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A Champion Attitude.

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A champion attitude brings champion results.


Jacqui Cooper is an exciting, passionate and diverse speaker; she will leave your audience full of energy and with the feeling that anything is possible. Through honest, authentic and energic storytelling, Jacqui connects with her audience, making her session compelling, believable and relatable. Jacqui also loves to host events; her personality and energy make her the perfect choice for an Emcee.

Current work

Jacqui is one busy woman that manages many different roles. She is a published author of two IVF inspired books, including one children’s book, company director at Champion Events Pty Ltd, a Speaker, MC, and Ambassador for La Trobe Financial. Jacqui has also developed a gluten-free range of products for supermarkets, is a regular commentator on 3AW, an athlete mentor, regularly donates time to local community causes all being a mum to 3 young children.

Jacqui’s work at La Trobe Financial is diverse. She speaks at staff induction days to help inspire leadership, value-led behaviour, resilience, longevity and attitude. She also runs an emerging leaders’ workshop for promising individuals and presents to the Executive Team. This role also includes Jacqui serving as host and MC at client and internal events.

Jacqui’s event company, Champion Events, is a supplier to the MCG and SCG. She creates memorable team-building events using the iconic sports venues as the canvas to elevate, create and inspire groups.

Jacqui’s is passionate about communication and connection, and being a keynote Speaker gives her the perfect platform to do just that. Whether she is on stage or your computer screens, her energy is real and tangible. When you connect with an audience, the message is more powerful, and that is when change happens. Jacqui’s presentation inspires change in her audiences; they rise to a higher place of commitment, self-belief, and passion with a drive to do and want more for themselves both personally and professionally.

Her resilient and entrepreneurial spirit in sport is still the foundation for her success beyond the ski suit. There are parallels between business and sport; Jacqui makes this connection perfectly.

Previous experience

Aerial Skiing:Jacqui Cooper represented Australia in the sport of aerial Skiing for over 20 years. Spotted on a trampoline in Melbourne at age 16, she was recruited with a vision for her to be a World Champion 10 years later. With a detailed plan and unwavering commitment, Jacqui became a World Champion; and in the decade that followed, dominated and revolutionised her sport.

In her long and decorated career, Jacqui competed in 139 World Cup Events, 9 World Championships and 5 Winter Olympic teams. She is the first Australian woman in history (Summer or Winter Games) to have enjoyed this honour. With a record 5 world titles, 39 World Cup medals, 25 World Cup wins and 3 major World Championship medals, Jacqui Cooper is indisputably the greatest aerial skier of all time.

Talking Points


Aerial Skiing was, at times, brutal and cruel. For 20 years it tested Jacqui’s strength, spirit and ability to overcome adversity. How and why would anyone want to continue in a sport where injury and setback are almost guaranteed? Skiing off a jump at 70kmph then somersaulting at the height of a 3-storey building means any mistake could mean heartbreaking setback, devastating injury, lost opportunities, pain and defeat. Having resilience means you have a skillset, the mind, and the might to overcome any obstacle.

Jacqui’s resilience is underpinned by passion. Her love of the sport meant she let nothing get in the way of her training and competing in a sport that she believes she was born to do.

Resilience - What is it? How can you get it? Can it be learned? It’s all within us; you just have to know how and when to access it. Jacqui reminds us all that we all have the key to our own bank of resilience - we just have to know when and how to unlock it.

Key Takeaways -
- Jacqui explains the 3 types of resilience using her real-life examples to unpack and describe inherent, adapted and learned resilience. Understanding resilience and where it comes from makes it easier for
everyone to unlock their own ability to stay strong and move through tough times with ease.
- With vulnerable storytelling from Jacqui, the audience automatically connects with their personal experiences and unlock times, places, moments and events when they were resilient and stoic. It’s a refreshing reminder that we can all stand strong in the face of adversity.
- Audiences will gain a greater understanding of how to unlock resilience by knowing exactly where theirs came from (through life experiences).
- Everyone will be left with the feeling that anything is possible.

