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Award-winning Workplace Resilience & Self-Leadership Expert


Heidi Dening is an award-winning businesswoman, author of the bestseller Her Middle Name Is Courage, and engaging storyteller who has dedicated her career to inspiring thousands of people all over the world - from small children on remote pacific islands to professional teams across 19 different industries - with her messages of resilience, self-leadership, and wellbeing.

Current Work:

Leaders from Accenture, Westpac, ServiceNSW, Coca-Cola, and Metcash, to name a few, invite her to give presentations and programs that invigorate them and their teams. On stage, in workplaces, and online, Heidi shares her insights and science-backed solutions, to empower organisations and their people to find the courage to rise above adversities and keep moving forward.

Her audiences lean in, spell-bound, as Heidi talks about her story of courage and resilience when she went through her own setbacks - such as a paralyzing illness where she lost the use of her legs at a young age, a gunpoint kidnapping, tsunami terror, and narrowly escaping being burnt alive when petrol bombs were thrown at her room.

Widely known in the media as a resilience expert, you’ll find Heidi on Channel Nine’s Weekend Today, Daily Telegraph, and Thrive Global, bringing to light the importance of courage and resilience in life and at work. Not only was she named as the Best International Keynote Speaker in the APAC region at the Influential Businesswoman Awards, she was also the first Australian to be selected for a global advisory position that looks at how our workplaces impact our stress levels, resilience, productivity and mental health - giving her access to cutting-edge data on these topics.

Talking Points

The Courage To Persevere

Our greatest skill as professionals during these uncertain times is being able to embrace change and extract insights from our challenges so we can keep moving forward.

We know now more than ever before that adversities come in all shapes and sizes … but so do opportunities. When we find the courage to maximise the opportunities in our challenges, it allows us to continue to grow as professionals and become better leaders, better mentors, better colleagues and better humans.

Your attendees will learn about:
1. Mindset Management - how to quickly change from feeling overwhelmed so you can show up to the next meeting, sales presentation or performance appraisal with optimism and assertiveness.
2. Comfort Zone - how stepping outside what has felt comfortable and safe will allow you to find new solutions to the new challenges you are currently experiencing.
3. Micro-wins - how to keep your momentum going by acknowledging the small milestones along the way.

This inspiring presentation is based on the insights Heidi learned from leading the planning, building (and eventual destruction) of a community library on a remote tropical island, and the impact that courage has when striving to achieve professional goals.

Tough Times Don't Last. Resilient People Do.

To have a resilient organisation we first need resilient leaders and teams.

This presentation is designed to help you build your professional resilience so you can better deal with the curveballs and cannonballs that we can’t control. Whether you are experiencing changing business models, financial challenges, disengaged teams, or feelings of overwhelm in this uncertain world, this impactful session will empower you with practical strategies that you can immediately implement.

Your attendees will learn about:
1. Priorities - the number one daily habit you need to prioritise to ensure your professional strengths and capabilities are maximised so you can adapt to this ever-changing business environment.
2. Performance - a strategy on how to flip your automatic response to stress into a high-performing state of flow so you can get more done, in less time, with fewer mistakes.
3. Perseverance - to proactively build your resilience with Heidi's signature 5-part formula that will help you to persevere when everything feels overwhelming which will mean you can bend rather than break during high-pressured times.

This inspiring presentation is based on the resilience and perseverance insights Heidi learned from hitting rock bottom after petrol bombs were thrown at her room during an overseas volunteer mission, with the intention to burn her and her team alive while they slept.

Stop. Revive. Thrive: Master The Art of Rejuvenation

This wellbeing presentation is designed to show you practical micro-changes that you can make in life, to transform daily stress and feelings of overwhelm into productivity and performance.

These mindset and self-care strategies will help you take back control of your physical, mental and social health even when family, flatmates, fur-babies and frequent work distractions are preventing you from reaching your professional goals.

Your attendees will learn about:
1. Boundaries - the five 'non-negotiable' boundaries to incorporate that will improve your mental health and ability to cope with setbacks.
2. Burnout Buffer - a simple yet powerful formula to ensure you can effectively create a buffer between your work life and home life (even if you WFH) so you don't burn out.
3. Brain & Body Reboot - structured self-care habits to help you focus and concentrate when it matters, and rest and rejuvenate when it is needed.

