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Guaranteeing revenue results, sales & peak performance specialist.


Peak Performance, Leadership Coach and Productivity Amplifier

In a world of competing priorities, influencing and leadership are core skills. In fact, inspiring and leading your teams may be the biggest challenge on your plate right now.

There’s a reason Ian Stephens is invited to speak around the world to teams, sales executives and leaders. That’s because he’s got a passion for equipping people with practical tools they can use immediately to amplify productivity and analyse the strategies and distinctions high achievers are using to produce amazing results.

Current work

A master of integrating his Neuro-linguistic Programming tools into his workshops, Ian particularly specialises in helping leaders transition from ‘one of the team’ to being 'the leader of the team’. Ian serves up practical tools in dealing with resistant staff members, ensuring the team is engaged and flexible to change.

High-engagement infused with humour… all custom-tailored to your organisation’s needs, vision and specific challenges. His keynotes or workshop sessions are a mastery intensive for team focus, discipline and achievement.

Author: A prolific writer, Ian is the author of 3 books and the creator of 11 CD/DVD and on-line resources all designed to amplify your sales, leadership, personal and business results.

Talking Points

The Rhythm of Momentum - Inspiring and Motivational featuring Ian’s National Speedball Championship Routine

Getting your team to create momentum, and maximise it may just be the most important area of focus for leaders these days. Based on his book ‘The 7 Step Pathway to Mastery’ this powerful and entertaining presentation includes a highly moving display of mastery and momentum in action. It leaves delegates motivated to take action and resourced with tools to make any required change happen.

Participants are engaged before Ian even speaks. His portable Speedball framework (erected on the stage) immediately creates a state of curiosity. His powerful talk weaves in Ian’s journey to master the Rhythm Speedball (Speedbag in the USA), and totally engages and inspires conference participants. Culminating in a live demonstration of his National Speedball Championship routine, your team will be dazzled at ‘what’s possible’ when the power of focus and discipline are merged.

Using safe humour, and tailored to your organisation, this entertaining keynote can include messages/content such as:

- The 7 Step Pathway to Mastery or Outcome achievement

- How to create the right mind-set to overcome obstacles and bring home results

- Staying creative and innovative in times of change

- Creating and maintaining momentum

- Taking ownership and accountability to make desired results happen

- Managing your 'state of mind' during times of uncertainty

Navigate - The Rhythm of Leading for Longevity

This powerful and entertaining presentation highlights the tools leaders can use to navigate their team through times of uncertainty, change and an era of disruption.

People leave their ‘one-up-leader’, not the organisation! How well are your leaders stroking the motivators and values of their team members, and ensuring they willingly tap into their discretionary effort reserves? Are your leaders thinking about ‘disruption’ and how to prepare for it?

Ian Stephens is co-founder of ‘Neuro-Transformational Strategies’. He is the author of three books and is currently finishing ‘Enrich, the new science of Self-Leadership’.

Jam packed with laws, tips, skills and practical tools, the content of each talk is tailored to each individual brief, but can include messages/content such as:

- The 4 underpinning principles of dynamic self-leadership during tough times or disruption

- How to use ‘The 7 Universal Life Requirements’ to lead, manage, inspire and motivate your team and self

- How to conversationally re-wire a team members limiting beliefs

- Understanding human behaviour and motivation

- The art of influence - How to get team members to want to do what you need them to do

Accelerate - The Rhythm of High Performance Teams

Many organisations need their teams (or a newly formed project team) to come together fast, and create traction in getting results. We often hear how teams takes too long to produce the desired results because their members have come from different backgrounds, have varying capabilities, and may have not worked together before. The key lies in having the team determine the team culture they want and giving them permission to design and implement a high performing team culture.

Drawing on Ian’s experience in training and creating High Performance Teams across 29 countries, this tailored keynote is designed to disrupt people’s thinking about what a collaborative High Performance team looks like, and showcases the results they can achieve.

Using several ‘best-practice’ case-studies, this keynote can include content such as:

- The 4 Pivotal Principles of high performing teams

- Interactive workshop getting the audience's input to the key shift

- How to come together fast and maximise results

- Understanding the power of clarity in vision, roles and responsibilities

Advocate - The Rhythm of Creating Raving Fans

The organisation does not pay employee’s salaries; the customer does! And the customer will not remember what your staff member said, but instead how they made them FEEL.

Only one thing is required to turn customers into raving fans and advocates who gladly refer you to others; presence. They want the person they are connecting with to make them feel like the centre of their universe for the moment. They don’t want you to be a ‘servant’, and yet they love it when you come from a ‘service’ mentality.

In this powerful keynote or workshop, Ian Stephens draws on skills and tools from his latest book ‘NOW-Powered Customer Service’ to showcase how to create raving fans who want to do repeat business with you.

