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Business journalist, thought leader, innovator and speaker.

Where business strategy and creative thinking meet.

Kate Mills is a highly experienced business journalist, thought leader, innovator and speaker. She has previously edited Business Review Weekly and CFO Magazine and during this period she interviewed hundreds of leaders, chief executives and chairmen-a rare opportunity that has given Kate a unique insight into what makes a successful business.

Kate is a thought leader in marketing and content, the future of work, creativity, diversity and finding purpose and passion at work. She currently works as the CEO of a charitable foundation and leads a team with purpose and passion to make an impact. Kate is great at leading the conversation at a round table, conference or on camera.

Current work:

Kate is an entrepreneur and innovator. On leaving Fairfax Kate set up online platform for highly skilled women looking to re-enter the workforce or find flexible work opportunities. Through Kate matched women with flexible employers with the end goal of redressing the gender balance in corporate Australia. Kate is currently on the diversity board at BDO.

Kate is the CEO of the Property Industry Foundation. The Foundation is an industry-wide collaboration across the property and construction industry to increase the number of bedrooms available for youth homelessness. Kate leads the industry with passion and purpose to make a difference to youth homelessness. Kate speaks on how to inspire and create teams that want to make a difference and connect to their purpose at work.

Finally, Kate is an accomplished speaker who lends an equal amount of warmth and intelligence to any event, be it a large flagship conference or a smaller, more intimate round-table event. Kate’s gift is to be able to host the event, mingle with the audience and pull together disparate themes and conversations during the event into punchy insights that the audience can take home with them. If you want to take what’s happened at your event to a larger audience, then have a look at Kate’s popular Conference Anthropologist package!

Talking Points

Innovation, Creativity & Jobs of the Future

Kate addresses the far-reaching impact technology has had and continues to have on every industry. She examines: how we'll work in the future; what robots mean for different industries and why the West could yet win the manufacturing war; the impact of 3d printing; what collaborative consumption means for capitalism; the growth sectors for jobs.

Content Marketing and Publishing

The decline of traditional publishing and the growth of content marketing mean that every company is a publisher now. In this presentation, Kate offers some tricks of the trade that will benefit every business. She deals with reading the needs of your audience, making content a long-term asset and the potential for a revenue stream from your content.

Diversity and Flexible Work

The new world of work demands that employers offer flexibility and deliver on diversity. In this presentation, Kate explains the link between flexibility and Productivity, and why we need a diverse workforce. She offers insightful solutions for creating flexible work arrangements.

The Conference Anthropologist

Typically, conferences attract only a small proportion of the overall or targeted audience, meaning the majority miss out on your most content rich program of the year. One way to leverage this content is to record, curate and deliver it to the wider audience after the event; this is also an opportunity to get the message out again to attendees.

A Conference Anthropologist acts as an independent observer of the event who can relay it back to a wider audience. Think of it this way: what would we know about the wildlife of Africa without David Attenborough to witness it for us?

The Conference Anthropologist amplifies your message and increases the opportunity for engagement with that message. The Conference Anthropologist service includes:
- Pre-conference briefing with conference organiser
- Attendance at the conference
- Mingling and interviewing attendees during the breaks
- Giving a wrap to the audience at points during the day
- Creating a 500-word overview at the end of the day to go out to the wider membership and audience

Purpose and Passion at Work

Kate has a rare ability when moderating and leading corporate discussions, roundtables, seminars and think tanks, to engage the audience and produce compelling and interesting content. GE Capital, Australia and New Zealand

Kate has got an incredible enthusiasm for business and makes it really accessible for the audience. She's also got an eye to what's new and what's innovative and is usually ahead of the curve, so she's able to deliver fresh and valuable insights to the audience.


We used Kate as a 'conference anthropologist' and to MC our awards this year. Both services were great. Kate delivered a succinct wrap of the conference that we have been able to use to get out to both attendees and our wider audience and her MCing was pitch perfect! As she had been at the conference all day she was across what our industry was about and this created a great rapport with the audience. She was at the same time funny and complimentary about what investor relations specialists do and made it a night to remember.


We used Kate as a 'conference anthropologist' at the AVCAL 2014 Alpha Conference. The result was a great wrap of the day that amplified our message so that those that couldn't attend the conference know what happened and are hopefully enticed to come next year!


Kate was absolutely phenomenal in her role as interviewer/anchor of our CEO Lunch Series. Her talent and skillset were really on show, and she was able to build a rapport with our customer instantly. She is so inspiring to be around and we look forward to continuing this relationship with her.

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