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Inspirational transgender woman, speaker, author.


JoAnna Ferrari or “JJ” as she prefers to be called had the kind of professional and personal life we all dream of. Then the dream ended and the nightmare began when she openly told the world about starting her gender transition.

JJ recalls, “Once I began my transition, my world exploded. Reality hit quickly and I realised, it was going to be a treacherous trek with no map, no guides, no support and no going back.” JJ had to start life and career completely over. The lessons she used to survive in her new life are what she now feels an obligation to teach others so they can survive and succeed at their own lives and businesses.

Today JJ is happy in life and has again become a well-respected business coach, transition/performance consultant, requested keynote speaker and author.

Previous Experience

Speaking: JJ is a well-respected inspirational and strategic speaker on both sides of her transition. She has had a brilliant 15-year track record as a Transition and Performance coach and has coached and presented for major corporations such as PwC, Medibank, Westpac, St George Bank, CBA, AFP, TEDx, LinkedIn, Google, Europcar, Big Brother- Big Sister, American Express, and Telstra. Trained, coached and consulted to over 1800 business with her Business Prosperity Course.

Education: She created ‘The Selling You’ book and course for the State of Illinois working with people specifically unemployed for more than 1 1/2 years. She had over 10,000 attendees in 4 1/2 years and placed over 4000 people in new jobs in less than 12 weeks.

Business: Before starting her speaking career, JJ had a highly successful business career growing an Australian telecom business from $10 million to $80 million in under three years. She has also served CEO for Anthony Robbins and three other companies .

Talking Points

Fear into Confidence: Lessons from A Lifetime of Change

FEAR holds a permanent place in the human psyche. Everyone has fears. Fear has been handed down like a family heirloom through generations by people we are supposed to trust; parents, teachers and authorities. Fear gets the blame for most things bad and negative that happen to us, unless like JJ you’ve had a deep, dark run in with it. When you do, you come to know fear as a powerful, controllable, desirable ally, not your nemesis. When you are in a fearful state, can sit in it without panic and still come clear and conscious of what you need to do, you see fear differently. To the masses it still remains a chaotic and insurmountable barrier to be overcome. Successful people look for it in their life and dealings to help them make inspired decisions when others will not. When you learn that fear is an energy that you can convert to confidence you won’t become “fearless”, but you will fear less and find yourself facing change and challenges with greater ease and achieving more of what you want and need.

Fear into Confidence audiences will learn…

- Why Fear is so powerful and how to use it for positive results
- The 5 personal methods for turning fear into confidence OR The 5 business methods for turning fear into
innovation and success (depending on audience and event outcomes)
- Developing Your Champions Mindset
- Develop a dojo style philosophy for creating unstoppable confidence
- Learn How Survival Is A Step Towards Success
- Create A Personal Ritual to Minimise Stress and Depression
- How We Use Fear to Shape Ours and Others Reality and Outcomes
- Reinforce Positivity and Counter the Negatives Around You.
- Move Your Thoughts and Body from Pain into Power
- Courageously Face Fear, Uncertainty, Risk and Challenges

Transition-ABLE: Harness the Power of Transitions

To be transition-ABLE is to survive! No one ever asks the question... are transitions causes or effects? Are they chosen or imposed? Are they internal or external? The answer is, YES. All of these things are transitions. When you better know the phases and types of transitions, plus the “transitional patterns for your business and industry” you’ll have a valuable set of skills that put your business in a class of its own. When you visit with JJ, you’ll have all of those plus a formula and model for getting into, out of or unstuck from transitions. JJ brings her 30 years of business experience and her 6-years of being in personal transition to this presentation. She leaves her audiences knowing how to proactively predict and prepare for their next transition, what steps can be taken during and how to recover afterwards. To be transition-ABLE is to succeed!

Transition-ABLE Audiences will learn…

- What transition-ABLE mean?
- “Acres of Ideas” finding the hidden answers already within your business
- The 5 things the most transition-ABLE businesses do consistently and effectively
- The Power of a single-minded culture
- Transitioning to “Exceptional Quality” as the standard client experience
- The three phase of TBS- Trans-Behavioural Science [and how JJ developed it]
- How to double sales with the number 79.2
- Identity Crisis! Learn to trust and transition who your business really is?
- How does transition-ABLE equal a “Growth Mindset” and does it even matter?
- How keeping your clients in your brands transitions is your best lead generation system
- How loyal relations and trust grow a business faster [and cheaper] than marketing
- Why 2 years is the new year [and how it reduces costs, stress and increases profits and productivity]


  • Culture
  • Sales
  • Mastering Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service


  • Inspiring Stories

Politics & Advocacy

  • Leadership
JoAnna was very easy to work with leading up to the event, was approachable and listened to what we had to say about the event. JoAnna took an interest in our event and delivered an engaging enthusiastic presentation that had people truly captivated. YWCA Adelaide
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