As a consequence of attending this keynote participants will gain the skills in:

- Handling objections or complaints from customers

- Knowing how to deal with difficult customers, turning challenging phone calls into a ‘Relationship strengthening’ experience

- Effective communication skills which minimises conflict

- Remaining assertive and standing up for the organisations rights

- Producing repeat business through excellent customer service standards

Bounce Back - The Rhythm of Resilience

In this raw and vulnerable keynote, Ian shares the highs and lows of his career, from down and out with the creditors calling, to being named in the top 20 motivational business speakers in Australia. Using his journey to master the Rhythm Speedball (Speedbag in the USA) as a metaphor for resilience and bouncing back, Ian totally engages and inspires conference participants.

Using safe humour, and tailored to your organisation, this entertaining keynote can include messages/content such as:

- How to develop your ‘resilience muscle’

- The 7 Step Pathway to Mastery or Outcome achievement

- How to create the right mind-set to overcome obstacles and bring home results

Activate - The Rhythm of Sales Success

Based on his book ‘The 7 Universal Laws of Sales Success’ Ian tailors a keynote that will inspire and equip the sales team and/or Sales Leaders to increase the chances that your sales targets actually happen.

Captivating the audience with his unique prop (portable Speedball/bag stand) Ian shares powerful business development laws and skills weaved seamlessly to his journey to master not only the speedball, but achieve consistency in sales performance.

The content can be tailored to link to any conference theme and leaves delegates:

- Understanding the critical Laws of Sales Success

- Better equipped to land the sales targets

- Inspired to implement their sales plans

- Masters of their own high-performance sales mind-set
  • Sales
  • Mastering Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Trust & Ethics
  • Customer Service
  • Work-Life Balance
A true professional. Engaging and dynamic. His use of stories and humour made a real impact on the team. The tools and processes he introduced and implemented played a major role in our turn around from 20% down, to now being 40% ahead of budget YTD. National Sales Director Sensis SME Online

In my 15 years as a HR professional, I have never seen a speaker capture an audience’s attention like Ian did with his speedball routine. Inspiring, fresh, and still talked about, Ian delivered on the promise of practical tools which could be immediately implemented after the conference.


Very well organised from the first meeting to the event.

Redken 5th Avenue

An inspiring speaker.

Tower Life Australia

Great presence and very relevant to our needs.

Readymix Holdings

Ian was extremely hands-on in organising a role play session at our conference. I was extremely impressed how he took ownership in putting together thyer role play, he participated in a tele-conference, came into the office for a face-to-face meeting, met with the members involved in developing the role play scripts, wrote the scripts and managed the members involved. Totally professional.

CPA Australia (NSW Division)

He was rated as one of our most popular speakers. A pleasure to work with.

eMOCA Pty Ltd

The choice of Ian Stephens was an excellent one and he hit the right chord with our team. Ian was so easy to work with and was ever so flexible on the day like a true professional. It was very informative, fun and educational and I would not hesitate in recommending Ian and Saxtons to anyone. Thank you for making or conference an overwhelming success!

Excom Education Pty Ltd

Ian did a great job for us at our 2009 Annual Sales Conference. Ian MCed the event for us and did a great job of keeping things moving. His keynote speech was very well received and gave us some practical 'take-aways' and his overall training throughout the event was upbeat, extremely professional and delivered with lots of energy.

Finite IT Recruitment Services

Absolutely brilliant! He engaged the delegates, got them involved and has a great sense of humour. Most importantly he delivered a message in keeping with our conference theme and people are still quoting him. Highly entertaining and a pleasure to work with.

Fresh State

Ian threaded through the Jenny Craig message throughout his presentation to make it more relevant.

Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centres

Great delivery and content and we were grateful that Ian took the time to join us for the cocktail event.


Very engaging.

iNova Pharmaceuticals

Ian grasped our brief really well and delivered a fantastic presentation. Not only was he very engaging the message delivered was succinct and concise and well received by all members of the team.

3M Australia

I was very impressed with Ian's message; he provided some great insight into the need to stay focused. I was more impressed, however, with the method he employs to have his message stick. I have had the privilege of experiencing many speakers and trainers over the years and can honestly say Ian was among the best. His lessons are long lasting unlike some where you struggle to remember a week later. I have been training sales people for 30 years now and have been speaking to groups as part of my community service commitments - we were all treated to something special with Ian Stephens and I look forward to future opportunities to have him involved with the training of our people.

Pure Water Systems

Ian is a polished well rounded presenter/facilitator, with real world content and offered real life solutions to our sales managers. The internal feedback was excellent.

Isuzu Australia Limited
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