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Founder and director of The NeuroTech Institute


Dr Fiona Kerr, founder and director of the NeuroTech Institute, specialises in the crossover between the technologies we use in our everyday lives, how it impacts us in society and transforms our human interactions.

How do we shape each other? How does technology shape us?

Dr Fiona Kerr engages with business leaders, policy-makers, engineers, scientists, and thought leaders to maintain human connection, leverage the transformative power to technology, creating quality interactions and partnerships between humans and technologies.

She’s been involved, throughout her thirty years in industry, in the adoption of new technologies, and has witnessed how they impact human interaction, our lives and our societies.

While technology has transformed our everyday lives and our society in many positive ways, the transformative capacity of human interaction is equally profound, and equally important in shaping our future. So how do we harness the capacity of human thought and interaction, and shape technology, to ensure a human-centric future?

Dr Kerr combines her research and consulting roles with keynote speaking engagements in Australia and overseas.

Her highly engaging presentation style shares a fresh perspective on both human interaction and technological transformation, exploring how we shape each other, how technology shapes us, and how we should shape technology for a human-centric future.

As part of her quest to engage academia, industry, government and the wider public in informed debate, Dr Kerr has presented to a large range of audiences in Australia, Europe and North America.
Over the years, Fiona has published numerous articles, been featured in many interviews on radio and in print, and given a variety of stimulating keynote presentations.

She draws attention to important human issues and how each of them impact us on a personal and global level.

Current work

Dr Kerr combines her role of Industry Professor, Neural and Systems Complexity at Adelaide University with speaking engagements and international on topics such as Artificial Intelligence and how technology shapes us (the impacts on business and society of humans interfacing and partnering with technologies); systems thinking; how leaders build better brains and flourishing businesses, neurogenesis (building new brain) and the amazing neurophysiological effects of human interaction.

Fiona also appears regularly in the media and is currently writing a book on human -technology interaction.

Previous experience

Background: Fiona has worked with public, private and tertiary sectors and within various industries including power generation, automotive, manufacture, defence, pharmaceuticals, and higher education. She has held positions at all organisational levels, including executive and board roles and specially created senior appointments, contributing to her depth of experience.

Talking Points

How Technology Sculpts Us

Changing Our Minds: How great leaders rewire our brains

The Neuroscience of Creativity

The Rise of the Robot Nurse: The role of Technology in Health and Ageing

AI: Friend AND foe

The Law of Increasing Returns: Why a human connection matters

The Neuroscience of Leading a Resilient Organisation: Building better brains for business

Fiona Kerr is a mesmerising speaker and a delight to work with. The moment that she takes the stage, she captivates the audience. Her knowledge is accessible and she makes complex subject matter and terms easy to digest by providing relevant analogies, stories and images for the audience to reference. After her keynote and workshops at Wired for Wonder in 2014, I received incredible feedback from the audience who simply adored Fiona and her talk about how we are all wired for wonder. Even months later, people are referencing Fiona's talk and the material - a sure sign that she is not only an excellent speaker, she is also a brilliant educator. I have already asked Fiona to speak again at Wired for Wonder 2015 and will continue to look for opportunities to engage her as a keynote speaker. Wired For Wonder

Firstly, can I again say a very sincere and hearty thank you for your contribution to the CBA LBB conference on Monday. You were incredibly well received - the standout - so well done and, again, many thanks. I'm sure the team would be thrilled to engage you again. I hope you had a pleasant flight back, , delightful to work with you, you really brought a different focus to a banking conference and in the process provoked some great insights and conversations (oh, and in passing, you ruthlessly crushed your opponent in the debate :-))

Commonwealth Bank

On behalf of the team I would like to thank you very much for speaking at our conference at Randwick last Thursday. You shared a lot of fascinating information which supported our conference themes of embracing change, and encouraging idea generation, creativity, resilience, and innovation. You gave the audience and our business some great techniques to adopt to continue to improve our performance. We are looking forward to referring back to the content to absorb it further! There is genuine anticipation of your book being published. The conference was a great success and we continue to receive a lot of positive feedback, including in relation to your session so thank you very much for joining us and helping to make it a great event.

Macquarie Bank
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