This inspiring presentation is based on the mindset and self-care insights Heidi learned after contracting two random viruses - one that left her without use of her legs for eight months and one that caused so much pain when she moved it felt like every bone in her body was smashing.
Heidi is an inspiring and engaging storyteller who has turned her extraordinary experiences into practical, clear strategies which we can all implement immediately into our corporate lives. Her stories are incredible and as I looked around the room, I could see that everyone was completely spellbound. Real Estate Institute of NSW

Heidi was brilliant. You could have heard a pin drop in that room. Her unique stories and the resilience and self-leadership lessons she has distilled from them are gifts for everyone in the audience because they lead to lifelong impact. I'm in awe.

Sydney Event Network

Heidi is truly an inspiring, engaging & empowering individual who had the team hooked within the first five minutes during mental health month. Heidi was able to relate to the team and their current situation and provide real strategies to manage such. Still to this day, the team speak of Heidi and ask as to when the next session will be.


Heidi hosted a presentation for our staff, and honestly, I’ve never seen a more engaged and inspired audience! During a time when staff needed respite from the array of challenges, Heidi was a shining light - so authentic and genuine in her delivery and sharing her story with such warmth and vulnerability. Thank you Heidi for sharing such timely messages and inspiring our staff to pause and take some time to care for themselves.

Deakin University

Heidi gave keynotes over 4 days for our virtual event at Service NSW. The experience with Heidi was amazing. From the initial contact to the actual keynote at our events, everything felt so personal. Our employees loved Heidi's energy, her story and the very practical tips she shared. She clearly cares about her clients and will go out of her way to tailor a keynote that works for you. We are so grateful for Heidi at a time when resilience is key.

Service NSW

The Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Bangkok audiences loved what she brought to the stage and the great learnings she shared for all in the attendance. She was equally as delightful to work with off-stage which is hugely important to us. We loved working with Heidi and I have no doubt if you book her you will be just as thrilled.

Hands Across The Water

As Australia’s longest established conference organiser, I must have seen thousands of presentations from skilled professionals but Heidi exceeded the high expectations that I had by being an engaging, inspiring and informative speaker.

International Conferences Management Services Australasia

The energy she immediately brought to the room was captivating! Heidi is clearly an expert in wellness and certainly stands out from the pack in terms of her knowledge, delivery, personality and enthusiasm for an area where she has passion.


Her presentation skills and abilities to command a room are world-class. In the modern business environment, the deep expertise and practical strategies that Heidi empowers us with is a much needed and welcome change. If you are looking for ideas to recognise the early signs of work fatigue and burnout in your profession, Heidi has strategies to combat even the darkest of storms. Heidi comes with my highest possible recommendation!

Law Society of Sutherland

There are at least two things that differentiate Heidi's work from that of many others who are out there presenting on the same or similar topics. The first is her passion and skill in engaging her audience. In a word, she presents with heart. Secondly, she presents clear, specific and practical tips and strategies, including calls to action, ensuring that her content is brought to life.


Not only was the session valuable for the team so we are ready to cope with all of life's professional and personal challenges, but you delivered it with such enthusiasm and honesty.

MLC Australia

LOVE LOVE LOVE Heidi Dening! Heidi never fails to deliver a high value, energetic and engaging session on resilience and self-leadership, with so many practical tips and take away’s. Her style is always fun, friendly and interactive and we've had some of the best feedback from her sessions, because she really knows how to connect with her audience. I cannot recommend Heidi enough, she's an absolute delight to work with.

Beaumont People

I found the practical strategies in Heidi's engaging presentation to be inspiring, motivating and calming which we all need right now!)

Local Government NSW

We were looking for an engaging, relevant and motivational speaker for our remote workforce. Heidi delivered all of that plus much more! Her professionalism and presentation skills were highly engaging, the content was spot on for the time we found ourselves in and whilst all participants were online Heidi found a way to get the participants interacting which also made it feel more personal at the same time. Her post event follow up and continued engagement ideas were a pleasant bonus. I hope you have the opportunity to experience her skills, knowledge and sharing also.

Stanley, Black and Decker
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