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Dr Ken

Inventor of Blitz and Speed Thinking.


Dr. Ken Hudson is one of the most creative thinkers, speakers and consultants in Australia. He specialises in unlocking creativity and innovation in individuals, groups and teams - quickly!

He believes to succeed in a continuously changing world you need a flexible and creative mind. This means developing the ability to challenge, change and upgrade your thinking. I can help you do this. It’s what I love to do.

Current work

Dr Ken Hudson is a lively, engaging keynote speaker, trainer, mentor and facilitator. He works with a range of small to large businesses, helping leaders to create and build breakthrough new products, solutions and growth opportunities. He also conducts thinking training, and facilitates strategy and idea-generation workshops.

Previous experience

He is the best-selling author of The Idea Generator (Allen & Unwin, 2007), The Idea Accelerator (Allen & Unwin, 2008) and Speed Thinking (Allen & Unwin, 2010). All of which have been internationally released.

He has been Marketing Director for American Express, has played first-grade cricket and soccer, is a 33rd Generation Disciple in Shaolin Kung Fu, and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Western Sydney, an MBE from the University of New England and a Bachelor of Business from the University of Technology Sydney.

Talking Points

Speed Thinking - how you can generate big, new ideas - in minutes!

This is the ideal presentation, workshop or keynote if you want to energise the audience. It's fast, fun and practical. Delegates will be up on their feet, creating and exchanging amazing ideas in no time at all!

Moving beyond Digital Disruption - it starts with the customer

The goal of disruption should not be to disrupt an industry (although this may happen) but to disrupt the customer experience. In this keynote or presentation Dr Ken Hudson highlights the importance of the customer experience.

Why every organisation is in the awesome business

There is a new standard in town. The awesome one. Every brand & business has to deliver an awesome customer experiences. In this keynote Dr Ken Hudson will motivate delegates to raise their performance to the awesome level.

Reinvent or else!

In a world of disruptive change every brand and business needs to continually reinvent to grow and prevent being disrupted. In this keynote Dr Ken hudson outlines how leaders can win in the Age of Reinvention.

You want out of the box ideas? Here’s how!

In this empowering workshop or presentation Dr Ken Hudson will outline his most popular and effective creative thinking tools from his Internationally released books on Idea Generation. Even the most right-brain managers will find these tools simple, easy and innovative.

How to innovate - one small win at a time

Disruptive Innovation is big, risky and slow. Fortunately there is an alternative. It's called Small Wins Innovation. In this keynote Dr Ken hudson can inspire and empower delegates to get started with innovation.

The Continuously Creative Organisation - research & insights from more than 80 leaders

In this keynote or presentation Dr Ken Hudson outlines his insights from his PhD research based on over 80 face-to-face interviews with leaders from a range of profit and non-profit organisations. It's an insightful, challenging and provocative presentation that will help leaders learn the secrets of an innovative organisation.
Ken is a strong professional with a compelling value proposition in the form of his content. In particular Ken goes out of his way to craft his message to that of the seminar that he is participating in. He is also able to be flexible in his delivery to change with circumstances during the seminar. Technology One

I had great feedback from the participants in terms of the quality and quantity of ideas generated and the capability of speed thinking to reduce procrastination.

Dell Computers, Europe

Dr Ken Hudson is an excellent innovation trainer and facilitator. He is very creative and energetic in organising idea generation sessions.

China Institute for Innovation

I have never seen such rapt involvement as when Dr Ken Hudson presented Speed Thinking for the Public Relations Institute. The capacity crowd instantly picked up the principles as the participants' energy swept the room.

Public Relations Institute of Australia

The blend of both switch thinking and speed thinking worked a treat. You took our team out of their comfort zone in terms of having to think differently and challenge themselves.

Multinational Packaged Goods

We received some fantastic feedback for your session on Switch Thinking, with participants commenting that they thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and conversations on how to change their thinking patterns.

Academy Global
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