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Australia's most adventurous doctor.


Dr Glenn Singleman is a specialist rural and remote medical practitioner with a diverse background. He has worked in many different health care settings from metropolitan intensive care units to remote aboriginal outreach clinics to expeditions in Antarctica, the Simpson Desert and research vessels at the bottom of the ocean.

Current experience:

As one of Australia's most respected and accomplished professional adventurers, he currently holds four world records in extreme sport and in 2015, Glenn and his wife Heather became the first people to soar over the Grand Canyon in Wingsuits. He is also a practising medical doctor and an internationally acclaimed documentary filmmaker.

Glenn says. "Most importantly I've developed a deep understanding of the profound benefits of an active adventure lifestyle to genuine peak performance and I'm especially interested in the role of fear in degrading our health and happiness. Years of bold wilderness expeditions combined with my work as an emergency doctor has taught me how to harness fear to progress, rather than hamper my goals.”

This is what Glenn teaches in his professional keynote and training presentations. He’s been one of Australia’s most successful adventure speakers since 1993. He expertly weaves his fascinating experiences with powerful scientific techniques to inspire, educate and entertain. His goal is to help every audience member achieve their personal, professional, team and collective goals.

Previous experience:

He was a key member of the Challenger Deep team that successfully sent acclaimed Hollywood director James Cameron (Avatar, Titanic, Aliens, Terminator) to the deepest point on the planet, the Mariana Trench, in a submarine designed and built in Australia. Dr Singleman was a member of the management team, the Second Unit Director, the Expedition Doctor, a member of the Submarine Team responsible for James Cameron's life support, and he is the Post Production Supervisor responsible for two National Geographic 3D Feature Films.

He's a published author and one of Australia’s most successful adventure speakers.

Dr Singleman continues to work as a medical practitioner, working in the Emergency and Critical Care Units at Sydney Adventist Hospital in Sydney.

Talking Points

The Future of Health

This presentation will inspire audiences and give them tools that will help overcome the inevitable barriers that result from so called 'brain bugs'. Audiences will know what’s happening in their brain when they have an 'amygdala hijack'. They will learn the difference between emotional and rational decision making in a fun, safe yet provocative environment.

In the Future of Health Glenn talks about the technology and trends that are shaping the future of health. Like many industries Healthcare is undergoing a technology driven disruption. Big technology names are disrupting the health-care sector through Big Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Innovative Technologies. At the same time, the age of personalised medicine has arrived. Medications based on individual genome analysis are available. What will this mean for the future of health?

Wearable health and wellness devices are predicted to have sales in excess of $34 billion by 2020. Will this technology improve our health or empty our pockets?

We all like to think of ourselves as rational beings who understand reality. Unfortunately, psychology and cognitive science show that this is a delusion. Dr Singleman’s Future of Health presentation shows how cognitive biases, logical fallacies and heuristics (thinking short cuts) can affect belief formation, business and economic decisions. He demonstrates scientific techniques to promote rational thinking and good judgement.

Fear: Understanding it, understanding its role, overcoming it

(Understanding it, understanding its role in limiting performance, health and happiness and tools for overcoming it).
Fear is a sneaky adversary. It can sound so reasonable - that little voice that says, "You don't really want to do that, it's too risky, you might get hurt, you might embarrass yourself, you might fail. It's not too late to stay here where it's safe." But we know that little voice is lying. You can do it. You can push the boundaries safely. You can achieve big dreams.



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Glenn Singleman is perhaps the ultimate quiet achiever. Either that or he is a chameleon. How else can you explain the surprise in store when having read his bio relating seemingly foolhardy deeds, you finally get to meet the man and are confronted with your average day to day conservatively dressed, quietly spoken business man. And that in essence, is the key to Glenn as a professional speaker…. normality. It’s just that he has this penchant for jumping off things…very high things. Glenn is that rare breed of speaker to whom an audience can easily relate. While his achievements are beyond reality for most people, the person is not. Having used Glenn in a motivational speaking capacity for a number of varied clients, I can attest to the fact that he is able to reach audiences on all levels, ever reinforcing the need for planning, preparation and risk management. The message is always clear and absorbable but more importantly, accessible. Glenn isn’t ‘out there’ like so many others, he is simply a man determined to challenge both himself and his environment and to give his audience a wonderful insight into the capabilities that lie within us all.” Professional Conference Organisers Australia
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