Power of the Mind

Our most powerful asset is our mind. Jacqui’s mind was her maker; it was her motivator, promoter, purpose and her biggest cheerleader. Jacqui leans on her own unique experiences in sport to re-confirm the importance of self-belief and positive self-talk. She shares ideas on the value of performing your mental audit; a way of understanding the conversations we have with ourselves and deciphering the tone of our internal dialogue. Mental audits are a great way to keep the conversations we have with ourselves positive. Jacqui also explains the method of diarising. Diarising thoughts provides a safe space to unpack a busy brain. Jacqui worked with one of the world’s leading sports psychologists for many years; so many of the tools that Jacqui learnt to safeguard her mind from negativity are tools that anyone, from any field of work, can apply.

Key Takeaways:

- Audiences will gain a greater understanding of the control we have over our minds while becoming more aware of where negativity comes from, how we digest it and what we do with it.
- Jacqui will inspire the audience to implement tips and tools to become their own best therapist.
- Understanding the impact of toxicity within a team with examples from sport.
- Rousing the audience to delete the weight (negative people) from our lives and only live with positivity.
- Encourage all participants to purchase an invisible “shit shield”.

Goal Setting

Jacqui’s commitment to goals is exceptional. At 16 she was recruited into a Aerial Skiing by a man who had a vision for her to be the world’s best in a sport she had never even seen let alone tried. At 16 Jacqui was given 10 pieces of paper with each piece representing a year of the next decade with detailed plans and goals to match. She made an unwavering commitment to those 10 pieces of paper knowing that what she had in front of her was more than words, plans and goals; it was a road map to success and becoming a World Champion. After reading those 10 pieces of paper, 10 times a day for 10 years, guiding her and inspiring her to focus, stay committed and determined to arrive at her success destination, Jacqui was crowned World Number 1. Jacqui reminds us all that goals must be where you can see them, they must be where you can be inspired by them, and they must be something that becomes a daily focus if you want to arrive at your destination of success.

Key Takeaways:

- Attendees will leave the session with an urge to reset their goals a commitment to the destination set.
- They will leave inspired to get in front of their goals every day and stay on track.
- An appreciation for mentor and mentee relationships. Jacqui highlights the importance of guided, inspired growth and development, using leaders in business to help create a vision for emerging talent.
- A light bulb moment, audiences will leave saying, “I need to do that. I need to commit to my goals every day.” A powerful takeaway for any person, it’s a, “I can make this happen for myself; I can be that champion” moment.

Champion Attitude

“Championing Your Attitude”; this is what is needed to get to the top and stay at the top; it’s a mindset, an outlook, and an attitude we can all have. Jacqui finished her career competing at her 5th Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. She attributes her success over 20 years to passion, self-belief and commitment, but above all, it was her “champion attitude” that gave her longevity and success in her sport. It was an attitude more than just winning and losing; it was an attitude to working in a team, an attitude to her competitors, and attitude to adversity, an attitude to change, and an attitude to a setback; it was an attitude to everything. Jacqui created a positive internal dialogue and a healthy ability to stay positive when everyone and everything around her wasn’t.

Key Takeaways:

- A reminder that attitude is everything.
- The audience will be inspired to rethink the way they think!
- “A Champion Attitude” is everything all of us can have. It’s changing the way we see things; it’s looking at a
situation through a new lens. The lens of a champion will always be positive, constructive, helpful and optimistic; Jacqui encourages us all to start focusing on developing our champion attitudes.
- Be left wanting to look at life and any situation through the lens of a champion.


Longevity and success in sport or business aren’t possible without change. To stay relevant, competitive and successful for 5, 10, 20, 30 years, you or your business needs to continually change, innovate, transform and be ready to reinvent. We all know this, so why is change so hard? Jacqui learnt the hard way; she uses her own sporting experiences to highlight the need to make change early, to avoid devastating costs to performance and outcomes if you wait. Forced change happens when it’s too late; Jacqui was forced to make change after she suffered a horrific injury at the SLC 2002 Winter Olympic games that saw her sidelined from the biggest sporting event in the world in which she was favoured to take gold. It was the hardest lesson to learn; “You can’t expect to stay at the top without change and reinvention; make change early, make the change before your competitors do to stay relevant and ahead of the curve.”

Key Takeaways:

- Audiences will be inspired to examine their areas of weakness.
- An understanding that there are two types of change - “forced” and “early”; when you recognise the difference, it easier to reflect and remember when these times of change happened in attendees own personal and professional lives.
- Unpack the reasons behind the resistance to change; “when we know why we don’t, then we will!”
- Jacqui gets everyone to welcome change, be excited by change, and be ready for change.

