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The Sales Doctor

I’m out to change the way people see and understand sales. I’m creating a sales revolution; join me.

Ingrid Maynard is a renegade out to change the status quo. She knows the time is ripe for a revolution towards customers, sales and profit by transforming how the next generation of market leaders embraces key stakeholders.

Sales isn’t a dirty word or just a business’s a metaphor for mutual enrichment, for mutual mattering, and compassionate presence. Magnetic corporations and brands attract and bond with their customers differently.

So can yours.

Ingrid has an impressive 25-year track record of transforming business outcomes in record time frames for some of Australia and New Zealand’s most iconic brands. Featured on Sky Business, Ticker News, a regular contributor to CEO World, the Daily Telegraph and Herald Sun, Ingrid’s thought leadership and commentary on business impacts and the future of work are widely sought after.

Ingrid speaks the things others are thinking with an inspired, heartfelt and purpose-driven delivery. Audiences of the next horizon of entrepreneurs, executives, leaders and corporations.

Talking Points

Salesforce or Forcefield?

Customers are king. Without them, corporations don’t exist. Yet we still apply inward-focused, outdated customer journeys and approaches to winning them and keeping them.

The old ways of working simply don’t anymore. Real growth requires a quantum shift in our thinking about relationships with customers. Future market leaders will radiate their DNA through a customer-shaped heartbeat. But what does that even mean?!

Ingrid inspires the next horizon of market leaders to flip traditional sales models on their heads to instead create magnetic organisations where the customer bond is reinforced with mutual mattering in a way that makes them impossible to replicate or catch.

Audiences walk away with:
- The unique ways of becoming a market leader
- An understanding of why old sales models no longer work
- Key insights into making your organisation magnetic

Compassionate Presence

Compassion is empathy with action. The rise of the diverse individual might have made us more empathetic but have we lost the art of conversations that challenge and change?

The intention to be inoffensive can also mean avoiding compassionate conversations. Whether that’s with customers, direct reports or even with colleagues, it’s to everyone’s detriment if we don’t.

This keynote reveals why compassion is the antidote to mediocrity, disconnection, and disempowerment. Ingrid arms leaders and future leaders with a toolbox for genuine connection and deep trust by focusing on what unites us and leads us to betterment.

Audiences will gain:
- An understanding of how to connect with presence and why it's important
- Tips for shifting any conversation into a compassionate one
- New approaches to performance improvement

Being Unforgettable: Why Everyone is a Brand - the rise of the ABN Workforce

Employees...nay contractors from entry-level to executive will fast become brands. This means they must stand out for all the right reasons to not only get the gig but to then deliver value in such a way that they build a reputation of performance delivery....One gig isn’t going to pay the bills forever!

There’s a hole in the ground ready to receive “jobs for life”. The great news is, this new frontier of working is easier and way more inspiring than we think. Entrepreneurs, Executives and future leaders will walk away excited to implement a unique approach to creating a brand identity that is their own, with techniques that treat everyone like a 'client', making them unforgettable and springboarding their career even further.

Audience members take away with them:
- An understanding of the impact this trend has on you, your team and your organisation
- Clarity on how you want to be seen and what you want to be known for
- A daily service measure checklist, allowing you and your team to serve at your highest levels
I have had the pleasure of working with Ingrid on a number of key projects over the last few years and I have always found Ingrid to be a visionary and insightful advisor for our business and a very engaging speaker at our business events. In February 2022, when the world was changing (again!) we invited Ingrid to join us as the keynote speaker at our annual Leadership conference. We were looking to Ingrid to help us build better connections and build deeper relationships with our teams and customers to grow the business in an ever-changing market. Through Ingrid’s ability to research and build a thorough understanding of our business, she built a powerful presentation that provided our leaders with the strategies and tools they needed to identify opportunities in the market and to build stronger, more sustainable relationships with their team members and customers. All in all, it was a very successful keynote presentation for our leaders. If you are looking for a highly engaging keynote speaker who takes the time to truly understand your business and who can help you move the business forward, then I recommend you reach out to Ingrid. Norwex

Ingrid, you’ve nailed the brief! You gave the team digestible content, practical frameworks and useful tools they can draw on at different stages in the weeks/months and maybe even years ahead. I firmly believe it made the right impression and set the scene to be open in approach to the changes that surround all of us - thank you! I am really pleased to let you know that I have had specific feedback from numerous team members who each found the session ‘thought provoking’, ‘engaging’, ‘worthwhile and useful’ and ‘there was lots to go away and think about’.

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