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Inspirational transgender woman, speaker, author.


JoAnna Ferrari has transitioned or reinvented herself personally and professionally over 21 times during her life. None of her transitions were as big a change or challenge as the one she encountered at 53 when she committed to transition her gender from male to female.

It was during this major transition that JoAnna had to learn to draw on all her internal resources. She had to figure out how to navigate this new uncharted wilderness. She lived with uncertainty for over three years. She couldn’t get work, she lived on borrowed money and time. It seemed that she and the world had all but forgotten the successful person she once was. She finally fell into a depression and her transition almost became fatal.

The final blow was dealt to her when she got to a staggering 79cents in the bank. She realised she was about to become homeless and her son, who was her only support, would have to go to the streets with her. Joanna found her breaking point and her moment of courage in a single instance. From that day JoAnna turned the challenges that almost took her life, into a powerful comeback story. As a result, JoAnna now teaches audience to “Harness the Power of Transitions” and about ReThinking Life’s Rules, which contain strategies, models and formulas developed from drawing on her 30 plus years as a successful business leader combined with her incredible life experiences. She is a powerfully passionate and incredibly engaging speaker who leaves audiences with practical take away tools to help them with their own life transitions. Audiences will remember her long after they leave the room.

Previous experience

Sales: JoAnna is no stranger to the seminar and personal development arena. Since 1989, she has been working as a sales manager, sales coach, sales trainer or consultant with various groups selling live and video-based seminars, as well as personal development products and coaching services. She has assisted other companies worldwide in selling personal development, corporate training and seminars.

Career: To say JoAnna has a diverse and accomplished business background would be understating the breadth and depth of her experience. A small snapshot her career so far:

• At 32 she became the Director of a 300-seat call centre
• By 38 had built and owned her own telephone marketing centre
• Travelled the world internationally training sales teams
• Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Nightingale Conant (a world leader in personal development training) where she developed their inside sales initiatives and also developed several coaching programs for them
• CEO of Anthony Robbins business in Australia
• Consulted to Telcoinbox and helped grow the business from $8 million to $80 million in three years
• Consulted and trained business in over 140 industries and trained sales teams in 5 countries
• Coached and trained CEO’s
• Spoken to audiences from 10 to 10,000 people

Teach: JoAnna lives by an idea that many people only give lip service to “You can be, do and have anything you wholeheartedly put your attention to”. But to truly live this way, you must be willing to explore, experiment and express yourself in brave new ways. This single idea has been the key in her reinventing herself and in transforming businesses, teams and individual clients. She has used the ideas she teaches to become a highly successful executive in numerous businesses, to consult to businesses in over 140 different industries, to train sales teams in five countries, to become a highly requested and referred performance coach for top executives and to transition her life and her gender.

Talking Points

ReThinking Life’s Rules (Your Secret Self)

JoAnna gave the closing presentation at TEDxMelbourne in August 2016 entitled “Your Secret Self” for which she received a standing ovation. JoAnna Ferrari lived male for 53 years. She was successful in business and happily married with 3 children for 23 years before finally making the difficult decision and commitment to transitioning her gender from male to female. Her announcement sent a shockwave through her entire world that caused her to lose everything: family support, friends, her career and nearly, her life.

In her presentation JoAnna clearly outlines the stages and steps to success in any transition and bridges the gap between her own gender transition and how anyone can better their life, career or business. She shares her personal journey, the dangers and challenges transitioning presents as well as a new perspective on how to deal with internal conflict that keeps us living in fear instead of living our dreams.

JoAnna delivers key strategies for taking a team or business through change, transitions and new beginnings and how to create an incredibly diverse and inclusive culture in the process.

This presentation will help your audience:
• Transform fear into courage
• See how transitions are a life thing, not a gender thing
• Understand the difference between a life journey and a life expedition
• Break free of their learned life and live more authentically
• Develop effective life development strategies for real world tough situations
• Learn the power of words and emotions and what they mean to your success
• Know why being proactive in change is better than the waiting for change
• Understand how lack of trust reduces opportunity in your life, career and business.

Growing Into Greatness: Harnessing the Power of Transitions

This presentation teaches audiences that every person has greatness within them already, they just don’t know how to activate the courage needed to see it through. Why? We fear the unknown - changes, transitions and the potential of failure live there. As someone who has ‘lived’ many transitions, JoAnna has learnt to harness the power of every transition to grow and succeed.

She will help navigate through a set of skills and patterns, a tested formula for navigating new uncharted wilderness. A set of skills that will help reduce fear, anxiety, stress and boost confidence to move forward and reach new levels of personal greatness.

In this powerful and inspiring presentation, JoAnna outlines what she believes to be the key attributes and learnable skills that can lead to a fulfilling life, career or business. She draws on her own life’s experiences and truly empowers you to change your life for the better.

This presentation will show you how to:
• Explore the revolutionary models and new science of “Trans-Behavioural Science”
• Build your own greatness formula and how to put it to work for you in your life and career
• Harness the power of transitions in order to achieve clear, measurable and objective results.
• Have a personal, team or business breakthrough and drive new innovation
• Capitalise on the opportunities presented by change, transitions and new beginnings
• Refresh your vision and attitude, find your purpose.

Dare to Embrace Change: Champion Your Own Success

When she’s not speaking, JoAnna spends her time coaching top-level executives to go their next level of professional success by teaching them how to know and control their personal mindset.

There is a next level that lets you stand in your own power, face the tough situations, make the difficult decisions, communicate with confidence and win against impossible challenges. This is what JoAnna Calls “The Champions Mind”. She will help develop your ability to instantaneously accessing all your resources and come up with the right response and resolutions.

We all have this Champions Mind within us, but so many of us crush our own dreams, shy away from opportunity and reduce our own ability to go after the things we really want in our lives. But what if you could simply break this pattern? What if you can literally free yourself to grow, win and succeed at anything even in the toughest of situations? What if the quickest way to face change and beat fear is by learning to change and adjust you, not the situation?

This presentation or masterclass will show you how to:
• Reduce the overwhelm of mass information
• Change your mindset to a “Want to Change” mentality
• Create the daily rituals and actions you need to focus through change and win
• Get back in touch with your authentic self, gut feelings and make right decisions
• Reduce your stress and create new levels of conviction, patience and productivity
• Become more YOU, know with certainty and do with confidence whatever it takes to fulfil your dreams
• Learn to know, interrupt and create new personal patterns of thinking
• Learn to live life on your terms and not settle for less that you truly deserve * Learn that being authentic makes you feel powerful, euphoric, unlimited and free


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JoAnna was very easy to work with leading up to the event, was approachable and listened to what we had to say about the event. JoAnna took an interest in our event and delivered an engaging enthusiastic presentation that had people truly captivated. YWCA Adelaide
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