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Dr Joel

Global Thought Leader in Intuition & the AI Revolution. Neuroscientist, Psychologist & Author

Intuition: real, measurable, and your science-backed unfair advantage.

Unlock the Secrets of the Human Mind with Joel Pearson- a leading AI and Neuroscience Speaker.

Are you ready to push the boundaries of what's possible for your organization? Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey into the depths of human intuition, imagination, and the psychological impacts of artificial intelligence. Joel is a rare breed - a neuroscientist, psychologist, and author who can translate cutting-edge research into practical, actionable strategies that will transform the way you think, create, and make decisions - optimising your life and workplace. Before pursuing his Ph.D. in Neuroscience, Joel studied Art and Filmmaking, allowing him to blend creativity with scientific rigour.

With a captivating blend of expertise and entertainment, Joel takes audiences on a wild ride through the innermost workings of the brain. His dynamic presentations are equal parts enlightening and exhilarating, shattering preconceived notions and igniting a newfound appreciation for the limitless potential of the human mind.

As the world's foremost expert on harnessing human intuition and imagination in the age of AI, Joel is on a mission to improve as many lives as possible. He empowers audiences with invaluable tools to enhance creativity, optimize decision-making processes, and embrace the AI revolution with confidence and enthusiasm.
From mind-blowing insights into neuroscience to practical strategies for thriving in the uncertainty of an AI-driven world, Joel's keynotes and fireside chats will leave your team inspired, engaged, and equipped to conquer any challenge.

Don't just take our word for it - industry giants like Pixar, Google, KPMG, Macquarie Group, and Lexus have already experienced the transformative power of Joel's captivating presentations.

Joel hosted the popular ABC Sydney radio show "The Brain Box," blowing people's minds about their minds. He is the founder and director of the Future Minds Lab at the University of New South Wales and a Professor in the School of Psychology.

Joel's latest book, "The Intuition Toolkit: The New Science of Knowing What Without Knowing Why" has been hailed as a breakthrough, truly forging a new science and culture around intuition and its powerful applications. "Inspiring and deeply original" - Ed Catmull, Co-founder of Pixar and former president of Disney studios.

Ignite your organization's potential with Joel - the ultimate guide to unlocking the boundless capabilities of the human mind in the era of artificial intelligence.

Talking Points

Conquering the AI Revolution: Strategies for Thriving Amid Disruptive Change

The age of artificial intelligence is upending everything we know - from education and business operations to careers and the very fabric of our economy. This seismic shift towards advanced AI and automation poses immense challenges, but also transformative opportunities. In this thought-provoking keynote, Joel dives deep into the psychological impacts of generative AI and robotics that most leaders overlook.

We've made the mistake of ignoring the human psyche when adopting disruptive technologies before - think social media's unexpected and devastating effects. This time, we cannot afford to be caught off guard as AI triggers a tsunami of change. Joel provides an unflinching look at the uncertainties ahead while arming audiences with science-backed strategies to navigate turbulence, overcome fear, and position their organizations for success.

In this paradigm-shifting talk, you'll discover:
• Profound ways AI will reshape industry, work, and society
• Why uncertainty ignites existential dread (and how to counter it)
• Dangerous AI misconceptions that undermine readiness
• Human vulnerabilities exposed by advanced AI systems
• A Blueprint for cultivating resilience and "future-proof" mindsets

Whether you lead a Fortune 500 company or an entrepreneurial startup, this keynote is a must for anyone committed to thriving rather than just surviving the AI revolution. Unlock the psychological tools to ride the wave of technological and human disruption with confidence.

The Intuition Toolkit: Unleashing the Power of Intuition

Intuition - that gut feeling, sixth sense, or inexplicable hunch - has been the driving force behind many remarkable achievements and life-altering decisions. From Steve Jobs' revolutionary products at Apple to the split-second choices that have saved lives, intuition has proven its immense value time and again. Yet, it's a complex phenomenon often shrouded in mystery.
In this captivating keynote, based on his popular book "The Intuition Toolkit," Joel takes the audience on a spellbinding journey through real-life stories that showcase the incredible power of intuition. He then unveils the scientific underpinnings of this enigmatic mental process, demystifying its origins and nuances.

Joel's trailblazing, science-backed framework provides five science-backed rules for optimizing intuition across diverse domains, from the boardroom to the sports arena, the trading floor to the battlefield. This talk equips attendees with practical strategies to harness intuition effectively, leading to better decisions, improved performance, and enhanced overall well-being.

