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The Power of Intuition.


Jane is an author, researcher, keynote speaker, trainer and executive coach and founder/CEO of Expert Intuition. For the past eighteen years she has been applying the power of personal mindset to create success for organisations and individuals.
As a global researcher, she recognised the power of accessing intuition deliberately to produce better insights that directly translated into higher profitability for her clients. Her first book, Intuition on Demand - activate your intuitive intelligence for business success was nominated as one of the Top 50 Business books in its year of publication by AFR/Boss magazine.

Current Work
Jane has strong business experience as a management consultant and is highly regarded for dissemination of complex scientific knowledge into practical applications for business. Her clients are senior management - CEOs; business owners, marketing managers and management consultants worldwide. Industry experience includes financial services, professional services, NFP, education, health and wellness, communication, infrastructure, public sector, publishing, marketing and advertising.

She has adapted her knowledge, techniques and experience to many different industry sectors. She has contextualised intuitive intelligence into decision-making, resilience strategies for stress management and to develop entrepreneurial thinking.

Jane is well regarded as a speaker/facilitator and coach with the ability to communicate from one-on-one to audiences of hundreds of people.

Previous Experience

Qualifications: Postgraduate Diploma - Management (MBA) program - Macquarie Graduate School of Management; Facilitator for the Australian Institute of Management; Holistic Counsellor; NLP practitioner

Books: Jane is has written two books based on her work, Intuition on Demand - activate your intuitive intelligence for business success and Think like an Entrepreneur - the mindset of success

Talking Points

The Aha! moment - How to Have More Insights

We have all experienced moments of intuition where the right solution effortlessly appears, without forcing it. Where does the Aha moment come from? Can your insights be developed as a skill?

Jane Mara, an expert in the study of insights and intuitive Intelligence will tell you what intuition is and how to access it, on demand. Jane has researched the subject globally amongst business leaders, entrepreneurs, creative people and emergency workers to discover that intuition is an invaluable aid in decision-making and having breakthrough ideas and increased productivity.

Intuition is part of our natural intelligence - research shows that 50% of decisions made logically are later shown to be incorrect. Redressing the balance between logical and intuitive thinking is critical to individual and organisational success. You will achieve a balance when you include intuition which will empower you to achieve greater success by improving the accuracy of your decision-making.

Entrepreneurial Success -- from Ideation to Creation!

Entrepreneurs have an ability that distinguishes them from others in business. They have a heightened intuitive sense, leading them to uncover opportunities sometimes, previously unimagined. Visionaries, the late Steve Jobs and Sir Richard Branson immediately spring to mind. Both have spoken openly about the power of their intuition and sought to develop this skill. The formula for their success originates from a strong intuition about a potential new idea. Added to that is a blend of passion and intentionality to create alchemy.

Entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to create your success is a skill, to be improved. Everyone can create and sustain new thinking to develop more divergent business opportunities.

Gut feeling - fact or fiction?

Is your gut feeling a viable way to make decisions? Is it possible to enhance and improve your gut feeling? Or is data analysis the only way to go?

Decision effectiveness relates directly to superior financial performance. Every poor decision has a cost, for example, a failed new product launch typically costs an organisation many millions of dollars.

In today’s business world, we are surrounded by complexity, ambiguity and unprecedented rates of change. Research shows that senior executives rely more on intuition as they progress to more senior roles. The most successful business leaders integrate both rational and intuitive styles of thinking. Learn how to trust your gut feeling and analyse your decision-making for greater productivity.

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