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Think outside the square. Think Wild. How animal leadership translates to our own lives.


Laura is an expert in animal and human psychology with degrees in both fields. Understanding how animals function in groups, Laura brings a unique insight into the links between corporate hierarchies and the animal kingdom, drawing on what leads to success and what leads to extinction.

Think outside the square. Think Wild.

Current work

Laura has a special interest in behaviour change and leadership. She is called on to lead and facilitate discussions in the media, as the expert on 3AW’s Afternoons, Studio 10, Today Extra, digital media and various national radio programs.

Having researched wild animal behaviour, Laura has identified great leadership strategies and applied them to our own lives in the workplace and beyond. A key to understanding successful relationships is by learning from those who have been doing it right for millions of years.

“It is not what separates us from animals, but what we have in common that gives us an understanding on how to effectively communicate and cooperate with our peers.”

The significance of social values are intertwined through parallels that Laura draws on wild animal behaviour. For example: The Bonobo Chimp and its leadership style are compared to the autocracy of the Baboon, and the instincts of a Dog is drawn out as you discover how mutual trust and respect empowers others to follow.

Previous experience

Training: Laura has trained some of the most difficult animals in the country, including dogs suffering from severe aggression, anxiety and dominance; helping them overcome dangerous behaviours with one simple change; The owner. This philosophy for behaviour change is applied to her corporate programs, where people learn how to accept responsibility, show empathy and demonstrate respect.

Author: A bestselling Author, Laura recently released her book ‘things your dog wants you to know’; now featured as a resource for understanding how animals can teach us to be better people.

Talking Points

From The Cave To The Corporate

Evolution of Man as a successful species. What went right, what we are yet to master and how to get there.

Who's Training Who?

Wild lessons on productivity, motivation and leadership.

Train The Trainer

How training an animal can teach you more about yourself - as a person, a colleague and a Leader.

The 5 Rs

Using Simple lessons from animals to survive in a human jungle.
Resilience, Respect, Routine, Responsibility, Rational.

Being Mindful

How slowing down can make you more productive.

Ethics In The Workplace

How Might is not always Right.


  • Mastering Leadership
The program was spot on in achieving our goals to land the company values with meaningful connections. We loved watching the animal training sessions especially! Elite Customer Solutions
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