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Laughs all round.


James O’Loghlin is one of Australia’s most respected and recognisable media personalities with a passion for Practical Innovation.

An experienced corporate speaker, master facilitator, corporate comedian and media personality, James is perhaps best known as the host of over 300 episodes of “The New inventors” on ABC-TV, and for his witty and entertaining programs on ABC Local Radio.

He has been delighting corporate audiences with his unique brand of corporate comedy for over a decade and is equally at home giving keynote speeches on innovation, acting as MC for awards nights and conferences and facilitating panel discussions.

From criminal lawyer, to comedian to media personality and presenter James has a wealth of experience. It was his role as the host of the New Inventors that fuelled James’ interest in innovation, a subject upon which he now regularly gives keynote speeches. He explores practical things we can all do every day to become more innovative, and about the ways in which companies can create a culture that encourages innovation. After many years of work in Australia he is a favourite with Australian audiences and event planners, James is a true industry professional with hundreds of successful live events to his credit.

Talking Points

Master of Ceremonies

After two decades of corporate speaking work in Australia James O’Loghlin is an accomplished and highly experienced MC who is able to draw laughs from whatever is happening whilst running the event in an efficient and appropriate manner. You get the professionalism of an experienced radio and television host who is utterly at home on stage combined with the humour of one of Australia’s best corporate comedians.

Master Facilitator

James is also an experienced and able panel facilitator who always ensures that the discussion is both informative and entertaining. He draws on his experience as a radio host and ex-criminal lawyer to ask the right questions at the right time. His television background as The New Inventors host enabled him to elicit all the relevant information and his unique brand of corporate comedy to keep it entertaining and engaging for the audience.

Virtually Brilliant: Turn your presentation into a compelling story

It was already difficult mastering the art of speaking to an audience who were directly in front of you. Now, the new world of on-line meetings, webinars and zoom conferences have created a new type of pressure for presenters. It’s much too easy for an online audience to become disengaged and your message to be lost.

With practical and friendly tips for every sort of gathering both in the real world and virtual, Leanne and James take you through each of the stages of presenting and show you how to keep your audience sitting up and eager for more. From researching your topic, to adding humour and interest, from using your voice effectively to conquering your nerves, and using PowerPoint to enhance your message, rather than bury it, the Virtually Brilliant approach will see even the most experienced speaker improve their skills enormously.

It will give confidence to those who have never delivered a speech before and will allow those who have done it many times to hone and finesse their skills in both the live and virtual space.

You will learn how to:
- Learn the presentation techniques for high engagement both online and onstage
- Construct presentations using our templates and techniques
- Turn your presentation into a compelling story.
- Use an economy of words to bring clarity to your message
- Notice your nervous symptoms and channel your fear into excitement

Overcoming Crisis Through Innovation

We have been living in an era of disruption and rapid change for some time, but never before have we faced changes as rapid and drastic as those caused by the Coronavirus. Suddenly, everything is different. Over the next few months organisations and businesses will face big challenges. To meet them, they will have to find new and better ways of doing things. More than ever before, your people need to be equipped with the skills they need to be innovative, so they can be constantly coming up with better ways of doing things.

In eight years hosting ABC-TV’s ‘The New Inventors’ James O’Loghlin worked with over a thousand innovators, and in his entertaining and thought-provoking keynote and/or workshop he will share practical strategies to equip your people with the skills they need to be innovative every day.

In this session you will learn:
- An understanding of how innovation happens; the 3 things innovators do better than others
- Easy-to-implement strategies to identify opportunities for innovation in your business and take advantage of them
- How to create an organisational culture that encourages everyone to be innovative
- How to quickly and cheaply identify the best new ideas and implement them”

Innovation is a State of Mind

How often do you have days when you are so busy you don’t have time to think? Days when there isn’t one spare moment to think about how you can improve the way that you do things? No matter how well your business is doing today, if you keep doing things the same way, in 10 years’ time - maybe less - you will have been left behind. To stay relevant and successful, businesses need to keep coming up with better ways of doing things. In eight years hosting ‘The New Inventors’ ex-Australian lawyer James O’Loghlin met hundreds of people who thought outside the box and came up with new and better ways of doing things.

