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All-time aerial skiing great.

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Jacqui Cooper represented Australia in the sport of aerial skiing for over 20 years. She has competed in 139 World Cup Events, nine World Championships and has been selected to five Winter Olympic teams, the first Australian Woman in history (Summer or Winter Games) to have enjoyed this honour. And with a record five world titles, 39 World Cup medals, 25 World Cup wins and three major World Championship medals, Jacqui Cooper is indisputably the greatest aerial skier of all time.

All this is complimented by Jacqui's passion for the education of young people on the importance of a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, being role models, pursuing your dreams, being active, and goal setting. Jacqui speaks to all levels of students.

Current Work

Jacqui's story is one of self-belief, passion, triumph, tragedy and the ability to overcome adversity against the odds. She has multiple reconstructions for her knee, elbow, shoulder and hip. In 2001 she broke her back in an attempt to win a record third World Title; she went on and won it. In 2002 at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics Jacqui shattered her knee and broke her leg just two days before scheduled to compete, destroying a dream years in the making.

In 2010, Jacqui competed in Vancouver after a year of intense hip and knee rehabilitation, shocking doctors and spectators with her brave attempt to be competitive, despite the odds. She spent most of the months leading into the competition in a wheelchair, learning to walk again, and gaining confidence in a sport that is often brutal and cruel. She stunned the world when she placed fifth, the best Olympic result of her career.

Since retiring from sport Jacqui wasted no time using her skills, entrepreneurial qualities and attributes that made her incredibly successful in sport, in business. In 2011 she founded her own company Champion Events; Champion Events recently became the first company in Australia to run corporate banner making, an idea inspired by Jacqui herself. A team building event where participants create and build crepe banners (like the real ones on AFL game day) in the change rooms in the MCG. Company values are taped onto the crepe paper giving the day strength and worth. Once built the team get the thrill of running through their banner on the famous grass at the MCG.

Jacqui is also company ambassador for La Trobe Financial.

Jacqui created her own range of gluten free frozen dough products 'Food for Me'. After her daughter was diagnosed with Coeliac disease, Jacqui made it her mission to create a range of food that she could trust, was easy to make and most importantly, it had to taste great. The result was a line of cookie, pastry and pizza doughs that she could simple thaw and enjoy. An Australian owned and Australian made brand with endorsement from Coeliac Australia, her products are being sold by a national retailer.

Jacqui has also found the time to write two books,Frozen Hope and It Took 3 To Make Me, on IVF as all 3 of her children were born using this technology. Her memoir Frozen Hope will help prepare and support anyone undertaking extraordinary lengths to have the family they have always dreamed about. Her children’s book is a cheerfully illustrated book using a poem she wrote for her first daughter. The poem explains the IVF process to children, allowing parents to start a sometimes awkward and difficult conversation around how they came to be. The books are also sold in all major Australian book stores and on

Jacqui had the crowd mesmerised, with several rounds of applause from the group throughout her speech; she was more than happy to answer any questions, personally went up to each table after her speech with one of her world titles trophy and handed her world championship medals around the room, also happy to have her photo taken with trophy in hand with any and everyone from my group. I really don't know how I'm going to top next year dinner; three days later, I am still receiving calls and emails about Jacqui. Vestas

Jacqui Cooper stepped in at the last minute to be the keynote speaker for our annual conference. With slightly more than 48 hours to prepare, Jacqui proved just what a champion she is. Her presentation did what many other champion sports personalities fail to do. She very clearly and concisely married together what is required to be successful in sport with what is necessary to be successful in business. Jacqui's life story and the examples she gave demonstrated that to be a champion in sport and in business you have to have a plan, both short and long term. You have to have persistence. You must be dedicated. You must train both the mind and the body and most important of all you must be prepared to go beyond what is regarded as the norm. I have no hesitation in recommending Jacqui Cooper to any company or organisation looking for a keynote speaker who can marry together what is required to be successful in sport and business whilst at the same time be very professional and very entertaining.

Insight Insurance Brokers Association Inc.

I found Jacqui's presentation incredibly moving, inspirational and at the same time humorous and I don't think I have ever understood the capacity of a human for resilience, persistence or drive until I met Jacqui. The pace was breathtaking but she kept us on the edge of our seats for the entire time dying to find out what more could possibly happen to her. Her presentation skills are second to none and I was moved by her story. Jacqui was well received at our conference and a standing ovation was the ultimate gift of a speaker - she received it with pride from our 81 attendees. It was amazing to watch. Certainly true to say that persistence pays off tenfold and more... we will definitely engage her for future conferences.

