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The Power of Intuition.


Jane is a keynote speaker, author, researcher, leadership trainer and executive coach. Her specialty is researching, writing, and speaking on the role of intuition and how to apply your innate intuitive intelligence to have more Aha moments and insights. Her first book, Intuition on Demand - Activate your intuitive intelligence for business success is the only book globally that has examined in depth the role intuition plays in decision-making amongst a broad selection of business leaders, artists, emergency workers, and entrepreneurs. Her ability to present these findings with clarity led to her book being recognized by AFR Boss magazine as one of the Top 50 Management books for 2006. Her second book, Think Like an Entrepreneur - the Mindset of Success published in 2017 details a methodology for the deliberate creation of entrepreneurial success.

Jane has studied personal and organizational change, with health and well-being practices integrating these learnings into her career in senior levels of management and marketing. After formally completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Management in the MBA program in 2000, Jane developed an entrepreneurial education program teaching advanced intuitive intelligence skills to business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Her client list includes the following sectors:
Education, Media, Arts and Communications, Professional services, FMCG, Financial Services, Health and Infrastructure, Government, Not for Profit and Professional Services

• Keynote speaker with the ability to effectively communicate from one-on-one to audiences of hundreds of people
• Strong business experience as a management consultant
• Highly engaging trainer, facilitator, executive coach
• Contextualised intuitive intelligence into decision-making, resilience strategies for stress management and developing entrepreneurial thinking
• Created unique techniques to train the power of accessing intuition deliberately producing outstanding results for clients
• Global Researcher and International Expert

Talking Points

Entrepreneurial Success - it’s all about you!

What makes an entrepreneur successful? What do entrepreneurs do to perform at the highest level?
Entrepreneurial thinking can be easily developed by everyone and is far more than creative thinking, idea generation or brain-storming techniques.

What makes serial entrepreneurs successful is their personal mindset. They have an internal process that develops their mindset to perform at the highest level. And it is much more than their ability to tolerate high risk or failure. The entrepreneur develops their personal mindset from an inner perspective, they trust that clarity will emerge from intuition to inform the initial idea or vision for a business.

This intuition is beyond the brain: it appears in the heart, gut, and internal organs. We have a unique intuitive intelligence, and you will learn just how entrepreneurs use this information to both attract and create a successful business.

The Power of the Aha moment - how you can have insights, on demand

Did you know that 95% of insights arise beyond the conscious mind - we are aware of 5% only! Insight, the ability to see clearly a complex situation or issue is a critical skill for today's managers and leaders. At the heart of every insight is intuition - the Aha moment that leads to a breakthrough bringing clarity and wisdom for you.

Complexity, ambiguity, disruption require deep insights to navigate through uncertainty. We are rewiring our brains by constantly being reliant on historical data and resisting change. True visionaries have the ability to have insights, on-demand.
Insight, the ability to see clearly a complex situation or issue is a critical skill for today's managers and leaders.

Master your mind for high performance

In environments of complexity, increasing ambiguity with too much or too little information, our brain literally changes, reducing connections between neurons leading to a decrease in our ability to make clear decisions and to work effectively, particularly under stressful conditions. Technology and connectivity 24/7 results in short-term attention spans for people who are unable to clearly focus and make decisions easily, often blocking access to creativity and innovative thinking. We have a natural ability to access multiple levels of intelligence and improve our mind’s performance. This presentation is specifically designed for business leaders and professionals delivering ways to rewire your neural pathways and to re-balance your mind, and de-stress, easily
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