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Customer Relations Expert & Author

The less we see employees and customers as separate, the more our service will inspire.

The minute Jaquie Scammell steps onto a stage, you know you are in the presence of someone who is incredibly authentic and deeply passionate about service towards others.

You cannot help being struck by her infectious energy. You find yourself leaning in as she reveals unique teachings with a deep appreciation for the human side of business. Not just theory, but rather 35 years of customer service experience translated to practical tools for the audience to take away.

Jaquie places her focus when crafting a message for your audience; she makes it relevant, and easy to listen to and follow. Her keynote experiences have afforded audiences to sing, cry, connect, meditate, belly laugh and furiously take notes to ensure they capture the essence of her message. She captivates her audience, helps people get out of their heads and into their hearts, and engages them to the last second.

Jaquie is mostly known as Australia’s leading customer service expert, helping create a service mindset for those seeking growth in their organisations and themselves.

She works with an extremely diverse customer group that represents several industries and sectors. This lends to a variety of stories and case studies to help the audience relate. She is the real deal when it comes to practising what it means to live a life in service to others.

Founder and CEO of ServiceQ, a Thought Leader of Service Leadership and Customer Service Mastery. With over 25 years of leadership experience in public, private and not-for-profit sectors starting with the McDonald’s franchise system and expanding to major sports and entertainment venues such as Wembley National Stadium (UK), Emirates Stadium (UK) and the Australian Open Grand Slam.

A published author of Service Mindset, multi-award winning Service Habits, and most recently The Future of Service, a regular blogger, media contributor, and qualified yoga and meditation teacher, your audience will easily connect with and relate to Jaquie.

Talking Points

Transforming Service Cultures One Habit at a Time

Inspired by Jaquie’s multi award winning book; Service Habits - 21 habits to transform your service culture.

If you are in the business of service, you are in the business of relationships. Good service is in danger of disappearing altogether behind a barrier of organisational protocols and efficiencies
rather than strong, sustainable relationships and results. The best Service cultures focus on small,
practical ways of approaching human relations in a world that demands service like never before.

A session with Jaquie will show a simple framework to transform a service culture,
starting from the inside out. Having committed to transforming service cultures for decades, Jaquie has the skills and stories to show you how small, daily Service Habits may be good for business success and profitability, but they are perhaps more powerfully good for culture; something that goes way beyond annual performance metrics.

Your service leaders and professionals will be able to take back ways of inspiring their teams for even the most ordinary of tasks in a day and their own approach to service will be transformed not only at work but in life.

The presentation will show leaders how to:
- Deepen their level of self-awareness
- Appreciate the effects of mindfulness and practices of presence, to be their best and bring out the best in others
- Rewire new habits and ordinary behaviours to create a positive ripple effect throughout teams, culture and humanity.

Service Mindset

Inspired by Jaquie’s book; Service Mindset In this age of digital transformation and technology, many argue we are more connected than ever before.

AI, automation, and the rise of robots continue to improve speed, efficiency, and productivity beyond our wildest imaginations. But at what cost?

Our desire for speed and convenience is compromising our customer's greatest and basic needs as humans; care, kindness, and one-on-one attention.

Some people believe the best service professionals are born not made, and that you cannot teach people to care. Jaquie challenges this as an unhelpful belief, particularly when customer care talent is increasingly scarce.

The first step in developing better service professionals is, to begin with a mindset.

In this session, Jaquie tackles the concept of mindset and how it can be the foundation to success or get in the way of service success. Your service leaders will leave with an elevated mindset, and feel compelled to level up their thinking about service as a job role and a way to leverage work-life happiness.

The Service Mindset Presentation will:
- Reset beliefs and attitudes towards service
- Break down walls between employee and customer 'us' vs 'them' mentality
- Motivate cross-departmental teams for greater cohesion

The Future of Service

Inspired by Jaquie’s most recent book; The Future of Service is 5D; Why Humans serve best in the digital era.

Whether you’re leading a team, business, or community, and whatever the area - government, education, medicine, food production, technology, media, entertainment - you’ll have noticed that the phrase ‘customer service’ doesn’t evoke the enthusiasm it once did.

Service industries are madly rushing to digitalise for efficiency, compromising what once set them apart - the act of service by a human. It’s a crucial juncture in time, and digital technology isn’t just an accessor y but an integral part of our lives, altering how we communicate, work and even think.

As we move swiftly into an era defined by artificial intelligence, robotics and automation, it’s easy to succumb to the narrative that machines will replace humans in almost every field, including service. And it’s even easier to miss the nuances that make human service irreplaceable. For any leader in service, the new dilemma is how to reclaim the human in ‘human service’.

As humanity evolves and technology transforms at light speed, it is crucial to upgrade service capabilities and change the mix of soft skills in service roles. This facilitates a sharp focus on outcomes that are human-centred, and which serve society.

This session challenges leaders to be the best version of themselves behind closed doors first, before performing at work in front of others. Reminding us how when the external environment is volatile, it’s important to build internal stability, strength, and equanimity.

The Presentation will show leaders:
- There is a hierarchy in taking care of people at work, which influences how they serve people
- How customer's behaviours are evolving and what to prepare for in the future
- Why the ability to self-regulate and manage emotions is the new superpower in service
- Recognise internal service (EX) as equally important as external service (CX) for long-term service success
- The five dimensions (5D) needed in a service culture to shift staff from frustration to fulfilment and get sustainable results
Thanks Jaquie Scammell for the talk today at CSIRO Business Development Connect. You helped remind the high IQ staff about the importance of ‘trust’ being the centre of doing business, whether you’re selling Science....or Burgers! EQ and ‘Good Business’ is about building on the human connection. CSIRO

Your keynote was incredible, and really resonated with the audience. You inspired lots of people

Ashton Media

Jaquie lives at the intersection of strategy, people and customers, transforming engagement, cultures and bottom line results for everyone she works with. And Jaquie herself is completely congruent with her message - she loves life and business, and her energy is infectious. She’s one of my favourite people, and your world will be much better for having her in it.

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