Australian Unity

Jacqui Cooper has a great story to tell, and she tells it with great humility, humour and 'down to earthedness' that is rare amongst those high profile successful sportspeople that tread the speaking circuit. We found Jacqui to be totally professional in her dealings with us as she prepared a presentation that was absolutely spot-on for the purpose we invited her for - she does her homework and really listened to what we were after. The response from our leadership group who were fortunate enough to be there for Jacqui's session quite surpasses any that we've had before - they found her to be engaging and utterly approachable, and her story absolutely struck a chord that was totally aligned to the work we had them engaged in. We have already booked Jacqui to come and do more work with us, and I have no hesitation in recommending her to you if you're after a really authentic, entertaining and professional speaker with a great message that shows people they can do whatever they set their minds to!

Bunnings Group Limited

Jacqui was just fantastic, her thirst for life and passion was infectious - our team loved her. Her story and resilience is truly inspiring Jacqui’s presentation style was very relaxed, free flowing and entertaining. Jacqui’s inspiring story had the attendees captivated, with her friendly and welcoming nature ensuring that attendees of all ages felt comfortable approaching her after the presentation Jacqui was absolutely fantastic. She kept the whole room engaged and interested, and everyone came away from her session raving about how inspiring, interesting and funny Jacqui was. Would highly recommend Jacqui to anybody!


We asked Jacqui to tailor a 45 min presentation about Japan and deliver it at a travel expo about Japan, highlighting culture, adventure, the four seasons, sport and people. Jacqui delivered a presentation that inspired tour operators to want to leave the venue and get on a plane - destination Japan. Her delivery was fun, informative, relaxed, specific and engaging. We knew that Jacqui speaks regularly with a “set presentation”; she proved herself as a versatile speaker that can wow an audience with any topic or theme. Jacqui was so generous with her time, energy and effort; she helped us set up the event, she stayed to speak to the audience and was happy to have photos taken with anyone who asked. She also took the time to walk through the expo before leaving to ensure everyone had had the opportunity to meet with her. If you were looking for a “one of a kind” presentation that’s tailored just for you, then Jacqui’s name should be at the top of your list.

Japan National Tourism Organization

When we booked Jacqui we expected an interesting story given what we knew of her history, but she far exceeded our expectations. Her mix of enthusiasm, passion, commitment and never give up attitude is both intriguing and infectious. Our collective group were in awe of her achievements and the road which brought her to the pinnacle of her career. We have booked many guest speakers over the years from varying backgrounds and it is fair to say Jacqui Cooper is one that will be remembered for a long time to come. Jacqui not only went above and beyond what was required of her during her booked speaking slot she took time to speak with anyone interested (and there was a lot!) afterwards. Jacqui is an absolute professional who we would highly recommend to anyone looking to drive a strong message surrounding leadership, culture, dedication and focus.

New Holland Agriculture

Jacqui presented to Domain's Women in Property Development lunch in February and was nothing short of sensational. She inspired the crowd through her incredible stories of will power, commitment and pushing through adversity.. Jacqui used her experiences with sport as an example of striving to the best you can be no matter what your profession or passion. This was perfectly relatable to the corporate audience attending and we received incredibly positive feedback from the day thanks to Jacqui.

Domain Vic

Jacqui had us captivated from the moment she walked into the room. Her presentation to the Sales Team was delivered with enormous energy, enthusiasm and humour, and made us feel that ordinary people could truly achieve extraordinary things. Jacqui received a rare standing ovation from our group, who have commented months down the track that her message of determination and perseverance continues to inspire them daily.


It is always a daunting task to source a guest speaker for an event. After sorting through a plethora of options, we took the plunge with Jacqui after receiving outstanding feedback on her presentation. Jacqui far exceeded what we could have hoped for in a guest speaker - our team and clients were captivated for hours at our lunch time events. We have booked Jacqui 10 times now; we don’t think we could find a better speaker for our events, so we just re-book her. Her presentation takes you on a uplifting journey, peppered with her wonderful down to earth humour. To say that Jacqui is great is an understatement, she is truly inspirational.

Accountancy Insurance
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