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Metaverse Mentor


Laurel Papworth was Head of Community (and then Social) for virtual worlds like Sony Games and Iron Will games since 2001 and taught "How to Build Massive Engaged Communities" in games and on web2 social media platforms at the University of Sydney from 2005.

In 2005 Laurel also used her background in virtual currencies to submit a patent on decentralised currency for Play to Earn fitness using IoT, 3 years before Bitcoin.
She taught Augmented Reality community building to Facebook, Google and Microsoft in California in 2011.

Named by Forbes Magazine as Top 50 Most Influential Social and Online Community Expert, Laurel mentors companies visualising, building and managing Web3 and Metaverse solutions, merging technology, philosophy and social psychology to present a holistic Metaverse strategy.

Laurel has worked with Australian Parliament House, Sony, banks, Channel Ten and non-profits, she has 22,000 students studying her online courses and regularly plays World of Warcraft, Roblox and other games with her avatar, SilkCharm.

Talking Points

How do we progress from Social Media and Web2 to Metaverse and Web3?

What should your Organisation be doing TODAY to prepare for TOMORROW in the Metaverse? and What exactly is web3, ChatGPT and the Metaverse?

How will artificial intelligence change your industry?

Discover what free and paid tools (ChatGPT, OpenAI, Dall-e, Midjourney, Jasper and more) can help you in your job/business.

Why did Facebook/Meta invest $10bn last year and even more this year, along with Microsoft and Accenture to build out #FutureOfWork human resources(HR) tools?

And why did Apple invest 25 billion ish in Apple Glasses. Microsoft's acquisition of virtual world creator Activision for $59bn not to mention Amazon, Google and of course Sony investments - what does that investment mean to business and government?

What is augmented reality?

With glasses from Rayban, Apple and others? How will it change your private and working life? What is virtual reality with headsets from Oculus/Meta and Sony? Can we really shop in virtual reality? How will the Metaverse change YOUR work life especially with Horizon Worlds from Facebook/Meta? Will a gamified job be more rewarding or more exhausting as you slip seamlessly from the real world to the augmented world and then into virtual reality and back again during your work day?

The Metaverse, Global Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

Will the Metaverse force us to use global bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and tokens and the rest of decentralised finance (DEFI) and change the way your business accepts and exchanges payments irrevocably in the future? Will you be integrating Shopify NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) and other tokens into your online payment systems?

Avatars and Virtual Offices

How will the Enterprise or Organisation implement Avatars and virtual land for offices and meeting rooms and more: not just for the kids at home in Decentraland and Roblox, Sandbox and so many others! but for digital twin factories for safety and R&D?

Marketing & Sales Campaigns in the Metaverse

How will stakeholders (customers, clients, constituents, businesses) implement marketing and sales campaigns in a direct channel that is now 3D? Gucci, Adidas, NFL, The Australian Open and more are in the Metaverse. What can we learn from case studies of virtual and augmented experiences from across Tourism, Hospitality, Fitness, Education and of course, your specific sector?

From Nike (who sold $180,000,000 of NFTs virtual goods!) to Coke to Hyundai and Sentosa Island who is doing what in the Metaverse, Now, Today?
I want to thank Laurel for an insightful, stimulating, absorbing, thought-provoking and very entertaining full day on the entire social media landscape. The session was highly relevant for digital specialists, traditional marketers and PR professionals alike. It was full of very current information and lots of new material in a space that is often talked about but not often fully understood. I would happily recommend Laurel and look forward to working with her in the future. Blackmores Ltd

Laurel delivered an informative and thought provoking session to a packed house, and was rated in the top five speakers for the overall Congress.

Australian Business Consulting & Solutions

At Inforum Group's Social Media Workshop mid-August, Laurel once again demonstrated her depth of knowledge in all areas of social media and why she was named one of Forbes Magazine's 2012 Top 50 Social Media Influencers globally. After the first workshop which provided an overview, this time Laurel went through in detail a nine-step social media strategy, and the value of Pinterest and Google Plus and the feedback has been great. For many of us the workings of social media continue to challenge but Laurel reassures and educates and makes it all perfectly understandable!

Inforum Group
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