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Unique athleticism and outstanding success.


As an Australian sporting legend, Katrina Webb is no stranger to a gold medal podium or a star-lit stage. She has received awards and medals most athletes only dream about. Despite this success, her journey hasn’t always been easy.

Current work

Today, Katrina’s running career is in the past, but her passion for helping others perform at their best continues to be her greatest inspiration. Katrina is the founding Director of Silver 2 Gold High-Performance Solutions, and as a professional speaker she has impressed audiences at an International level. This includes speaking at the United Nations International Year of Sport in New York 2006.

Due to her own experience in dealing with a disability and a desire to help others, Katrina is a passionate humanitarian. She currently organises leadership treks to Nepal including Everest Basecamp, raising funds for the health, education and protection of children in Nepal.

Previous experience

Background: Born into a family of sporting stars, it was no surprise that a young Katrina Webb was born with natural athleticism. By the age of eighteen, she had already secured a netball scholarship at The Australian Institute of Sport. What she didn’t realise at this time was that her sporting career was about to take an unexpected turn.

Training: During training at the Institute of Sport, Katrina was informed that she had a weakness in her right-hand side, which turned out to be a case of Cerebral Palsy. Katrina’s ability to pursue netball at a national level was now in jeopardy. Despite this, a twist of fate presented a previously unseen opportunity. Katrina was now eligible for the Paralympic games. Her weakness had become her greatest strength.

Disability: Over the years Katrina had tried to conceal her disability, so making the decision to compete at the very public Paralympics was not easy. In time, she realized that through self-acceptance and determination she could tackle her disability head on. This decision paid off when she won two Gold medals, and a Silver medal in Atlanta 1996 and at Sydney 2000 went on to win a Silver and Bronze medal.

Wins: While the Sydney Paralympics were successful for Katrina, her competitive spirit still left her with a desire to win Gold again. She knew that to do this she needed to take ‘conscious action’ and become a ‘Gold’ level performer in every aspect of her life. In the four years between the Sydney and Athens Paralympics, Katrina mastered the alchemy of performance with a clear focus on understanding mindset, and the results speak for themselves. At Athens in 2004 she won another Gold Medal in the 400-metre sprint and set a new Paralympic record.

Talking Points

The Alchemy of Performance

Many of us have personal or professional goals that require us to step into a higher level of performance and productivity. To achieve these results, we must learn how to assess and transform our current habits and actions so that we can develop the mindset and behaviors that turn our dreams into a reality.
In this presentation, participants will learn how to manage priorities, so that time is spent on achieving desired results rather than trying to multitask a meaningless to do list. They will be able to recognize the importance of mental and emotional fitness,as well gaining insights into the physiology of high performance.

This presentation is action based, full of tools to facilitate the necessary change required to perform at a ‘gold level’ standard. The Alchemy of Performance is a holistic approach to performance, which encompasses the mental, emotional and physical aspects our lives, leading to success.

Key Outcomes

Understand the 5 Keys to transforming personal performance
Insight into mind management, energy management and priority management
Tools to implement change
The nature of purpose and performance

The Road to Resilience

We all deal with times in our lives where we feel overwhelmed with stress or unforeseen roadblocks. These times are difficult, but they also present the opportunity to transform our lives and create a more abundant future. In this presentation, participants are provided tools to identify their purpose and understand the values that drive behaviour. Once we can understand what motivates us, we are also able to change our actions and behaviours so that we can deal with challenging times with grace and ease. Audiences will develop the skills to attain a positive mindset and become aware of any unhelpful thinking that is acting as a roadblock to success. With focus, mindfulness and a clear purpose our dreams become our reality, regardless of what gets in the way.

Key Outcomes

Understand the importance of purpose and values
Neutralise unhelpful thinking
Develop mindfulness
Gain insights into the nature of resilience

Running for Love

As the saying goes, it is love that makes the world go round. In this presentation, Katrina shares her personal account of coming to terms with her disability, developing self-acceptance and harnessing these unique attributes to find peace, fulfillment, and ultimately success. Running For Love provides participants insights into the nature of self-love and self-care. It is through this process we are also able to care for the people and communities around us. It is often in accepting our differences that we can develop compassion for others. Audiences will leave this presentation with the tools to look after personal needs, a clear understanding of the value system that drives them, and clarity of purpose.

Key Outcomes

Tools to accept difference and embrace change
Insights into the nature of self-love
A renewed sense of purpose
Katrina was very inspirational and got a standing ovation from everyone attending. It certainly lifted our event and gave our corporates who attended, I believe, that extra motivation and feeling of "value add". All the feedback I have heard about Katrina was extremely positive. One attendee thought it was terrific that she passed around her medals for people to hold etc. I personally was very impressed with the way she followed through on the briefing, had done her homework about Minda and linked her speech to Minda's core values of Inclusion, Respect and Choice Minda Incorporated

Just a quick e-mail to say a big thankyou for your talk last week to the GHD business school at the Hyatt in Adelaide. It made us look inside and take stock, look at where we were, where we all wanted to be and how we could get there as standing still is definitely a step backwards. Inspiring and energizing!

GHD Goldfields Manager

Katrina was fantastic! Her talk was exactly what we wanted. She arrived well in advance to prepare/ask questions etc and tied in a few local comments into her talk which won points with the audience. Those in attendance enjoyed the presentation and found it very thought provoking

City of Salisbury

What an amazing impact you had at our awards lunch on Friday . Your great stage presence, immaculate timing and perfect perception about the audience connecting your experience to their own, all made for a magnificent presentation! Thank you so much for giving what you did- you made a difference!

First National Real Estate

Katrina’s was one of the highlights from the three-week ING International Graduate Programme. Her message was on target - sharing with the group of young, high potentials from around the world, that they can make a difference even in adverse circumstances. She immediately captured and engaged the audience. I also so appreciated that she wanted to spend time getting to know the group. Her authenticity and genuine concern came through. I would not hesitate in recommending her to others and would definitely engage her again.

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