Custom + Workshops

Jacqui can script a keynote that could include one, some or all of the above themes.

Jacqui can also turn any of the above topics into a workshop giving your group time to understand, reflect, respond and engage in a powerful session. These workshops are aimed at creating immediate change and attendees will leave with a toolbox full of skills they can use at work and at home, giving them the best chance at being their own champion.
Jacqui had the crowd mesmerised, with several rounds of applause from the group throughout her speech; she was more than happy to answer any questions, personally went up to each table after her speech with one of her world titles trophy and handed her world championship medals around the room, also happy to have her photo taken with trophy in hand with any and everyone from my group. I really don't know how I'm going to top next year dinner; three days later, I am still receiving calls and emails about Jacqui. Vestas

Jacqui Cooper stepped in at the last minute to be the keynote speaker for our annual conference. With slightly more than 48 hours to prepare, Jacqui proved just what a champion she is. Her presentation did what many other champion sports personalities fail to do. She very clearly and concisely married together what is required to be successful in sport with what is necessary to be successful in business. Jacqui's life story and the examples she gave demonstrated that to be a champion in sport and in business you have to have a plan, both short and long term. You have to have persistence. You must be dedicated. You must train both the mind and the body and most important of all you must be prepared to go beyond what is regarded as the norm. I have no hesitation in recommending Jacqui Cooper to any company or organisation looking for a keynote speaker who can marry together what is required to be successful in sport and business whilst at the same time be very professional and very entertaining.

Insight Insurance Brokers Association Inc.

I found Jacqui's presentation incredibly moving, inspirational and at the same time humorous and I don't think I have ever understood the capacity of a human for resilience, persistence or drive until I met Jacqui. The pace was breathtaking but she kept us on the edge of our seats for the entire time dying to find out what more could possibly happen to her. Her presentation skills are second to none and I was moved by her story. Jacqui was well received at our conference and a standing ovation was the ultimate gift of a speaker - she received it with pride from our 81 attendees. It was amazing to watch. Certainly true to say that persistence pays off tenfold and more... we will definitely engage her for future conferences.

Australian Unity

Jacqui Cooper has a great story to tell, and she tells it with great humility, humour and 'down to earthedness' that is rare amongst those high profile successful sportspeople that tread the speaking circuit. We found Jacqui to be totally professional in her dealings with us as she prepared a presentation that was absolutely spot-on for the purpose we invited her for - she does her homework and really listened to what we were after. The response from our leadership group who were fortunate enough to be there for Jacqui's session quite surpasses any that we've had before - they found her to be engaging and utterly approachable, and her story absolutely struck a chord that was totally aligned to the work we had them engaged in. We have already booked Jacqui to come and do more work with us, and I have no hesitation in recommending her to you if you're after a really authentic, entertaining and professional speaker with a great message that shows people they can do whatever they set their minds to!

Bunnings Group Limited

Jacqui was just fantastic, her thirst for life and passion was infectious - our team loved her. Her story and resilience is truly inspiring Jacqui’s presentation style was very relaxed, free flowing and entertaining. Jacqui’s inspiring story had the attendees captivated, with her friendly and welcoming nature ensuring that attendees of all ages felt comfortable approaching her after the presentation Jacqui was absolutely fantastic. She kept the whole room engaged and interested, and everyone came away from her session raving about how inspiring, interesting and funny Jacqui was. Would highly recommend Jacqui to anybody!


We asked Jacqui to tailor a 45 min presentation about Japan and deliver it at a travel expo about Japan, highlighting culture, adventure, the four seasons, sport and people. Jacqui delivered a presentation that inspired tour operators to want to leave the venue and get on a plane - destination Japan. Her delivery was fun, informative, relaxed, specific and engaging. We knew that Jacqui speaks regularly with a “set presentation”; she proved herself as a versatile speaker that can wow an audience with any topic or theme. Jacqui was so generous with her time, energy and effort; she helped us set up the event, she stayed to speak to the audience and was happy to have photos taken with anyone who asked. She also took the time to walk through the expo before leaving to ensure everyone had had the opportunity to meet with her. If you were looking for a “one of a kind” presentation that’s tailored just for you, then Jacqui’s name should be at the top of your list.

