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Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Adventurer, Author, Eternal Optimist


Courage is a skill. Cultivate it.


Franziska Iseli is a maverick entrepreneur, leading marketing and brand strategist, mad adventurer, author and the founder of Basic Bananas (Australia’s largest marketing mentoring organization), Oceanlovers and Moments of Humanity.

Combining strategy, psychology and data insights, Franziska’s work has helped thousands of individuals and companies across the globe to improve their communication, spark creativity and tap into courage.

Her down-to-earth approach is like a breath of fresh air. She’s quick at winning over the hearts and minds of her audiences through her boundless energy, realness, deep insights and playful approach.

Franziska is the author of four bestselling books – Bananas About Marketing, Perception, The Courage Map (foreword by Sir Richard Branson) and Social Media for Small Business.

A Swiss born Australian (or Swaussie) with a sharp-witted humour and an amazing ability to keep her audience members at the edge of their seats and her authentic style leaves everyone engaged, inspired and motivated.

In her spare time Franziska loves going on mad adventures. On one of her recent explorations, she rode her motorbike from Switzerland to Kazakhstan along the Silk Road, with a stop at the Iranian border where she got denied entry (12000km) and to the end of the world in South America which made for interesting tales.

Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker, emcee or panelist, Franziska brings a vibrant, joyful and sassy difference to any event your audiences will connect with and appreciate.

• International keynote speaker

• 4 x Best-Selling Author

• Communication specialist and advisor to some of the world’s leading companies

• Regional APAC Communication Expert for Entrepreneurs Organization

• Mentor and investor at the Founder Institute

• Winner of the Young Entrepreneurs Award

• Eternal Optimist

Talking Points

The Courage Map

A keynote based on her bestselling book The Courage Map (forwarded by Sir Richard Branson).

As leaders we’re often called to take the road less travelled in order to lead with confidence, stay innovative and face uncertainty with courage.

In this captivating presentation, Franziska shares experiences gleaned from her motorcycle journey around the world, seamlessly weaving together profound insights on courage rooted in the realms of neuroscience and psychology.

Commencing her expedition from the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland, she embarked on an awe-inspiring journey spanning over 12,000 kilometers, tracing the historic Silk Road until reaching the expanse of Kazakhstan, with a stop at the Iranian border, where she got denied entry due to an unexpected mishap.

In this session, you’ll embark on an enlightening journey of discovery, delving into a multifaceted array of themes:
1. Courage Unveiled: A profound exploration into the essence of courage as a cultivated skill, capable of not only fortifying your own resolve but also serving as a contagious beacon of inspiration to those in your orbit.
2. Perspectives Unearthed: A revelatory exploration into the art of uncovering fresh, unexpected perspectives from the most seemingly ordinary of sources, enriching your capacity for insight and innovation.
3. The Zen of Resilience: Insights into cultivating resilience and unlocking the wisdom of maintaining a tranquil state of mind even in the face of adversities.
4. Travel Tunes: An introspective examination of the vital "mantras" – the guiding principles and attitudes – that shall fortify your courage as you embark upon the road less travelled.
5. Pit Stops: A contemplative exercise exploring the most incisive and enlightening questions to pause and reflect upon.

Prepare yourself for an enthralling odyssey filled with captivating narratives that inspire and motivate. You’ll walk away energized, equipped with the essential tools to lead with unwavering courage, and with a newly awakened sense of adventure.

PERCEPTION – Perception Creates Reality. Take Charge of Yours.

A keynote based on her bestselling book Perception.

Why do we eat unhealthy cereal for breakfast?
Why is it common to give a diamond ring when proposing?
Why is Santa Clause wearing red?
Why do some trends catch on and spread like wildfire whilst others don’t?
Why did Dolly Parton come second in her look-alike competition?


Perception creates reality. And it goes both ways; how you perceive the world and how others perceive you, shapes your reality. Don’t leave yours to chance. Take charge of how people view you, become magnetic, influence your results and accelerate growth.

In this session you’ll discover…
• How to take control of the perception people have of you in your personal and professional life.
• How to shape your own perception of the world around you to create your best reality.
• How to connect and communicate with the right people and opportunities.
• How to be in the drivers’ seat and shape your own results understanding the power of perception.

In this session Franziska shares practical tools and strategies you can apply to both your business and personal life, including eye-opening case studies and examples from throughout history.

The Marketing Ecosystem™ – How to Grow Your Business With Clarity, Focus and Coherence

So many business owners have a scattered approach to marketing which means that they are not getting a great return from their efforts. The Marketing Eco-System™ is the one framework every business must have to make sure all their marketing strategies are working hand-in-hand and generating much better results.

In this session you’ll discover…
● How to get a better return from all of your marketing – both online and offline.
● The four most essential marketing funnels every business must have.
● How to avoid overwhelm and confusion when it comes to selecting the right marketing strategies.
● How to build an effective marketing machine leveraging the latest strategies, both online and offline.
● The core metrics to measure success.
You’ll walk away with your own Marketing Eco-System™ mapped out and ready to implement.
Franziska was a fabulous addition to our Strategic Entrepreneur conference. She is relevant. She is funny. She had tremendous positive energy. But most of all, she had easy to apply communication and marketing wisdom that really helped the +500 entrepreneurs in the room. I'd recommend any SME conference organizer to hire her, our audience loved her. The Fortune Institute

I wasn't sure what to expect in Franziska's Courage Map workshop. As a business owner, I've read a lot about courage, risk, and overcoming fear and doubt. Franziska not only shared a different perspective but her life experiences, which transformed these concepts into actions I could take away and start to apply. I loved her storytelling and I took copious notes on the different topics. Many in the room were taking notes and taking screenshots of the slides. I highly would recommend the Courage Map workshop to any organisation and event organiser.


I loved Franziska's talk on courage and resilience at the EO Global Leadership conference. She's so humble and strong at the same time. She takes her audience with her on her extraordinary journey packed with major life topics and value for the entire crowd.

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