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Barefoot backpacker to corporate leader.


Jem Fuller is a trusted advisor and coach to CEOs and senior leadership teams on mindful leadership and healthy culture creation.

Current work:

Fuller is the Director and facilitator of his own international leadership retreat company. He takes leaders away on Mindful Leader Programs to the remote Indian Himalaya, Bali, the Kimberley and Costa Rica.

Past Experience:

From his punk days squatting in London to barefoot backpacking around the India subcontinent, Jem Fuller has lived the extremes.

He has been a kindergarten teacher in Asia, a global tattooist, fire dancer, motorcycle courier, actor, singer/songwriter, travel agent and has worked in corporate leadership in a multinational company.

Education: Jem has studied coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Human Behavioural Profiling.
He is passionate about helping to create more functional humans who can collaborate to create outstanding results for the greater good.

Talking Points

Diversity, Connection and a Remarkable Result - the story of what’s possible when a common cause dissolves the fears of difference.

In a small village in remote north central India, it was the motorcycle accident that could have taken his life. Instead it paved the way for a connection of very different people from around the world, who came together to create a miraculous healing in a small guesthouse, on the banks of the Ganges.

Connection and collaboration with people from different backgrounds greatly increases the scope of potential solutions to our workplace problems. But our egos and fears get in the way. How do we put our own ‘stuff’ to the side, so we can lean in and be a part of truly creative Innovation.

Who is this for:
Leaders, professionals, teams strengthening culture, HR and people development, students.

Key takeaways:
- how to respond rather than react
- how to understand and connect with those-not-like-us
- tools to dissolve work place differences and get on the same page

Unlocking the Code of Culture - A process you can follow to make your workplace somewhere people want to be.

We know when our company’s culture isn’t great. People are disengaged and not communicating well in or across teams. But how do we create the culture we need?

After working in, and now with organisations large and small, across the public and private sectors, Jem has developed a proven methodology that when implemented, guarantees a healthy growth of culture, where people love coming to work and are intrinsically motivated to contribute.

In this talk, Jem brings his ‘Culture - How To’ process to life with his colourful stories and examples of inspirational company cultures.

Who is this for:
Leaders, start-ups, teams, CEO’s, schools, SME’s

Key takeaways:
- The three most important pillars of your Cultural Framework
- How to design a culture implementation strategy
- Understanding the human behaviours that create awesome culture

Daring To Be You - Vulnerability, authenticity and self-trust

This story takes us on a journey from Jem’s punk days squatting in London, to his barefoot and dreadlocked backpacking around India, tattooing travellers on Thai beaches and all the way through to his corporate leadership days, then founding his own Mindful Leader international retreat company.

On his colourful life journey of seeking meaning, identity, connection and belonging, Jem created a wealth of interesting and applicable experiences to help us understand, accept and trust that we are enough, and have what we need to back ourselves and take action.

In this engaging talk, your attendees will be motivated and inspired to step further into self-leadership and taking ownership for their results.

Who is this for:
Employees, entrepreneurs, team leaders, employees, business owners, students

Key takeaways:
- Understanding your human core needs
- Tools for busting procrastination and self doubt
- Mindset strategies to create your reality

Feminine / Masculine Leadership - If we don’t change our ways, we won’t survive.

The old masculine corporate and business models of ‘it’s the result that counts’, ‘grow net profit at all costs’, ‘expand and conquer’… need to be at the very least balanced with the more feminine focus of emotionally intelligent, human-centric, for-the-greater-good nurturing, caring and expanded awareness.

Gender equality is as important as any equality, but what’s the point of empowering women if they can only lead by accessing their masculine? We need to have more women in decision-making and leadership roles WITH their feminine energy validated as a source of wisdom. What’s more, we need to allow men to have access to their own feminine energy, and incorporate this into their leadership styles as well.

We need to balance the energy styles, not just the gender.

In this provocative talk, Jem demystifies Mars and Venus, shows us how we all have access to both, and explains how more feminine energy leadership will help us evolve into the future.

Who is this for:
Everyone courageous enough to engage with this talk can benefit from this conversation

Key takeaways:
- the basic distinctions between feminine and masculine
- 3 ways to access each energy style
- the inspiration to create more values-based and caring organisations
Jem Fuller was engaged by my business unit within the Department to help build our culture. The team of staff ranged from new to those with many years experience. The first focus was for managers to understand themselves and their management style and then to build a successful team charter which can be enduring. All of these outcomes have been achieved through Jem’s successful leadership, guidance, knowledge and mentoring. Team members are more aware, team understanding has grown and generally team spirit has improved. I would support other managers in having a conversation with Jem to use his skills to help yourself or your teams. DELWP

Jem Fuller has facilitated several workshops for GMHBA Health Services in the last couple of years. His ability to coach my team on how to lead more effectively & mindfully while keeping it real has been invaluable, and enabled us to come back to the organisation energised and with a fresh perspective & approach to our leadership and culture.”


Jem Fuller has been engaged to work with Kardinia Park Stadium Trust (KPST) for the past 12 months. His engagement is at all levels (individual, team and entire organisation). His engagement has and continues to be vital in assisting myself and KPST in shifting and improving the culture of the business. A significant part of this has been the coaching that has been provided to individuals including members of the Senior Leadership Team. In addition, Jem facilitated a three-hour workshop with the entire business where the mission and values where analysed, debated and ultimately re-written. I strongly commend Jem’s approach in these areas.

Kardinia Park Stadium Trust

Jem is an engaging and inspiring presenter who shares key messages of how to get the best out of yourself. Jem has presented to our year 10 students on day one for the past 2 years and we find it such an invaluable addition to our transition to year 10 and to help our students start the school year in a positive mindset. He shares his life lessons and gives an insight into the leadership retreats and training he conducts with corporate leadership teams, which are transferable skills for all of us to use in day to day life. His 3 keys to reach your potential and get the best out of yourself and the school year are relatable and easy to remember for students. We look forward to welcoming him back again in 2022.

Mt Waverley Secondary College

Jem has done some presentations - both face to face as well as virtually for our students at Saint Ignatius College over the past few years. He has been really enthusiastic and energetic and our students and teachers alike have found them useful and engaging. Jem has always been really respectful of our school's values and his communication and time management has been impeccable. Jem's been able to work flexibly with us around timetabling as well as remote and flexible learning and for this we truly appreciate the ease in which he's made working with him. I would highly recommend Jem for any school who is wanting a keynote presentation, or smaller group session, for their students which is sure to be interesting, stimulating and thought provoking.

Saint Ignatius College

Jem Fuller is an engaging speaker and facilitator who has been keynote speaking for our year 10s wellbeing day and running Mindfulness workshops for our year 8s over the last 5 years. We keep asking him back because his ability to share wisdom in a way that the kids understand means he actually makes a difference. Even the staff enjoy hearing his talks. I can highly recommend Jem to keynote speak or run workshops at other schools.

St Ignatius College

I think we were extremely fortunate to have Jem come in and speak to our students when he did. Jem was extremely engaging and really resonated with our students, the feedback from all of our students was really positive I would highly recommend Jem as a motivational speaker

Surf Coast Secondary College
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