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Performance Coach, Mentor & Author


Dr Gemma Munro is a thought leader, an entrepreneur and an uplifting and award-winning speaker, with a PhD in performance psychology and a flair for helping people live radically vibrant lives.

Current Work:

Winner of the Duncan Prize for speaking and a two-time Telstra Businesswoman of the Year finalist, Gemma is known as a catalyst for tears, laughter, and a-ha moments. Gemma has the unique ability to encourage an audience to make radical changes (yes, even in 45 minutes). She has spoken to audiences at Google, PayPal, Qantas, Vodafone, and the NHS in London. Gemma is a performance coach, spiritual mentor and emerging author. She also cofounded Inkling Group and was the founder of Inkling Women, known for its work across Australia, Asia and the UK in rapidly lifting the percentage of women at leadership level.

Gemma has inspired over 68,000 people around the world, and her keynote at Google headquarters in Silicon Valley was live-streamed to every Google office on the planet.

Gemma lives in the Adelaide Hills with her partner Ben Barnett and their exceptionally loving, sometimes exhausting and usually hungry blended tribe of three children and five chickens.

Previous Experience:

As a classically trained singer, Gemma knows how to engage thousands. She has performed in Westminster Abbey, Radio City Music Hall and, somewhat heart-stoppingly, to 53,000 screaming fans as a backing vocalist for the Rolling Stones.

She was once a tremendously serious management consultant (she knows better now) and is a recovering academic, having completed her PhD at a relatively young and impressionable age.

Talking Points

Creating Radically Vibrant Leaders

We’re trying to lead a 21st Century world with 19th Century leadership principles.

It’s time to step into the new paradigm of leadership. In this keynote, Dr Gemma Munro will explore how our leaders need to move towards 21st-century leadership principles of authenticity, compassion and long-term decision-making to ensure high performance, engagement and followership. Gemma masterfully draws on her years of experience - from her PhD in performance psychology to thousands of hours coaching top performers from all over the world, to founding a multi-million dollar global leadership business, to her years spent in management consulting - to demonstrate what all 21st-century leaders should know.

Target Audience:
- Corporate audiences, aimed at management level and C-suite

Key Takeaways:
- A clear understanding of the core leadership principles today’s leaders
should be implemented for their own success, as well as the success of their teams
- Practical takeaway actions to move towards a 21st-century leadership paradigm

Making Brave Choices

Why is it so hard for us to make brave choices? How can we summon up the courage, confidence and wisdom needed to make bold decisions in the midst of fear? And how can we learn to embrace change, especially when change feels like the last thing we want?

In this keynote, Dr Gemma Munro will help you to understand and unblock the obstacles to making brave choices and embracing change. Whether you need to move past self-sabotage or to manage fear, you will leave with a deeper understanding of what stands in your way, and some practical tools to make the brave choices or changes you know you need to make.

Target Audience:
- Corporate audiences (recommend team leader to executive level)
- Organisations going through a change program or a restructure
- Organisations experiencing rapid growth
- Women in leadership audiences
- IWD events

Key Takeaways:
- An understanding of the blockers to making brave choices and embracing change
- Practical tools to develop courage, confidence and resilience
- The motivation and mindset to understand the changes you want to make, and to make them with success and ease

From Stuck to Radically Vibrant

Dr Gemma Munro has spent two decades coaching leaders around the world and she has noticed a disturbing pattern. Most leaders describe themselves as stuck on a hamster wheel of getting to work in the morning, only ticking off 5 of the 72 things on their to-do list, numbing the overwhelm that evening with Netflix or wine (or
Netflix and wine), only to get to work the next morning, caffeinate up, and repeat the exhausting cycle. It’s a cycle that needs to be broken. And it’s a cycle that can be broken.

In this keynote, Gemma will share the secrets to getting unstuck and moving towards a radically vibrant life. These tips have lit a fire in the bellies of tens of thousands of Gemma’s clients from Sydney to Singapore to San Francisco.

Target Audience:
- High-performing leaders (from team leader to C-suite)
- Corporate audiences with a focus on lifting wellbeing and reducing stress
- For those who want to create a radically vibrant culture in their workplace (starting with the management team)

Key takeaways:
- Practical tools to get off the hamster wheel of exhaustion and overwhelm (plus an understanding of how we got there in the first place)
- Meaningful takeaway actions to create a life that feels radically vibrant - at work and at home
Something happened to me when Gemma spoke. It was both a breakdown and breakthrough. I left feeling completely exposed, vulnerable and light as a feather. The mask finally came down. And boy was it wonderful. Liberating! University of Adelaide

Gemma is a brilliant speaker! She is very genuine and engaging. She is a wonderful storyteller. Such wonderful energy and generosity of spirit, and so refreshingly real, fun and informative. Amazing, engaging, insightful, basically the most helpful speaker I could have hoped to hear.


I really enjoyed this session; I found it insightful and inspirational. Dr Munro was a wonderful speaker and her charisma and easygoing nature captured the audience. Her message really resonated with me and I left the session feeling invigorated and excited. This has been one of the best sessions I can remember.

General Electric

Funny, authentic, and honest - a fantastic leader and role model. I loved the real-life examples and backed-up research facts. Few people present thoughts and ideas as openly and relevantly as Gemma does. She is charismatic and relatable.


Gemma is sunshine and inspiration rolled into a package of fearless courage. She inspires people to accept their gifts and be the best that they can be.

Red Cross

Gemma is a great speaker. She engages the room very well and gives a lot of thought-provoking examples and gold nuggets throughout. Watching her conduct a session is a masterclass in itself.


In the circle of life, we need more ringleaders like Gemma.

Leadership Solutions

The wonderful Dr Gemma Munro makes everything seem possible. I now believe I can do anything I put my mind to.


Some of the boldest decisions I’ve made are down to this incredible woman. In her expert hands, Gemma sensitively guides you to be courageous, authentic and able to lean into discomfort. She is clear, empathetic and engaging. She is also inspiring, funny, knowledgeable and full of humanity.

London Leadership Academy

Dr Gemma Munro is engaging, entertaining, highly personable and knowledgeable. She is professional and fun, inclusive and welcoming, with high energy, an engaging style and relatable story-telling.


Brilliant - she is extremely personable and obviously knows her stuff! She kept me engaged the whole time (not an easy task for most!) Gemma has so much energy, knowledge, passion and genuine care. Authentic, approachable, dynamic, sensational!


Dr Gemma Munro is like a lightning bolt of love. She will prepare you for your next big leap in life and career.

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