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From being a child solider in Africa to a successful business women here in Australia.

The simple act of changing your mind can change your life.

At the age of 12, Fiori’s marriage was already arranged. By 14 she was recruited to fight in the Eritrean army. Her destiny, like that of so many other girls in Third World countries, had been dictated, defined and determined. It was yet, though, to be defied.

At 15, Fiori made the devastating decision to flee war-torn Eritrea without friends or family. She crossed 5 continents and 20 countries in search of knowledge, personal growth and wisdom; eventually settling in Australia where she’s now a highly sought after keynote speaker, a bestselling author and a respected Business and Executive Coach.

As a result of repeatedly overcoming harrowing life experiences and insurmountable obstacles, Fiori has decoded her steps towards survival, transformation and success, creating a formula that empowers others to overcome their own problems, no matter how big or small.

Fiori has used this same framework to help many business executives re-set new paths to success and fulfilment. This same framework is now readily available to helping anyone who is looking for inspiration and a proven formula to Defy their Own Destiny - the most practical and effective tool for helping you live a life you love.

Talking Points

Defy Your Destiny

At the age of 12, her marriage was already arranged. By 14 she was recruited to fight in the Eritrean army. Her destiny, like that of so many other girls born and raised in third world countries, had been dictated, defined and determined. It was yet, though, to be defied.
Fiori's inspirational story is one of bravery and strength as she forged her own path through dark and dangerous times to build an exhilarating life of her choosing and creation. After hearing Fiori speak, audience members are uplifted by her spirit and inspired by her courage. Equipped with practical, everyday tools, they'll feel empowered to defy their own destinies and live the life they desire.

Key Takeaways

• How to defy and determine their destiny
• How adversity breeds bravery
• How fate does not have to be fait accompli
• How to challenge the status quo
• How to courageously take the path less travelled
• How to effectively tackle everyday challenges and obstacles

How to Master Leadership

Through education and hard work (which involved learning five languages and referencing many dictionary and course pages), Fiori kept climbing and soaring in every job she held. Starting as a dish washer and cleaner, she worked her way up to admin positions, then to management roles, eventually to where she is today: the owner and director of an in-demand Business and Executive coaching company. She also runs a number of other businesses, including a software company. She's the author of 30 self-help resources, including books, audios and videos.

A charismatic and natural leader, Fiori draws on her unique and fascinating life experiences to teach others through her keynotes.

Key Takeaways

• How to have referent power so people refer you for best practice and best process
• How to be an indispensable employee instead of a functional one
• How to become masterful managers and esteemed leaders
• How to stand out from the crowd in a congested market
• How to climb seamlessly and efficiently in any corporate environment
• How to maintain inner peace no matter what the external factors

The Power of Authenticity

Fiori was born in a place where power has been used to silence and control people. Where fear and violence were the power. Where war and oppression was the answer to conflict. Where outdated cultural traditions robbed young girls of their childhood and futures.
However, amidst this foundation of darkness, sprouted leaves of hope in the form of the power of authenticity, role modelled by her father. Fiori watched as her father consistently harnessed his power of authenticity to make tough leadership decisions. One decision in particular, was the hardest of all. That decision was sending four of his children to live in different parts of the country in order to keep them safe.

Over the years she travelled countries and continents in search of knowledge, wisdom and personal growth, working in each country, to eventually find peace, empowerment and success in Australia. She even became a sought-after business and executive coach at just 26, and today she's the owner and director of a Business and Executive coaching company, where she harnesses her power of authenticity on a daily basis.

Fiori also runs a number of other businesses, including a software company. She's the author of 30 self-help resources, including eBooks, Audios and Videos, and she's recently just started writing her biography.

A charismatic and authentic leader, Fiori draws on her unique and fascinating life experiences to teach others through her keynotes.

Key Takeaways

• What exactly is the power of authenticity?
• How the power of authenticity has a positive impact on a company's bottom line
• How to be the best leader possible by igniting authenticity and changing the perception of power
• How to harness the power of authenticity by peeling back the onion layers, switching on the lightbulb and 'living to give' while leaving a legacy

Harnessing our power and Resilience

Being a woman in any country has its challenges, but being a woman in Africa takes everyday challenges to a whole, new crazy level. Fiori Giovanni shares these crazy challenges with warmth, humor, compassion and heart. She can even smile when recalling the story of how her father refused to accept her gender, instead raising her as a boy for the first few years of her life!

Not only did Fiori break free of boy’s clothes, she also broke free of traditions, patterns, restrictive thoughts and her pre-determined destiny.
As a teenager, Fiori chose to leave her war torn country alone in order to escape life as a child soldier and, potentially, a child bride. However, after successfully escaping and becoming a refugee in a western country, she had several other challenges to overcome. In Belgium, she faced racism and sexism and later, in Australia, she found herself as the victim of an abusive relationship.

However, so empowered was Fiori’s self-belief, self-worth, self-determination and resilience, that not only did she overcome all these challenges, but in the process, she traversed over 5 continents and 25 countries in search of freedom, knowledge and personal growth.

Fiori is now a certified business and executive coach, as well as a speaker and author of over 30 self-help eBooks, videos and audios.
Women will be moved by her hardships, mesmerised by her achievements and empowered by her resilience.

As part of her Harnessing our power and resilience audiences will learn:

• The hardships females face in Third World countries
• How to use the worst experiences in life to build resilience
• What the three R’s for resilience stand for, and how to implement them
• Why acceptance is the mother of resilience
• How to transform from a victim to a victor
• How to choose determination over defeat
• Why every woman must acknowledge that she IS enough

The Magnificence of our Mindset: Change your mind. Change your life.

In Eritrea, many girls grew up with the same mindset; that at 12 years old they would get married, have babies, and be a mother and wife for the rest of their lives.

But Fiori wasn’t like the other girls.

She was curious.

She asked questions.

She challenged ingrained beliefs and traditions.

She didn’t like people telling her what to think and how to live. She made up her own mind, and indeed, her mind was set. Much to her parents’ disappointment and embarrassment, she did the unspeakable by refusing to get married. Later, she even fled war-torn Eritrea in search of safety, freedom and empowerment. That journey took her to more than 30 countries in five continents, all before the age of 30. Today, she’s a business and executive coach, keynote speaker, author, and proud mum in her adopted country, Australia.

And, much of this comes down to her mindset.

In her enlightening and enthralling keynote, Fiori shares the wondrous power of mindset, and how the simple act of changing your mind can change your entire life.

As part of The Magnificence of Mindset keynote, audiences will learn:
? The different types of mindsets
? The power of your very own “Mental Detector”
? How to rewire your mindset in three, simple steps
? How to recover when your mindset takes a battering
? How the right mindset can help you achieve just about anything!



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Fiori is a pleasure to work with and she really takes the time to understand the needs of her audience. I invited her back to speak for us without hesitation. As well as being dynamic and powerful, Fiori has a strong presence and connects and interacts powerfully with her audience. Her message is both relevant and inspirational. Her presentation inspired me to reflect on my own life, after which I felt motivated and energised to make important changes. Fiori's keynote will open your mind to unlimited possibilities. It's an empowering experience. thanks Fiori CPA Australia
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