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CEO of Kindness Factory.

The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.

If breaking her back on two separate occasions and learning to walk for the third time in her life wasn’t enough to break her, losing her partner, the love of her life to suicide pushed her terrifyingly close to the edge. Through her astounding resilience, Kath Koschel was able to create joy out of sorrow, to become one of Australia’s youngest CEO’s and the founder of the global movement and not for profit organisation Kindness Factory.

Kath isn’t your normal athlete. In fact, she’s so modest she wouldn’t even consider herself an athlete. But the former NSW cricketer has more fight in her than most professional athletes ever would. Kath’s story is one of inspiration and utter strength; from a hospital bed defying a prognosis of paralysis to setting up a global movement that drives her every day desire to create a world where people are Kinder to one another. There have been more than a few significant bumps along the way, but Kath has never let the setbacks get the better of her. With her physical and mental resilience, Kath has pulled herself through challenges that most of us could not comprehend, without letting them defy her belief that we all have the capacity for Kindness.

Kath will inspire you to challenge the way that you see the world. She will take you on an emotional roller coaster, leaving you in awe of her incredible strength and determination to do and be better, regardless of the hurdles she has had in front of her. And she believes that anyone is capable of achieving the same - through small acts of Kindness.

Current work

Now known worldwide for her Kindness adventures, Kath shares her journey of how she turned adversity into triumph, with the thoughts that lead her to leave her home with nothing but the clothes on her back in an attempt to prove that you really can survive physically, mentally and emotionally, on Kindness. An outpouring of support and offers of food and shelter on social media had Kath travelling around Australia on the nothing but the Kindness of strangers, spreading her message of hope.

Previous experience

Awards: Amongst all of her challenges, Kath still managed to be awarded the 2016 Pride of Australia Medal, raised over $300K for various charity organisations, completed an Ironman challenge with feeling in only one of her legs, is on the Board of the Australian Young Leaders Initiative, addressed the Australian Prime Minister, is currently training to swim the English Channel, was selected by Marie Claire as a 2017 “Woman of Worth” and is an active mental health advocate.

Talking Points

Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

Kath is the embodiment of goodness and making the most out of any situation. She thrives on the importance of focussing on the things and abilities that we are privileged to have, in order to live a meaningful life.

Accepting and Benefiting from Change

After having to re think her life the first time she broke her back, Kath channeled the same drive that she had as an athlete to create a global movement inspiring people to do good.

Overcoming Incredible Adversity

Helping Others While Helping Yourself

Building Resilience

Improving Culture and Team Performance

Setting Goals

Kath has amazing integrity about her when she speaks. She has a way of connecting with those she addresses and builds rapport with the most diverse audiences. I have seen Kath in various forums and she is always the one to inspire, encourage leadership and appeal to the kindness in all of us. I cannot recommend her enough. CEO, Northcott

Kath’s presentation at our premier’s dinner was incredibly moving and inspiring and left all those in attendance uplifted and in awe of her incredible strength. She is very relaxed and relatable. She was able to adapt and keep the audience engaged, event through a technical difficulty. She is simply remarkable.

Event Manager, Cricket NSW

Kath is an amazing individual who has found the inner light and strength to push forward through tremendous adversity and difficult times. When she shares her personal story you notice that it has an impact on all those who hear it. Her story puts matters in to perspective as to what is really important and she brings light to the power of self-belief and determination. You cannot walk away without a shift in thinking; she challenges you to choose a different way to interpret the world. Kath is inspiring and we were all in awe of the person that she is.

COO, Endota Spa

Kath was fantastic. We had some technical difficulties with the projector the conference facility and she just ran with it until we switched rooms - very professional. Her talk was amazing and a lot of people spent time chatting with her afterwards. I have also sent her website details onto all of the delegates as many asked for more information.

Whites Group

“Working in Human Resources I am fortunate to meet many wonderful people who share their stories of challenge, adversity, determination, tenacity to show us that people face many difficulties in this world and can overcome them, learn from them and grow. In meeting Kath I found her story unique and incredibly inspiring sharing with use her journey, of overcoming tremendous challenges on a number of occasions suffering loss and heartbeat. Her story also showed the kindness and generosity of humanity and it has made me stop and think about others more. I was truly moved by Kath’s story and feel that many in the room where too. I hope that I get the opportunity to cross paths with Kath again some time, but in the meantime it has made me think and teach my children how to be kind to others who may not be as privileged as our family is”.

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