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Adventurer, World Record holder, average teen


Adventurer. World Record Holder. Average Teen.

In August 2016 returned from an epic around the world aviation adventure placing him as a world record holder. He is now the youngest person to fly solo around the world in a single engine aircraft at just 18 years of age.

Previous experience

Education: Born in 1998 on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, Lachie Smart always showed a tendency towards achieving high goals. Learning to read young meant an early start to school at Nambour Christian College where he completed all his schooling from preschool to year 12, graduating at the age of 16. During his years at NCC Lachie also became a part of the school’s top two bands: The Wind Symphony; and the Stage (Jazz) Band, playing the trombone whilst also studying the piano externally.

Airforce: In 2012, Lachie Smart joined the Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC) where he worked his way to a leadership position. His roles included instructing other cadets in several areas including aviation, field activities and ‘drill and ceremonial’ until resigning from the organization in late 2016. 2012 was also the beginning of Lachie’s aviation training with his trial introductory flight out of Caboolture airfield.

Pilot: At the age of 16 Lachie went for his first solo flight under the supervision of Aero Dynamic Flight Academy at Sunshine Coast Airport. Not long after, at age 17 Lachie achieved his Private Pilot’s License as well as his instrument rating along with a number of other endorsements.

Soccer: Additionally to academics, music and aviation, sport was never left out of Lachie’s upbringing with 10 years of soccer including local and representative teams claiming state titles and travelling to New Zealand.

Talking Points

Adapting to change

The world has arguably seen more change in the last 100 years than ever before. In a society that is constantly evolving and new, there are new styles of thinking that need to be adapted.

Embrace the crazy

It is our tendency to try and stay in the narrow lane of what society deems ‘normal’, when in fact we could achieve so much more if we accepted our crazy dreams! Whether it is to fly around the world, or start a new company, our opportunities in today’s world are endless - so don’t be afraid to DREAM BIG!

Setbacks are the foundations to success

Often when we fail once, or don’t succeed in achieving our goals, we are ready to give up and move on. Dealing with failure can be a hard thing to do, however if we can change out mindset to see them not as failures, but as the stepping stones to success - our whole outlook changes. Every setback is a learning opportunity, and one step closer to getting it right!

Being a world changer is a choice

It is a corny phrase “to change the world”, but it is possible to do! Whether it is our own world, someone else’s world, or the world as a whole, we have a choice to make a difference. Being a world changer isn’t something you’re given, or fall into, it is a choice you can make!

Collaboration not competition

In the competitive society we live in, collaboration is often an understated opportunity. Refocusing ourselves on working together as oppose to outdoing each other we can achieve more. As the African proverb states: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Cutting back ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’

It is an issue in many high schools across Australia, where ideas and achievements are cut down by less motivated peers. An issue I am passionate about tackling by showing other young people what we are really capable of when we work together.

How to bridge the gap between generations

I was once asked by a youth worker when giving a lecture “How can we as generation X and older, bridge the gap between our generation and yours?”, and it was a question that I thought about long afterwards. It is true, that often when there is a significant age gap between the speaker and their audience that the message is lost. However, there are a few ways to ensure that messages do get through!
“Riveted! That be the one term that best explains the response from the South Burnett Country Fair audience, listening to Lachie Smart present his adventures around the world. Amazed, is how to best describe the audience after his presentation. I couldn't recommend Lachie enough as a most amazing motivational speaker that will certainly inspire.” BURNETT COUNTRY FAIR
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