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Expert on how to have a healthy relationship with money and live an intentional life.

Be Intentional, Live in the Now.

Finn Kelly is the leading expert on how to have a healthy relationship with money and live an intentional life.

Through his global retreats and his award-winning community, Wealth Enhancers, Finn has led hundreds of thousands of millennials and others to improve their relationship with their finances and lead more purposeful, engaging and intentional lives in the process.

By disseminating complicated financial ideas in a way that is digestible and easy to follow, Finn has spoken worldwide about his method and how his first career as an Army Officer, where he led teams of up to 100 soldiers taught him about what really matters in life and when it comes to finance.

Current Work

Finn is the Founder of Wealth Enhancers. Wealth Enhancers is an award-winning global community for millennials that encourages participants to gain knowledge, understanding and critical skills relating to their finances and live an intentional life. Finn is currently the group’s active Chief Visionary Officer and helps millennials achieve financial wellness with ongoing tools and support solely provided to the WE community.

Finn makes appearances as a money expert. He appears on Sky Business, on ABC as a political commentator, and on Ten’s morning shows as a financial expert. He also regularly appears as a guest writer for online publications - Money Management, Smart Company, Business Insider, and more. He remains active through his blog, the Finn Review, WeTV, and regularly accepts speaking engagements to a variety of audiences to challenge the traditional views and the role that money plays in our lives.

He is also President of the Colorado Chapter of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), the largest and most influential community of entrepreneurs in the World.

Finn is a sought out facilitator and leadership coach. By facilitating retreats and speaking events for entrepreneurial communities including YPO, EO, YEC, etc, Finn is dedicated to sharing his experience with others.

He is the Co -founder of Grow My Team, a successful remote worker recruitment company that operates on a global scale.

Previous Experience:

Media: Finn was one of the eight benefactors from around the World and the only Australian who participated in a documentary series with National Geographic called UnderCover Angel. He also had the opportunity to travel to Bulgaria where they went undercover into one of the largest Roma Communities in the World and personally funded a project to help them.

Successful Entrepreneurial Endeavours: Finn built two companies in the financial industry that successfully had exits in the multi millions.

Military: Finn successfully graduated from Australian Defence Force Academy and the Royal Military College of Duntroon, and even led up to 100 soldiers, gaining extensive experience.

Education: Finn has been committed to continuous education and is currently pursuing Masters of Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching. He has successfully completed M.I.T. Entrepreneurial Masters Program, Singularity University Executive Program, and Bachelor of Science (maths and Physics Major). He has also Diploma of Education, diploma in Leadership and Management, and Diploma of Finance.

Honours and Awards: Finn was awarded the AIM National Young Leader of the year, The AFA National Excellence in Education Award and was named three times to the top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He was also the Money Management Young Fund Manager of the Year and awarded the Smart Company Fast 50 Award. He currently resides in Colorado.

Talking Points

How money can buy you happiness.

Money is something that affects everyone’s lives, whether you live with it or without it. However, the relationships that most people have with their financial resources and the way they view money often falls anywhere between not exactly healthy to downright destructive. The way you relate to money, the way you view wealth and the way you approach your monetary goals has a great deal to do with how your finances accumulate over time. Here we’ll discuss how to improve your relationship with money in order to create a successful strategy to reach your financial growth.

Becoming an Intentional Millennial

The millennial generation of working professionals has gained a bad reputation - yet they are often said to be the most powerful demographic when it comes to things like spending power and influence. Millennials’ desire to shirk the traditional structure of the workplace is generally seen as a reflection of laziness, childish rebellion, or irreverence for the hard work. In reality, millennials have found new ways to connect with their work passionately and intentionally by revisiting the idea of what employment means, and how best to have an impact in the workplace. Here Finn will discuss how millennials add significant value to a company culture and what it means to be an intentional contributor.

Intentional leadership in business

Leadership is often seen as a position in which someone stands over their employees and cracks the whip. Good leadership and intentional leadership however is a is what engenders passion among a group of professionals, and inspires employees and participants to take action and take pride in their work. It also unifies teams within a work-space to focus their efforts toward a single goal. Here we will take a look at the difference between management, leadership and intentional leadership in order to understand the effects leadership has on the people in a workplace.
Insightful, inspirational and absolutely compelling; these few words begin to describe Finn Kelly. However, it doesn't stop there. Finn's personal brand is firmly etched in his entrepreneurial spirit, humility, authenticity and ability to relate to others. A super smart operator, Finn's business success is anchored in his ability to identify market opportunity and apply disruptive thinking. As guest speaker at Infocus Wealth Management's annual conference, Finn quickly captured the attention of delegates with his personable and highly engaging style and his generous sharing of business insights and experience. Finn's guest appearance at our conference was highly anticipated and Finn did not disappoint. Finn Kelly is a standout speaker for all the right reasons and I would certainly seek opportunities to work with Finn again. Infocus Wealth Management

Finn is without doubt one of the most dynamic, passionate, charismatic, energetic, and driven young business people in Australia today. It is fortunate for us that he chose Financial Planning as his discipline, as we can learn so much from observing and listening to him. The kinds of words our advisers used to describe them include: 'very good', 'excellent', 'outstanding', 'great value' and 'awesome'! Finn was generous in sharing his insights in a refreshing and exciting manner with the highest level of conviction, which left our advisers feeling inspired and motivated. His presentation was entertaining and packed with valuable insights: he provided a lot of relevant ideas for building and developing a financial advice business in the modern world, including tips on dealing with the media, using social media, getting staff buy in, managing processes and managing the client engagement experience. Finn's presentation was one of the best sessions I have witnessed at an AFSL conference. But he was more than simply a presenter. In addition to his presentation, Finn remained at our conference for the evening and the next morning, making himself available to share insights with our advisers over dinner and breakfast. It was great to get a fresh, young perspective on running an advice business. There are few speakers of this caliber in the financial advice space.

Chris Nöthling

Finding a speaker who could make “finance fun” wasn’t an easy task, and we were lucky in our decision to have Finn Kelly join us for our lifestyle roadshow. Finn joined us in 3 out of 4 locations around Australia, and we couldn’t have been happier with his easy to follow, straightforward and entertaining approach to best practice when it came to finance. Finn engaged the crowd and delivered a “real” approach to budgeting, goal setting and understanding the true behavior traits that stop us from getting rich. Finn hit a cord with everyone who attended and we thank him for his support and contribution to our event, we hope to see financial success in our community in the future.

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