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CEO On Purpose Hub, Author, Engineer


Fast-talking, funny and pulling no punches, Karen James is a Jersey girl turned social entrepreneur. She has risen through the ranks of the global corporate world while honouring her most important role as a proud single mother and humanitarian. She has built a 10,000-strong community of women within a leading bank with the help of her team, integrated not-for-profit leadership lessons into corporate boardrooms and grown a company from a turnover of $9 million to a turnover of $100 million. Karen is a fixer and a doer who matches head with heart - and makes it everyone’s business to do the same.

Previous experience

Author: In her debut book, On Purpose: Why Great Leaders Start With the PLOT, Karen applies pragmatic logic to timeless questions around creating purpose and building an organisation with humanity at its heart. Her business, On Purpose Hub, works with people to embed this same logic into their lives and organisations to create better business and a better world. On Purpose Hub works to design and develop your custom Blueframe™ with the application of the PLOT Framework©, getting everyone on the path to living life on purpose.

Talking Points

Custom Keynote

Karen will:

Work with you to understand the purpose of your event and what matters most.
Discuss and agree the context of the keynote and how you want your audience to feel.
Know what success looks like and deliver.

10 Steps To Get Your Life & Business On Purpose

Participants will:

Identify or refine their personal purpose.
Identify or refine their professional purpose.
Develop an action plan to manifest purpose through a formula based ten step approach - identifying who you need to be as a leader and most importantly how to get stuff done, on purpose.

Create, Disrupt & Innovate

Participants will:

Understand the essence of what it takes to move from transacting to relating with current and future customers.
Learn and create new mindsets, new thinking and new operating models.
Understand how to power your purpose with technology and deliver on time, on budget and on purpose programs and projects.

On Purpose, The Book

Participants will:

Understand the book and discover how the PLOT framework can get their organisation, and themselves personally, living on purpose.
Experience real-world examples of the application of purpose-led organisations transforming, innovating and exceeding their goals.
Create their own plan to unleash their purpose - converting mastery, innovation and transformation into amazing meaning-driven results.

Just Change

Participants will:

Understand the true meaning of “just change”.
Learn the top questions used to challenge whether a change is just.
Understand how their personal and professional purpose and leadership has a broad impact.
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