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Pottharst OAM

Legendary volleyball player, Olympic Gold Medalist


Kerri Pottharst OAM has spent a lifetime decoding human high performance. She is an Olympic champion who has dedicated her life to personal growth and evolution.

As a tall and lanky teenager, Kerri grew up in some ways feeling somewhat out of place. In discovering Volleyball, she found a place she could call home, and it was from there she began to rise as one of Australia’s most promising young athletes. The turning point came for Kerri when in 1992 a brutal knee injury should have ended her career. What could have been the end, birthed a new beginning. With a winning mindset, she turned pain into purpose and pivoted seamlessly into the world of Beach Volleyball. The rest as they say is history.

Most Australians will recognise Kerri who alongside Nat Cook became famously known as the Dreamachine after they won gold in Beach Volleyball at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. For Kerri, this was the culmination of a lifetime of hard work and training working with performance coaches in the highest echelons of the sport. In that time, she competed in 3 Olympic Games, winning two Olympic medals - Bronze at Atlanta and Gold on the iconic Bondi Beach in Sydney. Kerri is a highly sought-after Keynote Speaker, MC, Global Sports Commentator, Workshop facilitator, Coach, Mentor and published Author.

Talking Points

Gold Medal Excellence - The Mindset of a Champion

Kerri’s premier keynote in which she decodes Human High Performance. Kerri shares her incredible journey
and the exact strategies and secrets used for success. She aligns these tools perfectly with her audience… to
their personal and professional lives.

Don't Just Think It, Ink It!

A practical workshop for goal setting (whether personal or business) designed to meet your current needs. The workshop is also filled with Kerri’s personal stories and success strategies.

Fit for Business - Corporate Athlete Training

A practical and eye-opening workshop designed to take your staff’s health and wellness to the next level. Kerri covers Nutrition, Hydration, Movement, Recovery and Mindset in an easy-to-digest and fun atmosphere.

The Walk of Courage

Palms start sweating and hearts start racing as Kerri encourages participants to step out of their comfort zone and challenge their beliefs by walking across broken glass. Most people are completely unaware that they
possess the courage to do the things they never thought possible. Most people play it safe. They are afraid of venturing into the unknown. The Walk of Courage will challenge their current beliefs, it will make them face their fears and it will be something they’ll remember for a very long time!

The Art of Human High Performance

Being able to optimise your life in every way to achieve your best health, wellness and happiness. Success then becomes a by-product.
THE ART OF HUMAN HIGH PERFORMANCE is a program that goes beyond traditional coaching techniques and taps into the full range of human skills that we need to overcome fear, adapt to change and create the life we want.

As a 3 x Olympian and Gold Medallist in her sport, Kerri Pottharst provides a well-tested roadmap for
navigating the bumpy road from SETTING THE GOAL to WINNING THE GOLD. This program offers an inclusive and intentional approach to human performance, with guidance around building mental and emotional stamina and the importance of resetting when things don’t go to plan or when an area of your life has run its course.

Kerri’s coaching clients will walk away understanding the power they have to create a winning life and what
it will take to get them there. They will have new tools to set targets, improve self-motivation and reframe challenges when they arise.

The Art of the human high-performance Program can help you with:
- Determine your unique values and strengths
- Learn how to set goals and create intentions with powerful self-motivation
- Create sustainable healthy habits which propel you to a happier and more successful lifestyle
- Get crystal clear on your purpose which provides you with daily motivation to reach your goals
- Turn pain into purpose
- Improve your resilience, confidence and self-belief to help you battle and WIN against life’s challenges
- Create a direction if where you’re going now isn’t on target
- Map out a strategy toward self-love, self-care and personal success
- Identify the fears and doubts that are holding you back and rise above them with GOLD MEDAL winning mindset techniques
- Challenge yourself to step into a new potential
- Develop a solutions-based mindset and rewire
- Become inspired to reach the next level and perhaps, in turn, inspire others.
We were privileged to have Kerri Pottharst attend our Company Away Day recently. It was a fantastic experience to train and play several games (even being offered some match winning tips!) with not only a professional athlete, but such a great person. It was inspirational to have the opportunity to meet someone who has achieved so much in their sporting career, including the ultimate goal for any sportsperson: winning an Olympic medal. It certainly made mine and the rest of the Seafolly staff's day one to remember. Seafolly

Just wanted to drop you a line and say how fantastic I thought Kerri was on the Seafolly away day. I must say I have attended many away days and this lunch time hit out was fantastic! Kerri was extremely professional and WOW, what a woman - very impressive! Meeting someone that has achieved what she has on that kind of casual basis was a real thrill! She was inspirational and not to mention I cannot believe I picked up as many tips as I did!


