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Creative consultant, humourist, social media trainer


Jordana Borensztajn is a presentation skills coach, social media strategist, author and humourist who inspires, educates and entertains audiences with action-packed and high-energy presentations and workshops.

Her experience includes being a News Corp Australia journalist, working as online music editor, content producer and social media manager at Nova Entertainment, writing a business-marketing book called Capture My Attention: How to Stand Out Online with Creative Content, performing two sold-out shows in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, speaking at corporate conferences around the world, and running a schools program that explores online safety for students.

Jordana’s areas of specialty include helping audiences develop effective, engaging and powerful presentation skills in order to build their confidence and enhance their message, teaching businesses of all sizes how to capture attention and distinguish their brand online with creative social media marketing strategies, and educating organisations on leading, inspiring and engaging millennial staff in order to harness their unique strengths and passions in the workplace.

Jordana delivers high-impact keynotes and workshops on a range of topics including Communicate With Confidence: Enhance Your Message And Engage Your Audience With Powerful Presentation Skills, Capturing Your Audience’s Attention With Creative Social Media Marketing, Leveraging The Power of Storytelling On Social Media To Strengthen Your Brand And Connect With Your Audience, and Decoding The Next Generation.

Previous experience

Features: She has been featured on Channel 10’s The Living Room, Nova 100, ABC Radio National, WIN News, Channel 31, and across the Herald Sun, mX, the Sunday Herald Sun, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.

Author: Her book 'Capture My Attention' is filled with hands-on strategies and techniques, plus workbook-style exercises, to help business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs build their personal and professional brands with captivating digital content.

Talking Points

Communicate With Confidence: Enhance Your Message And Engage Your Audience With Powerful Presentation Skills

Powerful presentation skills are essential in business yet so many of us are afraid of public speaking. Whether you’re presenting to clients, speaking internally, selling a product or pitching an idea, communicating with clarity and confidence is crucial. In this high-energy and hands-on keynote presentation, Jordana uncovers seven key action steps teaching participants how to positively influence their audience and deliver their message in an effective, memorable and high-impact way.

You’ll learn how to control your nerves and transform fear into positive energy, techniques to bring out ‘the best you’ in front of an audience, as well as strategies to use body language for maximum impact. You’ll also learn how storytelling can be used to enhance your message and inspire your audience, techniques to create a compelling visual presentation, tips to boost the energy and excitement in the room, and methods to plan and prepare for success.

Capturing Your Audience’s Attention With Creative Social Media Marketing

In today’s noisy digital world, we’ve all become content creators. And brands and businesses and fighting for attention. So, how can you rise above the noise to create compelling content that will capture your audience’s imagination? By being creative. Through exploring a variety of creative content approaches, Jordana will teach attendees how to apply creativity to their social media marketing strategy in order to build their creative skills and generate unique content ideas that will stand out and have an impact.

Leveraging The Power Of Storytelling On Social Media To Strengthen Your Brand And Connect With Your Audience

Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools brands and businesses can use to capture the attention, and connect with, their target audience online. But what does storytelling look like on social media? And where do you begin with your brand?

By breaking down storytelling’s key components and exploring how visual storytelling comes to life across different social media platforms, Jordana will teach participants how to embrace storytelling and leverage its power in order to generate effective, compelling and creative story ideas that will help strengthen your brand and develop deeper connections with your audience.

Decoding the Next Generation

For the first time in history, four generations are working together under one corporate roof. What if businesses can learn to harness the power of the next generation and use it to their advantage?
Through exploring the qualities and traits that differentiate Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen X, as well as the way in which technology has impacted the way we all communicate and relate, Jordana will provide attendees with action steps to help understand, motivate and effectively manage millennial employees so that different generations can ‘speak the same language’ and work together to achieve the same business goals.


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Jordana's piece, Social Needia, is an extremely entertaining performance, specifically geared to students about the ever-growing desperation to stay connected, all the while disengaging from real life. Not only were the students entertained, they had been given food for thought concerning the level of their own social media activity, and ideas and suggestions about how they may 'reconnect' with real life. As a teacher, I too found Social Needia thoroughly entertaining and helpful in providing me with a deeper insight into the 'pathology' and language of a world so very different from the one in which I grew up. Bialik College
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