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Dr Karen

Enhanced communication techniques to obtain the results you want and need.


Lifestyle Doctor Karen Phillip is a professional and well trained professional speaker. She speaks at industry conferences as a keynote speaker. She is a trainer within organisations to improve employee relationships and increase productivity. Karen empowers and educates on enhanced communication techniques to obtain the results you want and need.

Dr Karen instructs audiences on how to achieve improved health, wealth and happiness following the Law of Attraction. Change the Mind, change the Result. Karen describes why some people struggle and remain unsatisfied and unhappy in their life while others achieve, are motivated and seem to attract wealth and success. It is all about our minds thoughts resulting in changed behaviours. Learn how to attract success, love, happiness and wealth into your life.

Karen speaks to groups of women assisting them to reduce mother guilt. She discusses the extraordinary pressure women face and how women can in fact have it all regardless of where they are currently positioned.

Karen is inspirational, informative and fun. She connects with the audience. Karen loves to enlighten others and enjoys workplace training to improve the work environment. Karen can speak on a variety of informative topics, all relevant to people’s lives.

She empowers, strengthens and leaves the audience informed and stronger. She is a wonderful motivational speaker.

Talking Points

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind - Law of Attraction

How would like to learn how to make changes to the way you think, feel and behave. Learning simple techniques can change your life. We all have such powerful minds, we only need to know how to use it wisely. Develop the skills to recharge your life.
• Understand the power of your own subconscious mind
• Learn how easily you can start to attract wealth, success and love
• Develop the skills to attract luck, money and happiness
• Recognise your power within
• Turn struggles into opportunities
• Live each day happy; feeling fantastic and free

An uplifting presentation allowing all participants to learn the Law of Attraction, bringing wealth, abundance and success into their life. Develop confidence in your capacity to achieve. A motivational performance helping everyone to feel strong and limitless. Karen is one of Australia’s leading Clinical Hypnotherapists and makes her presentation interesting as she interacts with her audience.

Women are powerful, no one can keep you down

After escaping a domestic abusive relationship of almost 18 years and leaving with nothing except the children, Karen learnt how you can rebuild self-esteem, self-confidence and become successful and financially wealthy. Women are powerful. Nothing or no one can hold you back. Challenges are opportunities.
• Women are strong
• Women can achieve everything and be anything they want to be
• Create your own opportunities • Escape can create possibilities
• Knowing what to do and how to do it is essential knowledge

Learn to be a strong, resilient and resourceful woman. We sometimes need someone to direct and support us and this presentation will enable and empower women to be limitless in what they can achieve.

Transform your life using 3 powerful words

Using 3 simple, yet powerful words, can change your life forever. Audiences can learn the secrets of how to lead the conversation and have others agree with you. This presentation is an opportunity to discover the way to communicate and guide the conversation. It enables you to achieve the outcome you desire.
• Would you like to lead the conversation?
• Do you want people to hear and understand what you are saying?
• How great will it be to ensure others agreed with you?
• Ever wondered how you can get others to understand your point of view while having them consider it correct?

It is about using language to guide and calm. This is a fun and informative presentation. Attendees can transform their life learning the powerful words you need to know. Take back control and live the life you deserve.

> In communication Men are from Mars - Women are from Venus. Learn why and how you can learn to understand, listen and be heard by your partner

Men are from Mars - Women are from Venus; we all know the book, but how do we resolve this communication issue. This is a fun, informative and interesting discussion with both genders. Always creates wonderful discussion, lots of laughter with a compilation of understanding
• Would you like your man to talk and communicate with you?
• Men, would you like your women to slow down and allow you to process?
• Both partners can learn the different ways we communicate and yes, men do communicate - just differently
• Once learnt, these skills open up a plethora of discussion to benefit both partners It is all about understanding the gender difference in communication

Find the right balance

Work often consumes us resulting in our partner and family feeling secondary. Our guilt then grows making us feel worse. Learn the simple ways to balance work and personal life and how to set the right boundaries so everyone feels happy and secure.
• You can achieve a good balance between work and personal life, once you know how
• Women struggle to find the balance far more than men
• Set priorities that work for you
• Get that ‘Me’ time you need and have earned (without feeling that guilt)
• Obtain the help and support you deserve
• Develop a family that works together

Once we understand what we need it is far easier to work toward that beneficial outcome. Your family and you will be happier and you will find yourself with more energy resulting in more productive work and greater personal results.

Who Runs Your House - the kids or you? Get your parental power back

Our kids can be challenging. While we love them, they can drive us crazy. Learn simple ways to develop boundaries and to be heard without any arguments. How nice to live in a calm functional home with your kids doing as they are asked.
• Learn the simple ways to teach your children boundaries
• Discover how to dissolve arguments
• Your child is a mimic of you, do like what you portray?
• Teach your children necessary living skills and abilities from a young age
• Learn how to trust your teen
• What are age appropriate behaviours?

Manage a dynamic team

Managing a dynamic team at work can be easy and extremely productive, once you know how. Simple techniques and language styles can be learned to ensure a productive and operational team.
• Improve organisational productivity
• Lower staff sick leave rates
• Create a motivated team
• Remove all conflict from the workplace
• Create a closer, more productive team
• Develop communication styles to improve efficiency and staff morale

Communicate to be Understood easily - and agreed with

Easy ways to remove conflict from every conversation. Be heard and understood easily.
We learn to talk and we can hear, yet we never learn how to communicate effectively. It can be easily learnt and will benefit every area of your life.
• Develop communication strategies to guarantee you are heard and understood. At home, in a relationship or at work; communication can help or hinder, ensure your connections are strong and clear while you guide and lead.
• Learn to techniques to dissolve any conflict
• Discover ways to ensure your feelings are heard and you are understood
• Reconnect with your partner
• See your relationship again as united, happy and easy
• Enjoy your life as you deserve it to be

This presentation applies to workplaces, individuals and all relationships. Informative with lots of questions asked. Karen explains the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) language easily so everyone can understand and start using it today. This is a fun interactive presentation with laughter, shock and valuable lifelong information learnt.
“Karen immediately struck me as a woman with a purpose.  I found her presentation at our Conference and insights regarding her work very inspiring and could see the immediate benefit for people suffering a wide range of issues to help themselves in such a practical, supportive and easily accessible way. Beautiful work Karen.  We look forward to hearing you speak again. Train and Trainer

“Thank you so much Karen for sharing your knowledge with us all. We felt a real connection. While in the business of communication and Counselling, you opened up new ideas I had never even considered. You kept us all engaged, not an easy task. We look forward to having you speak again”

Australian Counselling Association

" thank you again for a brilliant presentation. Addressing the communication issues was extremely helpful allowing us to understand differences in communication style and the impact that has on us all. This combined with your amazing supportive words for all women was inspiring. I will again place your name up for next year’s presentation as a preferred speaker”

Department of Health, Queensland

“Dr Karen is an informative, easy going and entertaining speaker. Her invitation to speak in a Forum for Change was inspirational and enlightening, as we discussed bringing Kindness into our world. I highly recommend Karen to any organisation or group wanting a prodigious informative entertaining speaker."

World Kindness Australia
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