Japan National Tourism Organization

When we booked Jacqui we expected an interesting story given what we knew of her history, but she far exceeded our expectations. Her mix of enthusiasm, passion, commitment and never give up attitude is both intriguing and infectious. Our collective group were in awe of her achievements and the road which brought her to the pinnacle of her career. We have booked many guest speakers over the years from varying backgrounds and it is fair to say Jacqui Cooper is one that will be remembered for a long time to come. Jacqui not only went above and beyond what was required of her during her booked speaking slot she took time to speak with anyone interested (and there was a lot!) afterwards. Jacqui is an absolute professional who we would highly recommend to anyone looking to drive a strong message surrounding leadership, culture, dedication and focus.

New Holland Agriculture

Jacqui presented to Domain's Women in Property Development lunch in February and was nothing short of sensational. She inspired the crowd through her incredible stories of will power, commitment and pushing through adversity.. Jacqui used her experiences with sport as an example of striving to the best you can be no matter what your profession or passion. This was perfectly relatable to the corporate audience attending and we received incredibly positive feedback from the day thanks to Jacqui.

Domain Vic

Jacqui had us captivated from the moment she walked into the room. Her presentation to the Sales Team was delivered with enormous energy, enthusiasm and humour, and made us feel that ordinary people could truly achieve extraordinary things. Jacqui received a rare standing ovation from our group, who have commented months down the track that her message of determination and perseverance continues to inspire them daily.


It is always a daunting task to source a guest speaker for an event. After sorting through a plethora of options, we took the plunge with Jacqui after receiving outstanding feedback on her presentation. Jacqui far exceeded what we could have hoped for in a guest speaker - our team and clients were captivated for hours at our lunch time events. We have booked Jacqui 10 times now; we don’t think we could find a better speaker for our events, so we just re-book her. Her presentation takes you on a uplifting journey, peppered with her wonderful down to earth humour. To say that Jacqui is great is an understatement, she is truly inspirational.

Accountancy Insurance

The best virtual speaker I have ever seen. Jacqui's energy level, passion, and enthusiasm was outstanding. Her ability to relate her journey to the personal challenges of staff - truly commendable. Worth the wait - would definitely book again, however next time definitely in person!!

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

Jacqui is the ultimate professional when it comes to guest speakers. She is flexible, approachable and friendly and captures audiences with her high end yet totally enthusiastic way of presenting. We can not recommend her highly enough.

East Gippsland Field Days

Jacqui is an inspirational speaker, who sets the tone so well with her audience and engages with them at an inspirational level. She was a joy to work with and I would have no doubt in recommending her for any event. Thank you Jacqui, you inspired so many of us.

Complete Nursing and Home Care Pty Ltd

TAFE Gippsland engaged Jacqui Cooper to be MC for our all-staff conference along with a motivational keynote to conclude our day. This was the first face-to-face gathering of over 300 staff in nearly three years. Jacqui was able to capture the true essence of our conference theme “connection” and reflected on the incredible role of educators throughout the pandemic and her personal experience and gratitude for teachers. As an experienced MC, Jacqui kept up the energy with all our participants and kept the day on track. To close out our day, Jacqui delivered one of the most moving and inspiring yet humorous keynotes about overcoming adversity and the attitude and commitment required to get up when you are down and out and not give up. Some of our staff have said “her presentation was first-class and a great choice for our conference”, “she was brilliant”, “her enthusiasm was infections”, “everyone should hear her story at least once”.and “Jacqui was amazing, what a story! I had no idea who she was until her closing presentation. Unreal. Jacqui ended our day on an absolute high and would highly recommend her for any event as both a Keynote and MC.

TAFE Gippsland

Jacqui is a great Australian with a powerful message and connected well with her audience.

EIS Property (Tas)

Jacqui was a fantastic opening keynote speaker who was highly inspirational and very relevant to our theme. She received a standing ovation that was truly deserving!

VET Development Centre Ltd

Jacqui Cooper, the most wonderful speaker, her energy was something to behold. I will be thinking of Jacqui and her family while they navigate their cancer journey and hope for a miracle for them.

Cancer Council of Tasmania Inc

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