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2021 Young Australian of the Year & Social Entrepreneur


At 17 and 18, Eloise Hall and Isobel Marshall crowdfunded $56,000 to kickstart TABOO Period Products; a social enterprise that sells high quality certified organic cotton pads and tampons with all company profits dedicated to eradicating period poverty.

TABOO has a strong focus on educating, campaigning and advocacy efforts, aiming to dismantle menstrual stigma and free the conversation of periods to create practical change. They have also partnered with many Australian organisations, providing free access to pads for Australian women who require menstrual support.

Current Work:

Isobel is the Director of Health and Education at TABOO and is partway through her degree in Medicine at the University of Adelaide. Isobel is passionate about reproductive health and education programs and has been awarded the 2021 Young Australian of the year.

Talking Points

Menstrual Health and Wellbeing: A Global Context (Option to present with Eloise Hall)

This presentation closely follows the journey of TABOO’s co-founders in uncovering what period poverty looks like, and the development of their passion. It discusses the significance of menstrual health and wellbeing as a
personal experience, and where those collective experiences sit within the bigger picture of our world and different populations. Period poverty is discussed in depth, and the consequences are explained in the context of gender inequality, the poverty cycle and the environment.

Who this is for:
Appropriate for audiences that are seeking a greater understanding of global inequalities, especially those attributed to gender. Managerial audiences are well suited to this topic.

Key Takeaways:
- Improved understanding of Period Poverty and its effects.
- An insight into the gender inequality and poverty that is often born from period poverty.
- An opportunity for the audience to challenge the reality of period poverty and implement change.

TABOO - Shaping Consumer Behaviour to Eradicate Period Poverty (Option to present with Eloise Hall)

This presentation follows the journey of TABOO Period Products’ founders in establishing a social enterprise that eradicates period poverty. It explores the decision-making processes that lead them to sell a premium product in consumer markets to make significant social and ethical change. The opportunity for consumer funded impact is embellished, further unpacking the impact made to eradicate period poverty through the company’ sales.

Who this is for:
Appropriate for all audiences, especially youthful audiences who are looking for inspiration. It is an expression of leadership, so is also appropriate for managerial levelled audiences.

Key Takeaways:
- A sense of inspiration to navigate uncharted water in the spirit of passion
- An insight into social enterprise functionality and opportunity
- Increased sense of opportunity to create change as a consumer

Leadership and Entrepreneurship

This keynote follows the professional and personal learnings of the TABOO Co-Founders as they planted and grew their social enterprise from just 17 years old.

We discuss the leadership skills required to direct a group towards a shared mission, and explore entrepreneurship as an opportunity to challenge the norms around us. We share how TABOO has used the power of business as a tool to eradicate period poverty and how breaking the mould to challenge injustice can be so a powerful force fuelled by passion and dedication.

Who this is for:
Schools, Teachers, Educators, entrepreneurship/business groups, leadership summits

Key Takeaways:
- Encouragement that you are never too young or too old to be an entrepreneur
- Evidence and reasoning behind why having a clear purpose and mission is so important
- A toolkit for sustainable and effective leadership

Reproductive Health and Gender Equality

The history of Reproductive Healthcare gives us an insight into the state and progression of gender equality over the decades.

In this presentation, I will discuss menstruation from a healthcare perspective, considering what has been overlooked in the past, and what we need to focus on now to ensure the menstrual health and wellbeing of all Australians.

We will explore how a good understanding of ones menstrual and reproductive health can support a menstruator in reaching their full potential, regardless of their biology.

Key Takeaways:
- Why it is so physically and mentally empowering for an individual to be in tune with their menstrual cycle and reproductive health.
- The importance of developing Australia’s social and structural management of endometriosis, a chronic condition that affects 1 in 10 Australian menstruators
- What needs to change as we teach menstrual healthcare and sex ed
- Not everyone that bleeds is a woman, and not every woman bleeds
Awesome. Inspired the audience with their story, honesty and the power of social purpose organisations. We considered it a privilege to have them speak to us. The CEO Institute

Very informative and Isobel was very passionate and inspiring. We had another speaker at our conference whose major focus was building toilets in India so girls could continue their schooling when they start menstruating. Rotary has 6 humanitarian areas of focus of which one is Child and Maternal Health so it was a well received presentation.


Both Isobel and Eloise were fantastic additions to our IWD program. The interview style worked well - particularly as it was curated for our online audience. It made the content more dynamic. Isobel and Eloise were eloquent, knowledgeable and passionate.

UN Women Australia

Cowell Clarke's general feedback is that we were absolutely thrilled to have Isobel and Eloise present to our clients. They did a wonderful job explaining their journey and addressing the whole purpose behind their start-up. We really appreciated the positive feedback in relation to Megan's work with TABOO and how it has been a pleasurable experience. Guest feedback = they were overwhelmed and in awe of Isobel and Eloise. Everyone had a wonderful time and definitely weren't afraid to talk openly about menstruation on the night! Well done girls.

Cowell Clarke Lawyers

Isobel was a host for our podcast series, The Discovery Pod. She did a fantastic job. She was confident speaking to academics across a broad range of topics; she was always well presented and reliable; and she brought extra light to our podcast with her warm and bubbly personality.

The University of Adelaide
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