In this talk Felicity explores the future of STEM and unlocks what we can do now to future proof people and engage them in this new world.

Key takeaways:
- How to communicate STEM to attract, engage and retain future and current workforces
- Discover the why of STEM, not just the what and how
- Learn how to develop creative, adaptable and innovative students and professionals of STEM learners and
- Engage young people in the the real world of engineering and STEM
- Attract, retain and support diverse talent, particularly women, into STEM

Who this is for:
Business leaders, corporates, teams, educators, high schools

Debugging Diversity

How do you feel when you are the odd one out - comfortable or uncomfortable?

We know diversity is essential for better business outcomes, creativity and innovation. Can we simply throw a couple of different people into the mix and hope for the best? Well, not quite. We must also create an inclusive environment, but what is the right level of uncomfortable and comfortable in diversity for the best outcomes?

This talk explores how to increase diversity and create inclusive environments - whether that is actions for individuals, inclusive behaviour and workplace culture or design of physical spaces. Felicity draws on her career experiences working in a male dominated industry, her knowledge of design principles as an engineer,, and founding a successful not-for-profit organisation which directly tackles diversity and inclusion.

Key takeaways:
Learn what it will take to create this diverse and inclusive world including:
Personal leadership and courage, how to stand up and share your perspective
Strategies to enable diversity and make inclusive decisions when diversity isn’t in the room
What leaders can do to directly have impact in the diversity and inclusion

Who this is for:
Business leaders, executives, corporates, teams, designers of the world

Millennial Leaders - a New Kind of Leadership

Millenials make up two thirds of our workforce and this is set to rise to 75% by 2025. This millennial workforce have portfolio careers with 17 jobs and and it is perceived to be risky to just have one source of income.

How do we lead this generation and how will they lead us?

This new kind of leadership isn’t based on your title, age, gender, background, experience or title. It’s all about your attitude and actions, how you think and who you are being. Each small action adds up to create change. While anyone can be a leader, it takes courage to create change.

Felicity has embraced leadership from a young age and garnered sponsorship from industry leaders to deliver her vision. At just 25, Felicity founded her first company and built it into a national organisation, leading a remote team and overseeing a team of more than 150 people. This expanded into a second company two years later in ed tech. This was alongside her professional career as an engineer leading multidisciplinary teams on major infrastructure projects.

Key takeaways:
Leading without the title
Creating the change you want to see
The new ways of doing, acting and thinking of a millennial leader
Intergenerational leadership - being the the youngest person in the room and leading the team

Who this is for:
Founders, entrepreneurs, business leaders, executives, corporates, teams, young leaders

The Future of Work is Now: Thriving in a Changing World

This ‘future of work’ is actually here now and more change is coming. We urgently need to prepare the current and future workforce.

Who will thrive in this changing world? People with a foundation in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) who can unlock their enterprise, problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills.

However, we can’t be be captivated by STEM skills and technology alone. Success at work now and in the future won’t be found only in technological solutions, it will be found in people. We must put people and the human perspective at the core of what we do, rather than technology.

This is the new triple threat of the workforce - a foundation in STEM, an entrepreneurial mindset and people skills. Are you ready?

Key takeaways:
Explore current and future work scenarios and the impact this has on you and your organisation
How you can thrive in the future of work - new mindsets to adapt to our new work reality
Take advantage of change and learn how to think technologically
Learn what skills will matter most in 2030 and how to get them

Who this is for:
Business leaders, executives, corporates, teams, educators, problem solvers

Engineer Your Future with an Engineering Mindset

You don’t have to be an engineer, to think like an engineer.

Felicity Furey has overcome life’s biggest challenges to engineer a smart city, an inclusive society and an incredible career. How? With an Engineer Mindset - a technical approach to problem solving that delivers surprising results. And the best news is, you don’t have to be an engineer to think like one. In this keynote, Felicity shares how an Engineer Mindset can help you re-frame life’s challenges, face uncertainty with confidence and engineer the most important project of all - your future.

Felicity will discuss:

• The challenges she overcame to engineer a better future for herself and for others
• The power of a technical Engineer Mindset to re-frame problem-solving and produce surprising solutions
• The choices you do (and don’t) make and how they impact your future
• An Engineer Mindset Map to help you re-frame obstacle in the way of the career/life/future of their dreams.

Take YOU Seriously

When you take you seriously, others will too.

Getting taken seriously at work can have serious benefits, from leadership opportunities to pay rises and more. In this not-so-serious keynote, Felicity Furey opens up about overcoming the odds as a young woman in a male-dominated industry and shares her tips for kicking impostor syndrome to the curb and embracing her inner boss (Hint: you don’t need an engineering degree).

