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Award winning entrepreneur and co-founder of 'Key Person of Influence' program


Glen Carlson is the co-founder Dent Global, running structured accelerator programs that produce entrepreneurs that stand out, scale up and make a positive impact in the world.

Glen is best known for the award winning ‘Key Person of Influence’ program, acknowledged by INC.COM as “One of the top personal branding conferences in the world”.

Previous experience

Business: In the last 7 years, it's expanded to the UK, USA, Singapore and Australia, published over 800 books for their clients, and built a full time team of 50 across 12 time zones. With 3 acquisitions in the technology, media and publishing, Dent has become a ‘one stop shop’ for business owners that want to accelerate their entrepreneur journey.

Feature: He's been featured in, the Financial Review, Sky Business News, and the DENT podcast is consistently in the top 100 business podcasts in Australia.

Talking Points

Become a Key Person of Influence

In the new economy, being good at what you do is no longer enough for a business owner; you need to be a Key Person of influence.

As the co-founder of Key Person of Influence, named Australia's 9th Fastest Growing Company in 2014 by SmartCompany, Glen Carlson draws on his experience working with thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide to uncover the importance of 'influence'.

He dives into the key problems faced by business owners and entrepreneurs, addressing them with a five-step methodology that has been refined from his extensive experience helping business owners become Key People of Influence in their industry.

Participants will discover:
- the art of the perfect pitch
- how to establish credibility by publishing content
- how to create hot products that people want to buy (or turning a service-based business into a product)
- how to develop a profile online and in the media
- how to build partnerships and joint ventures

'Success requires the ability to influence. Anything that reduces your ability to influence reduces your ability to succeed.'

The Entrepreneur Journey

The Entrepreneur Journey doesn't have to be unpredictable. Glen Carlson uncovers the six stages that make up every entrepreneurial journey for business owners and entrepreneurs alike.

He explores why the vast majority of struggling businesses get stuck in the highly competitive 'Struggle Zones' along the journey and reveals precisely how to move beyond these into a lifestyle or high performance business.

Participants will discover how to:
- gain the clarity and focus required to move forward at each stage
- discover and sell their unique value
- increase their credibility to increase sales
- become highly influential in their industry

Glen can transform the way you work on your business, leading to increased credibility, opportunities and sales.

Creating a Personal Monopoly

The barriers of starting a business are lower than ever, and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of that every day. Yet for many businesses, it may feel like the competition in the marketplace is at its highest. That's where creating a personal monopoly comes into play as a crucial aspect of making it big in business.

Glen Carlson breaks the common misconception that influential people are where they are because they are more competitive than everyone else and reveals that, in fact, success lies in the ability to discover creative ways to avoid the competition entirely.

Glen uncovers how the act of truly differentiating yourself is anti-competitive, creating a market dynamic whereby your competition becomes irrelevant. He provides the key steps to creating a personal monopoly where your products or services become the only choice for your specific customer.

Participants will discover how to:
- discover and sell their unique value
- increase their credibility to increase sales
- become highly influential in their industry
- create a personal monopoly and eradicate the competition
Glen is a powerful and insightful speaker that keeps audiences highly engaged through his no-fluff approach. He combines humour and wit to deliver sound business strategies and insights that audiences can implement in their organisation. From inspiring keynotes delivered to full auditoriums, to hands-on interactive workshops, Glen consistently leaves people with renewed energy and clarity on their action steps to move forward. Matthew Michalewicz, Founder of SolveIT Software, Best-selling Author, Speaker

Glen is an absolute rock-star and we loved having him speak at our event. He is not only smart, genuine and brilliant, but also knows how to keep an audience engaged and delivers his message in a way that leaves the participants motivated and empowered. I'd invite him back any time.

Franziska Iseli, Founder of Basic Bananas

Glen Carlson is a dynamic speaker who tells it like it is. His presentations are grounded in practical advice yet infused with inspiring stories that clearly resonate with audiences. Whether you have 30 people in a workshop or a 700 attendees at a conference, Glen understands how to connect with everyone in the room.

Valerie Khoo, Author of <i>Power Stories</i> and National Director of the Australian Writers' Centre
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