Key Takeaways:
• Understand the true nature of intuition through the lens of cutting-edge research.
• Discover when to trust your gut and when to exercise caution in decision-making.
• Master the five science-backed rules for sharpening your intuitive abilities.
• Gain insights into the potential vulnerabilities posed by AI and the importance of human-machine alignment.

Ideal Audience:
• Business leaders seeking a competitive edge through enhanced decision-making capabilities.
• Sports teams and athletes striving for split-second excellence.
• Traders and investors navigating high-stakes financial landscapes.
• Military personnel and first responders operating in critical situations.
• Entrepreneurs and innovators pursuing groundbreaking ideas.
• Anyone committed to personal growth and making better choices in life.

The Consciousness Lie

We pride ourselves on being rational, conscious decision-makers - the pinnacle of evolutionary progress. But what if our minds have been deceiving us all along? In this thought-provoking keynote, "The Consciousness Lie," Prof. Pearson takes the audience on an eye-opening journey into the depths of the unconscious mind, exposing the hidden forces that shape our thoughts, choices, and behaviours.

Drawing from cutting-edge research, Pearson unveils the startling truth: our brains are masterful storytellers, crafting narratives to rationalize the subconscious drives, urges, and decisions that truly govern our lives. From moral convictions and belief systems to arguments and consumer habits, much of our daily existence is driven by unconscious processes cloaked in the illusion of free will.

Through captivating examples and real-life anecdotes, Pearson demonstrates how often our minds mislead us, seamlessly covering up the unconscious impulses that propel our actions. Recall the last time you found yourself mindlessly indulging in unhealthy snacks or making an impulsive purchase you can't quite explain. Or perhaps you've experienced the dissonance of casting a vote contrary to your consciously held beliefs.

In this eye-opening presentation, Pearson equips the audience with strategies to identify and counteract the insidious influence of unconscious biases, paving the way for more authentic, mindful decision-making. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the intricate interplay between conscious and unconscious processes, empowering them to make more informed choices across all aspects of life.

Living with a Blind Mind: A Journey into the Diversity of Human Imagination

We often take for granted the remarkable ability to conjure vivid mental images - a built-in form of virtual reality that shapes our thoughts, emotions, and experiences. However, for a significant portion of the population, this internal canvas remains blank, a condition known as aphantasia, or "blind mind."

In this captivating keynote, Joel takes the audience on an extraordinary journey into the world of those who navigate life without the aid of visual imagination. From Pixar founder Ed Catmull to artistic animators who create without a mind's eye, Joel unveils the fascinating stories of individuals thriving in the face of this neural diversity.

Through cutting-edge research and compelling case studies, Joel explores the profound impact of aphantasia on various aspects of human experience, including creativity, moral decision-making, lifelong memory formation, anxiety, addiction, empathy, and risk-taking behaviour.

Attendees will gain a deep appreciation for the remarkable diversity of the human mind and the myriad ways in which we process and interpret the world around us. Joel's presentation offers a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of those with aphantasia, fostering a greater understanding and empathy for this often-overlooked condition. Attendees will be guided through a series of interactive exercises and self-assessments, enabling them to discover their own cognitive style and explore the profound implications it holds for their personal and professional lives.
By shedding light on the vast spectrum of human imagination, Joel empowers the audience to embrace diversity, challenge preconceived notions, and unlock new perspectives on problem-solving, innovation, and personal growth.

Agile Science: The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

In the ever-evolving business landscape, one company stands as a testament to the power of relentless innovation - Amazon. The secret behind their dominance? They're not just a retail giant; they're a science company at their core, continuously running experiments to uncover what works and what doesn't.

You might not realize it, but science is the ultimate strategic advantage in today's hyper-competitive market. Whether you're aiming to develop groundbreaking products, expand your customer base, or survive the AI revolution, the answer is science.

Think science is boring and nerdy? Think again! For centuries, the classical scientific method has served as the foundation for our understanding of the world. It has saved countless lives, solved monumental challenges, driven economic progress, and, most importantly, revealed the unknown and unimaginable.

But we're not resting on our laurels. We've elevated science to a whole new level with Agile Science - a cutting-edge approach that puts the power of rapid experimentation and discovery in your hands. Imagine harnessing the same rigorous methodologies employed by the world's top research laboratories, but with the agility and speed perfectly suited for the modern business landscape.
That was definitely one of the best training sessions I’ve been to. Macquarie Group
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