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African Safari Guide, Master Storyteller and Conference Facilitator.

Since the beginning of time, people have had to find ways to work together to survive and to achieve dramatic results.

Ian Schubach is an African Safari Guide, Master Storyteller and Conference Facilitator.

Current work:

As a Founder & Director of Red Leaf, Ian uses his experience as an African Safari Guide, professional keynote speaker and conference facilitator to build more effective leaders and teams. He delivers captivating keynotes, interactive documentaries and business-focused workshops.

Previous experience:

Ian has helped clients by building multifaceted, integrated programmes that align organisations and connect culture to strategy to deliver outstanding results. Ian has been lead designer and facilitator for executive meetings, leadership teams and people managers in multiple industries throughout Asia-Pacific, Europe, South Africa and the US for the past two decades.

Ian has designed and delivered interactive documentaries that virtually transport participants into worlds that are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. From the summit of Mt Cook to the bushveld of the African Kruger National Park to the depths of the famous diving caves of South Australia. The extreme nature of these environments neutralises traditional subject matter and opens the mind to learning. He uses these interactive documentaries to frame business-focused conversations that rapidly align individuals and teams.

Talking Points

Animal Tracking Interactive Documentary

The Animal Tracking Interactive Documentary is set and filmed in the Greater Kruger National Park. A wild and completely natural ecosystem in South Africa. Ian and the team’s mission is to follow and find some of Africa's most iconic animals. Tracking lions, leopards and rhinos in this environment is demanding. It draws on a complementary mix of skills, such as focus, discipline, creativity, staying open to opportunity and constant learning. Fostering or mentoring a strong and confident next generation of trackers is also key.

Small tracking teams form in the room and you set off on an audio visual expedition. You become immersed in the complex task of tracking as an active participant, you become the tracker. Your goal is to find leopard, lion and rhino on foot, in one of Africa's great wild places. Guided by expert facilitation and the interactive documentary, you make the decisions. You weigh up the risks and you live with the consequences. Finding the animal is in your hands.

Success depends on knowing the animal and understanding your environment. Staying alert, adapting to change, managing risks and solving problems is vital. Business success depends on these things too. Use these lessons to help your business grow and deal with change and uncertainty. Allow the ancient art of wildlife tracking to develop and inspire your leaders and teams.

The Nature of Success

Africa contains some of the most complex and competitive ecosystems on the planet. The animals that live within this environment are subject to rapid change and intense competition.

In The Nature of Success, Ian Schubach explores how business teams can learn from the behaviours and characteristics of four iconic African animals to create sustained success in difficult environments.

Ian has spent many years as a game ranger in Southern Africa, studying the animals and their behaviours. He identified that each species has developed a competitive advantage that allows them to thrive in even the most hostile conditions. Linking this to the business world, Ian combines personal stories with spectacular images to introduce each of the animals and their competitive advantage.

Mountaineering Interactive Documentary

The strength and commitment of your team will be put to the test as you trek across New Zealand’s Southern Alps towards the numerous peaks. You and your team will work hard as you face the realities of an unpredictable journey.

During this interactive documentary, business teams are challenged with real-life scenarios that Ian and the team have filmed while climbing in and around Mt Cook in New Zealand. These scenarios, combined with spectacular footage, personal stories and expert facilitation, provide powerful and practical learning experiences. Teams get to engage and chose their own inspiring adventure.

Participants will form teams and put themselves in the position of real climbers as they make decisions about a series of challenging scenarios that come to life on the big screen. The objective of this interactive documentary is to virtually summit a peak in the Southern Alps, within a specific time-frame and budget.

Before the climb begins, each team will choose a goal, select a leader and agree on a set of guiding principles. After that, success will depend on each team’s ability to interpret the environment, adapt to change, manage risks and solve an increasingly complex set of problems.
Huge thanks from us all at CSC for a really outstanding presentation Computer Sciences Corporation

Ian presented to a group of BP resellers. His presentation was outstanding, full of life, enthusiasm and major teamwork pointers. In fact the delegates carried many of his themes through the conference with continual references to them.

B-Line advertising

What a way to end the day. Ian's talk was delivered with PASSION with the lessons learned in nature transported to the business world

ABSA Private Bank

Unbelievably energetic, creative and so true to our everyday lives! You evoked powerful emotions from everyone

Octagon SA

We just hope they stay put as software engineers and don't leave the company to track lions in the bush

UEC Technology

Your positioning of the key messages and the linkages between the lessons from a pride of lions and the business environment were outstanding. The energy with which you delivered your address will also long be remembered.


Ian was brilliant!. We took a chance and it paid off. We have heard nothing but compliments regarding his session. In fact, we have a survey form from delegates, which gives them the opportunity to select best speaker. This is supposed to be a category for client presentations, however Ian received many votes!

ABC Technologies
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