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The New face of Australian Media.

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Kathryn Eisman is one of only a handful of Australians to reach the highest levels of TV internationally.

A two-time Emmy Award-nominated journalist, Kathryn has been an on-air reporter and producer for some of the world's most influential TV shows, including NBC Today Show in New York, E! News and Access Hollywood in Los Angeles as well as Sunrise and The Morning Show in Australia.

The extraordinary story of how Kathryn went from an unknown teenager in Australia to conquering the cutthroat world of American TV is absolutely riveting, and she shares many fascinating lessons on the power of belief, resilience and leadership and self-determination.

As a journalist, host, writer, and producer, Eisman found her calling in covering human interest stories as well as interviewing many of the most iconic personalities of our times, including US Presidents, British Royalty, and hundreds of Hollywood actors, music artists and leaders of industry.

She now brings this truly world-class level of LIVE TV presenting and interviewing to her MC work and keynote speeches here in Australia, able to “read the room”, adlib and seamlessly blend information with entertainment that is both riveting, warm and energizing.

But along with her passion for TV, Kathryn has had another lifelong interest: the secret meaning of clothes.

Eisman has penned two international bestsellers on what your clothes really say about you; 'How To Tell A Man By His Shoes', and 'How To Tell A Woman By Her Handbag', published in 12 countries and 8 languages and winner of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Fun Fearless Female Woman of the Year in the Author category.

She is now also the star and co-creator of the new hit TV show 'Undressed With Kathryn Eisman', currently on Paramount+ and soon to be prime time on Channel Ten. This breakthrough TV series looks deeply at the psychology of fashion- how what you wear can completely change your life.

And in her spare time (!), Kathryn is a successful entrepreneur as the founder of the global hosiery label High Heel Jungle, sold everywhere from David Jones and The Iconic in Australia to Nordstrom and Anthropologie in the USA and regularly worn by Sarah Jessica Parker, Kylie Jenner and Michelle Obama . She is also the mother of two young girls and passionate about inspiring the next generation to innovate and accomplish their goals through creative thinking, resilience and self-belief.

Kathryn has charted new waters in her own career and brings that polish and wealth of experience along with her unique humor, warmth and understanding of ‘the brief’ to any event or conference she hosts or speaks at.

Talking Points

Get In Over Your Head: Why continually getting out of your comfort zone is the key to business success

Society has taught us to seek comfort, to only push ourselves a little, to value being in control.
Kathryn Eisman, a multi award winning TV presenter, journalist and entrepreneur, says this is the exact opposite of what we should do to succeed. Success and achievement is achieved just at the fringe of what feel comfortable.

Using amazing stories of her rise from an Aussie teenager with big dreams moving to New York at the age of 21 to becoming a two-time Emmy Award nominated journalist, the youngest on air reporter in NBC history, an international bestselling author and one of America’s most successful TV presenters and producers, Kathryn reveals what it really takes to succeed at the highest level.

Kathryn believes that in today’s lightning speed corporate world, we need to “Seek Uncomfortable”. Literally search for things to do that are truly difficult, at the absolute edge of our abilities. Only then can we ever rise to greatness, in both our business and our personal lives.
We need to not just be okay with change, uncertainty and immense challenge, but to seek them. Kathryn shares seven tangible and instantly implementable strategies for achieving high performance, building resistance and not only embracing but enjoying being in over your head.

Kathryn has interviewed more celebrities than almost any person in the world, from Ryan Gosling to Vin Diesel. From Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie to Dwayne Johnson, President Clinton and Jeff Bezos. And each of them has taught her some of their secrets to ultra success and achievement. In this inspiring and revelatory speech, Kathryn combines her stories of overcoming obstacles and her own success lessons with theirs to provide a blueprint for conquering stress and reaching the very highest levels in life.

It all starts with getting in over your head

Undressed: What your clothes secretly reveal about you, and how to dress for success.

For two decades Kathryn Eisman has studied the secret meaning of clothes.

How does what you wear reveal your innermost thoughts, hopes and dreams as well as our limiting self-beliefs?

Kathryn knows, better than anyone else in the world.

A pioneer in the powerful non-verbal communicative language of clothing, Author of two best selling books on the subject and the star and co-creator of Channel Ten’s brilliant new TV series, ‘Undressed With Kathryn Eisman’, Kathryn Eisman is a ‘fashion decoder’, able to read a person in one minute, just by looking at what what they are wearing.

In this startling and highly entertaining keynote, Kathryn shares the latest science in enclothed cognition, the psychology of fashion and tapping into our intuitive ability to build connection, influence and better understand ourselves and each other through the universal language of clothing. Not only revealing how you too can know anybody by reading their ‘clothes clues’, she also shows you how by changing what you wear you can achieve self-mastery, become more confident, attract the desired opportunities, become a more effective leader and perform as the most authentic and empowered version of yourself.

We really are what we wear. Let Kathryn show you how to change your entire life, just by changing your clothes.

Master Of Ceremonies

Kathryn Eisman brings her immense experience as a TV host and presenter at the world’s highest levels to her role as an MC and event host.

With over 20 years experience on legendary LIVE TV shows like E News, Today L.A, WNBC in New York and Australia’s own Sunrise and The Morning Show, Kathryn is a master at weaving content, able to deliver key messaging in an informative and entertaining way.

She specialises in bringing an upbeat, positive energy to any event she MC’s. Quick on her feet with instant humour and staying cool when things change in a moment, Kathryn is an MC you can absolutely depend to deliver and delight.

Kathryn prides herself on her prep work, making that extra effort to really understand the background of the companies and industry she MC’s for - and seamlessly weaving the core conference themes throughout the event.

Having interviewed some of the most famous people in the world, from Bill Clinton to Mariah Carey, Kathryn is also absolutely at home leading conference Q and A’s and panel sessions.

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Jess Lay

Senior Consultant - Brand & Partnerships

Let's talk, enquire with Jess now

Jess Lay

Senior Consultant - Brand & Partnerships

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