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A unique comic blend.


Graeme's speciality lies at the intersection of comedy, creativity and communication.

He has over 30 years' experience in communication and entertainment, and has a keen focus on helping clients communicate creatively about complex issues. As a writer and hoax speaker (corporate imposter), he has often lampooned the absurdities of society, corporate life and government bureaucracies.

Graeme's recent and extensive research into the problems associated with social, environmental and economic sustainability, gave rise to the emerging not-for-profit online community, Wise Women Will Save the World, of which he is Co-Founder.

In early 2015, Graeme produced, wrote and performed in a small-scale, experimental production called Patriarchy: Where Would We Be Without You? This production blended a visual arts installation with poetry, humour and performance, all woven into a series of satirical sketches.

For several years, Graeme was an accredited Lateral Thinking Trainer, and also has experience as a Six Thinking Hats facilitator, motivating people to challenge their current thinking style. He has contributed to many corporate and training videos as an actor, presenter, writer or producer.

Past clients have ranged across corporate, association, academic, government and community sectors and include names such as: IBM, Canon, Pfizer, KPMG, Coca Cola, Shell, CSIRO, Monash University, Australian Synchrotron, Red Cross, Wesley Mission, Multiple Sclerosis Society, National Disability Services, Clean Energy Council, Waste Management Association of Australia, United Nations Association of Australia, New Zealand Aged Care Association, Australasian Society of Cardiac and Thoracic Surgeons. Equipped with a Bachelor of Science and Diploma of Education, Graeme is noted for the amount of research and original writing that goes into his performances.

Talking Points

From Possy to Cozzy: Freeing Our Planet from Patriarchy

Like a rapidly growing number of people, Graeme Bowman has a strong interest in speeding up the transition from a patriarchal to non-patriarchal ‘human operating system’. His contribution to this process includes the development of an engaging, interactive presentation that creatively explores:
• the systemic root cause of the world's ‘wicked problems’: the archaic worldview that underpins patriarchy
• societal and organisational trends that are moving us away from a ‘command and control' form of leadership
• the advantages to an organisation of being seen as part of this progressive trend towards a more sustainable, equitable and ethical ‘human operating system’.

This content-rich presentation not only encapsulates Graeme’s unique and original IP, but also reflects his interpretation of deep insights from leading thinkers such as: Peter Senge, Noam Chomsky, John Elkington, Charles Eisenstein, Margaret Wheatley, Gloria Steinem, Naomi Klein and Arianna Huffington.

At the heart of the presentation is a simple, visual, memorable model that delivers a quick succession of ‘Ah-hah’ moments. 'Pozzy' is Graeme’s term for P-OS or Pyramid Operating System (today’s dominant and dysfunctional way of being, living and working). 'Cozzy' stands for C-OS or Circle Operating System (a new, more nurturing way of leading and functioning, one that has been struggling to emerge for some time, but which is now poised to expand exponentially).

From Pozzy to Cozzy is aimed at audiences at the senior executive level, across corporate, government and civil society sectors. In particular, this interactive presentation suits groups who have come to the conclusion that, both within and beyond their organisation, a holistic and collaborative approach is required to deal with deep, systemic problems.

Key Outcome: An increased willingness and capacity to have 'Courageous Conversations' around notions of privilege, diversity, ethical leadership and sustainable business.
  • Creativity
The hoax was fantastic and truly had the audience bewildered. DaimlerChrysler

Our audience was very diverse, being a mix of scientists and administrative people, but your highly entertaining and informative address easily held their attention, and gave them insights into how to think more creatively.

CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences

His dual role as MC and entertainer managed to retain the interest of hundreds of staff. He delivered five times in five weeks, without missing a beat.


Your hoax was so well researched you managed to bait, hook and land 60 of the most hardened professionals.

Australian Association of Pathology Practices

Your innovative and humorous presentation… certainly loosened up our mind processes.

Australia Post

As the enigmatic Gough Whitlam was the lunchtime speaker on Day One, we were concerned that our Day Two lunchtime speaker be equally absorbing. ‘Dr Connor’ did not disappoint us.

Nortel Networks

Graeme tailored his material to this corporate audience, which gave his performance the edge we were looking for. He certainly delivered what he promised... a real asset to our function.