Kerri Pottharst is an inspiring person not only for kids, but for adults as well. Her beach volleyball workshop with the kids was fantastic, with many kids saying it was the best activity they had participated in. Kerri is a warm and approachable person, who interacts easily with everyone. It was great to have Kerri as a part of our conference.

NSW Rural Doctors Network

The purpose of this letter is to thank you for your efforts in coordinating the team building session for our department at Manly. All our team enjoyed learning the skills and playing the game of beach volleyball. There have been many favourable comments on how well the session was run, particularly how there was a very even balance between outlining the skills and the actual games at the end (which as you know became quite competitive). Once again thank you for putting together an excellent team building session. Best wishes for the future success of your business.

MLC Limited

Question: 'What was truly memorable about Toshiba's conference on Hamilton Island?' Answers... - 'Beach Volleyball with Kerri Pottharst.' - 'I think Kerri Pottharst's session was by far the most valuable - her talk was inspirational and the volleyball was great fun.' - 'Kerri Pottharst was the highlight for me and her motivational talk.'


Thank you Kerri for adding great value to our conference. Your obvious dedication and passion for your sport was an inspiration to our team and showed us that dreams can be a reality. It was a pleasure to see the transformation of a group of excited individuals into a proficient team by your simple but effective methods. To be able to accomplish this with a great sense of fun and humour is a credit to your skills. Well done.

Metcash Trading Ltd Australasia

We really needed to get our guys focused on team work and results - plus give them the chance to have some fun and learn some new skills. The session on the beach was ideal - entertaining, stimulating, insightful and fun. Just the right tonic to send the troops back refreshed and motivated.

Palin Communications

We always enjoy hearing from famous sporting personalities and your talk was funny, motivational and inspiring - your Bronze and Gold medals were a big hit! The fact that you had the members lining up for autographs and photos was evidence of your popularity.

NSW Maccabi

It gave us a lot of pleasure to see and talk to you and our memento photos will be treasured for years to come and remind us how much we enjoyed your company and how proud of you we felt.

Bayfield Hotels (Newport)

Kerri, it was just marvelous. Congratulations on an enthusiastic and passionate presentation. The whole package! A story, a message, involvement, and an attitude to suit!

The Cobra Group

Kerri is a fantastic speaker, she is entertaining, motivational and inspiring. She followed our brief completely and tied our sales event into her presentation making it relevant to our guests. Involving them in the glass walking was fun, but also reinforced her message.


The highlight was obviously Kerri's speech... you only had to look at the girls to see how spellbound they were. Her words of wisdom were not only applicable to our elite athletes, but to all girls in attendance. The life skills advice and crowd interaction was great - particularly the glass walk which was definitely a great metaphor and highlight. Her enthusiasm, passion and ability to inspire was evident throughout the speech - with three simple aspects to success.

Barker College

Kerri was fantastic! A real professional who made the time for us to brief her before the event. She was highly engaging, humorous and tailored her stories to our audience and theme. She was calm and cool under pressure even when we needed her to add in extra speaking parts just before she went on. Everybody gave her rave reviews and I would highly recommend her to MC an event.

National Safety Council of Australia

Kerri was a highly motivational and engaging presenter at our retail leasing conference. Being the highlight of the day, she definitely added great value to our conference. Her story and passion were such an inspiration to our team, not only on a business level, but also on a personal one. We could have easily listened to her all afternoon.


Kerri was excellent. She was by far the best speaker I've heard, so inspirational and down to earth. I have had so much good feedback on her presentation and have already asked our other EA's to consider her for their events in the future.

SA Power Networks

"You did an absolute fabulous job entertaining us and keeping us to schedule - I really appreciate you rearranging your dinner schedule to MC for us and share you story.”

Business for Doctors

Kerri involved the right amount of humour, motivation and information to ensure she was the highlight of the evening. She was then happy to stay on and speak on 1-on-1 to selected VIP’s visiting from France.


I booked Kerri to speak at an event we held at the Sydney Opera House. She definitely stands out as one of the best speakers I’ve booked in the last 15 years. Kerri has such a great natural energy; her presentation style is flawless, and she is completely engaging. She tells her inspiring story with such passion and enthusiasm and conveys her message of strength and perseverance in such a way that you naturally apply it to your own life. It was by far the most interactive Q&A session we’ve ever had. Our delegates were very keen to chat to her more and ask her questions. We had fantastic feedback from them all and Kerri was clearly the highlight speaker of the event.

PRD Real Estate
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