During this corporate keynote James O’Loghlin will talk about:
- Why every business needs to be continually innovating and how individuals can do it
- The three things innovators do better than everyone else, and five things every business can do to build a workplace culture that encourages innovation

Overcoming the barriers to innovation

Many of us want to focus more on innovation and improving our business, but find that it just doesn’t happen. What goes wrong? What factors stop us from being innovative, and how can we overcome them? In this informative and entertaining keynote former host of “The New Inventors” and innovation expert James O’Loghlin will explain what the 6 most common barriers to innovation are, and how to overcome each one and ensure that making your business better becomes a part of your work every day.

Session take-aways:
- An understanding of the factors that prevent us from being more innovative
- Easy to implement strategies to overcome those barriers
- Strategies to identify opportunities for innovation and take advantage of them

Creating an innovative culture

The greatest resource any organisation has is the space between the ears of its people, but many don’t get anywhere near full value from it. It’s more important than ever for organisations to be innovative, but how do you create a culture where everyone knows that part of their job is to think of better ways of doing things, and where new ideas are captured, assessed, trialled and the best ones implemented?

In this enlightening and entertaining keynote, former host of “The New Inventors” and innovation expert, James O’Loghlin, will share:
- How to create a corporate culture where everyone from the CEO to the receptionist is encouraged and expected to be innovative
- 6 steps to creating an innovative corporate culture
- The role of leaders and managers in fostering innovation
- How to create a simple, efficient system to grow, assess and harvest
- How to embed innovation as an essential part of corporate culture, rather than an ‘extra’ that is always shunted to the bottom of the list

Innovation is YOUR State of Mind | Workshop

In his keynote, ‘Innovation is a State of Mind’, James O’Loghlin identifies the 3 building blocks of innovation; in this dynamic follow up workshop, participants apply those principles to create and grow their own ideas to improve their business. This 1 hour to half-day workshop will get delegates identifying opportunities, solving problems and thinking on their feet as they are challenged to unleash their creativity and think up develop new ideas to make their business better. Delegates will leave armed with the necessary tools to impart real change within their organisations, for years to come.

Takeaways from the session include:

A large number of thought through and practical ideas that the business can implement
The growth of a new culture that fosters innovation and collaboration
Each delegate will have a new found belief in his or her ability to ‘think up’ ways of doing things better, and know how to grow and use their ideas
James was excellent - a big hit with the audience. He connected very well with them, was thoroughly professional and really gave the attendees a motivational boost. His humour was spot on and supported his topic well. A very engaging guy who mingled with the audience members before and after the event. James was a major feature of the event and a lot of the attendees wanted to meet with him and share ideas. I also thought that James was very gracious when people came up to him with a bit of idol worship. Seriously - on at least two occasions that I witnessed - people would come up to James and tell him that he was their hero and that they never miss his show etc. James was very pleasant and respectful at all times. We would definately ask to have James speak again - he knows his stuff and knows how to reach an audience and is therefore good value. Dept of Innovation, Industry & Regional Dvlpmnt

Brilliant speaker that related well to the guests and the industry.

David Grant Special Events

James was very entertaining and engaging with the audience.


Extremely professional, funny and very well prepared for what he was involved throughout the day.

NSW Minerals Council

I thought that James’ performance was articulate, clean, funny and insightful. He managed, in a very shot time, to understand the importance of the night by acknowledging the efforts of LWA’s people in doing something uniquely Australian and meaningful to life. James managed to reinforce the importance of the night through fun and laughter… a Canberra boy and by no means a Hollowman.

Land & Water Australia

James was succinct, chose his audience well, provided great entertainment, was eager to please and gave a polished performance . I would definitely use James again!

Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia

James was an excellent after dinner speaker - entertaining, light hearted and great fun.

Lake Macquarie Private Hospital

James was so easy to work with in a challenging area that he was unfamiliar with. He was so relaxed, charming and clear. He used his humor well and engaged the audience well and coped with the little hiccups on the way. Was so happy to have him.

Deaf Society of NSW

James was a pleasure to work with, nothing was an issue and this made the overall organisation on the night a breeze.

Reed Business Information

Very easy to work with, enthusiastic and genuinely interested in the program and topics - and this came across in his presentation on stage.

Australian Chamber Alliance
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