ANZ Banking Group

Graeme’s preparation for the event was extremely thorough and his knowledge of the industry and the critical issues made him a credible “expert”. Give the positive nature of the feedback it is evident that you provided participants with an entertaining and enjoyable experience.

Australasian Soft Drink Association

From your American accent, your research, the wonderful visualisations of hydroponically grown 'marine merinos', your impersonation of a llama, to your delivery, everything was first class.

Australian Wool Industries Secretariat

A lively, humorous, interesting session... very well received.

CSIRO Molecular Science

As those in attendance represented the cream of the Meetings Industry, it was not going to be easy to impress them. But impress them you did. Your hilarious opening, which saw naturalist Bruce Attenborough poke fun at our industry, before bursting into a high powered rock song complete with manic dancing, really came out of left field.

Meetings Industry Association of Australia

The variety of characters, which ranged from Austen Powers and a truckie through to a sales rep and a shareholder, added considerable value to the business presentations by highlighting key messages in a humorous but relevant fashion. The use of devil's advocate characters was a great way to enhance what could otherwise have been fairly dry presentations.

Nortel Networks

Powerful story telling… engaging style; the visit by Bruce Attenborough was hilariously funny, but an excellent springboard into learning; participants walked away with practical strategies.

Australian Institute of Management

Business SA's annual dinner was a triumph and we've had many congratulatory comments - both on the evening and since. This encouraging feedback was largely due to your outstanding and highly entertaining performance as international defence expert Dr Geoffrey Pembroke. Inventive, witty and extremely well researched were some of the positive remarks recieved from our guests. From the moment you walked onto stage, you had the audience spellbound with your amsing anecdotes and tongue-twisting tales. Of particular note, your inventive insight into South Austrlalia's business community and defence industry was accurate and your unsuspecting comedy act caught many - if not all- by surprise. However, as your character slowly unravelled, there was hysterical laughter from all corners of the room. We could not have asked for a better response. Once again, thank you for your contribution in making the Business SA annual dinner an entertaining and ttruly memorable occawsion

Business SA

A brief note to thank you for your performance. As you know, we had a large registration for the Congress of both Australian and international guests which included many Americans. Your hoax character, Professor George Conelly from Mississippi, fooled everybody. I was actually sitting at a table of Americans and they kept looking at each other and asking whereabouts could this man have possibly come from? They were alternatively confused, embarrassed and then outraged by this bizarre personality! It was a great hoax and the crowd loved it. It was an excellent idea to be in character for the entire evening and sit with delegates before your act sowing the seeds of further confusion. Earlier in the evening when we first arrived and I introduced you to my wife, she did not recognise you although, as you know, you had met before. Thank you for your effort in putting this hoax speech together. I know how much research must go into such a speech as the scientific content is quite complicated and I very much appreciated the effort that you made and also the sensitivity tht you treated the more contentious issues in view of entertaining an international audience.

International Rhinologic Society

I appreciate the time and preparation that went into developing and delivering your presentation. The feedback from delegates was that presentations were of a consistently high standard - which helped to make the conference a great success. Additional comments made about your presentation were "excellent session", "what a great presentation! Excellent!" and "Proffessional presentations were excellent at the conference particuarly Graeme Bowman."

NSW Department of State and Regional Development

Great morning… Graeme did an excellent job. He managed to integrate the industry specifics but at the same time kept the subject matter broad. This worked well with the audience who appreciated a deviation from the industry focus of past.

GE Commercial Finance

The best MC I have ever seen. A true professional that didn't stop working the participants until the absolute end. Extremely talented & appreciated by all.


Graeme slipped into his character very well. I am sure there are still people out there who aren't aware it was a hoax. He did a very good job interacting with the audience.

Heritage Building Society

Congratulations on your tremendous performance which was the primary reason for the many claims by long term attendees that this year's event was easily the best and most enjoyable the Club had hosted in living memory. Your hoax character of Dr Geoffrey Pembroke had many in the audience completely hooked that you were some psychologically impaired, drunken, obnoxious English aristocrat who just happened to be a whiz at boat design and lateral thinking. At least they did until the llama call and the showing of the Bolivian tape worm. By that time no-one had any idea what was going on!

Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club
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