Felicity will discuss:

• Her journey to defeating Impostor Syndrome and defying expectations as a young female in STEM.
• Her fail-safe formula for getting your boss’ ‘TICK of approval = Trust (I do what I say), Integrity (I do it consistently and authentically), Confidence (I believe in myself and in my work), Knowledge (I know my stuff- and, if I don’t, I’ll learn it!).
• A Take You Seriously Action Plan as a roadmap to serious success.

‘Flick The Switch’ on Failure

Rethink what you think about failure. Failure, says Felicity Furey, is the key to success.

A failed business partnership. A strained marriage. Bankruptcy. A thousand burned roasts. Felicity Furey is a failure. And proud of it, too. In this keynote, accomplished engineer and award-winning diversity leader Felicity Furey ‘Flicks the Switch’ on what it means to fail to remind us that sometimes, taking big risks (and feeling the burn) can be good for us, too.

Felicity will discuss:

• The one choice she made that changed it all
• Her ‘failures’ and how they’ve led to her many successes in her career, marriage and life.
• How ‘Flicking the Switch’ - choosing to see things differently using an Engineer Mindset - can reframe how you look at life
• The power of taking action - and making a choice.
• A ‘Flick the Switch’ Reframe activity where our audience examines a decision that’s been holding them back.

What ACTUALLY Works With Women? A data driven analysis of Investments in Diversity and Inclusion and what ACTUALLY works

In an era where the call to "Invest in Women" resonates more profoundly than ever, the keynote "What ACTUALLY Works With Women?" stands as a critical examination of how capital can be smartly allocated to genuinely enhance diversity and inclusion within corporations. It challenges the status quo, debunking the myths of well-intentioned but ineffective diversity initiatives that inadvertently solidify outdated cultures rather than dismantling them.

Drawing from an extensive review of global academic research, this presentation offers actionable insights into effective strategies that truly move the needle on diversity. It is designed for business leaders and change-makers who seek beyond token gestures, focusing on substantive measures that foster real, impactful progress.

This concise yet potent keynote not only highlights what's working but also critiques common diversity practices, providing a clear path for companies to invest wisely and achieve tangible results. It's a must-attend for those committed to authentic change, offering a pragmatic blueprint for embedding lasting diversity and inclusion in corporate strategies.

Perfect for International Women's Day and beyond, "What ACTUALLY Works With Women?" is an essential guide for anyone looking to make diversity and inclusion a lived reality in their organisation.
Felicity has regularly been invited to be the keynote speaker at events and panels run by the Foundation for Young Australians. We have found her to be a captivating, imaginative and powerful communicator whose story and points of view resonate deeply with the young people in our community. FYA considers her a role model for young women pursuing careers in STEM and firmly support her work in promoting gender equality in engineering and mathematics. She is a delight to work with and we fully endorse her as a presenter that will both inform and inspire. Foundation for Young Australians

Ford Australia invited Felicity to speak at our recent International Women’s Day event. Her presentation about how she started her social enterprises in the STEAM space were inspiring and provided positive energy to a room of local high school girls and Ford employees. Alongside her personal stories of success she gave the audience an informative, engaging and fresh perspective on what it means to be 'An Engineer' in the modern world. Thank you Felicity!


I requested Felicity speak at the Australian German Business Chamber of Commerce Summit about the future of STEM. Felicity presented on stage with C-suite executives from leading Australian and German companies. Felicity was highly impressive, inspiring and demonstrated leadership with practical examples for business leaders to prepare for the future of STEM. I applaud her for the impact she is having to engage young people in STEM and the difference she is making.

Bosch Australia

The Mathematical Association of Victoria has invited Felicity to speak at and MC a number of events across mathematics education and STEM. We love having Felicity work with us, as she is an engaging presenter who uses personal stories and real-life contexts to engage the audience. Felicity's natural style is highly professional, engaging, and informative. She prepares thoroughly to ensure she understands the audience, and can deliver a truly valuable experience.

Mathematical Association of Victoria

Felicity Furey was a wonderful speaker, down to earth and easy to work with. She had a strong message of self-learning and perseverance. Her encouragement of more girls to pursue maths and engineering resonated and our Kumon Instructors and families loved her.


I was so insanely impressed with your insight and ideas today and wanted to let you know! Your message of being bold and courageous, and viewing challenges as an opportunity to clarify my values was really powerful - I often feel dismayed and impatient with slow change and insufficient progress. But you’ve inspired me to consider engineering! Another one converted...

Catholic Education Melbourne

Felicity really connected with the audience. She changed the perception of engineering for young women and some have now changed their career direction. Felicity is amazing!

Central Queensland University

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