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Olympic Taekwondo gold medallist, author, naturopath.


Lauren Burns delivers powerful, engaging, down-to-earth and life-changing presentations culminating her years of experience as an athlete, business owner, mum, and lifestyle and wellness coach.

Current Work:

Lauren is a passionate, engaging, and down to earth presenter. Her energy and optimism is contagious and will leave your audience inspired and motivated. Lauren is a true storyteller, with the gift of transforming her stories into practical strategies for her audience to implement immediately. For decades, Lauren has been conducting keynotes and workshops tailored specifically to her audience.

Lauren is currently delivering in-person and virtual presentations to a diverse range of audiences. She is in the final stages of her Ph.D. on Lifestyle and Mindset and works closely with the Australian Institute of Sport both with the Gold Medal Ready program and with their research institute. A best-selling author, Lauren has written two books - Fighting Spirit and Food from a Loving Home. She also writes nutritional wholefood menu plans for a Melbourne childcare center, conducts 1:1 executive-level coaching, and enjoys running a busy family.

Lauren links stories from her Olympic journey, and her understanding as a health professional, with practical strategies for your staff and organization.

Some specific areas of interest include:
- Holistic lifestyle strategies to drive real change and impact
- Challenge and support to grow and stretch
- Simplifying and setting for success - in work and in life
- Sharing joy and delight in creating delicious and nutritious food and meal-planning strategies
- Values-based goal setting and planning

Talking Points

Motivational Workshop With Olympic Gold Medallist, Lauren Burns

An excellent way to kick off or finish a conference with the high energy and sense of achievement of all participants breaking boards.

Lauren shares inspirational stories and experiences relating them to the audience - she conveys key messages relating to self-belief, passion, determination vs natural talent, self-talk and strategy and studying your opponents.

Workshop includes:

Simple, but high energy taekwondo moves
Focus on fun, teamwork, practical skills and key messages
All participants breaking boards
Signing of participants' boards as take home memento

Performance and Wellness Package


A personal approach to create optimal vitality and flourishing.


- Health and wellness review
- Clarifying your goals and objectives
- Establishing a plan
- Nourishment strategy


- Self-connection
- Alignment with your core values
- Discover areas of your life that are draining you
- Solidifying habits and self-care strategies to support YOU

- Creation of your road map
- Big picture analysis
- Specific, detailed planning for your future
- Setting boundaries

- Mindset skills
- Learn effective time management strategies
- Food preparation and nutritional strategies to support your vitality
- Strategic planning inclusive of all aspects of your life

Active Taekwondo Workshop

• Fun and interactive taekwondo workshop
• All participants break boards
• Links to personal purpose

High Performance Living - Be your best self Workshop

• Performance, Moindset, Relationships, Lifestyle
• Strategies to structure, balance and energise
• Grow and stretch, leaning in to discomfort
• Improve personal relationships for wellbeing, stress and performance

What can be imagined can be achieved

• Transforming stories into practical life strategies
• Audience participation with fun taekwondo moves and an audience member breaking boards

Master of Ceremonies

Having spent many years delivering engaging, entertaining and memorable keynote talks in Australia and around the world, Lauren has also developed as a wonderful conference and event MC and host.

Her warm and relaxed style ensures any audience will enjoy their event experience. Lauren also brings many years of her own event experience to the stage as she professionally delivers as an MC.

She will take the time to understand your event beforehand and ensure she is adaptable on the day to deal with any last minute changes. Being an Olympic Gold medallist as well, she can add in her own personal stories as needed to fit with your program.

Having Lauren as part of your team will ensure your audience will never forget your event.
Excellent. Lauren has an outstanding story to tell and is generous with her medal, autographs, photographs etc. I strongly recommend her ANZ Bank

Your inspirational message to our guests was first class and really sealed for us a great night of recognition, for the top achievers in our Dealer network. I know that our people will benefit from your experience and can only hope that some of them can "dare to dream", and achieve just as you have done.


Our conference 'Reach for the Sky' was a great success and largely due to your presentation which matched perfectly with our team's focus and themes for the rest of the year. It was truly motivating and inspirational! We had another two days of conference and many of the guys were consistently referring to yours and Martin's presentation and particularly the focus, control and follow through themes. Your energy and enthusiasm made a big difference to the rest of the conference


Just a quick note to thank you for the excellent talk you gave at our conference last week and for helping with the awards presentation. I have had great feedback from the team on your talk which they found interesting, humorous and inspiring. It certainly made us step back and consider the part we can all play in driving forward the Company’s goals. I know the teams were thrilled to have you attend the Awards dinner and it was a pleasure to talk to you during the course of the evening


On behalf of the board of directors and the members of the association, I would like to express our gratitude for your participation in our annual conference. Your presentation was without doubt one of the most dynamic and energetic we have seen and the feedback received from all the dinner attendees was very enthusiastic. We believe the overall success of the event was due in no small part to your professionalism and obvious passion. We are especially mindful of the short notice we provided to you and are grateful to you that you were able to take the time out of your busy schedule to help us

GITA Australia/New Zealand

Lauren, the address you presented on your amazing journey to reach the Sydney Games was truly inspirational and thought provoking and I know that there is a queue to read your autobiography. Your motto “what can be imagined can be achieved. You must dare to dream but there is no substitute for hard work, perseverance and teamwork as no one gets there alone” certainly impacted on the group and your interaction with the group through the demonstration and breaking of the boards energised us for the day ahead. Once again, that you for making our tour one that will be remembered for a long time.

Wests Entertainment Group

From the feedback sheets collected, and the general ‘vibe’ after your presentation, it was clear that you touched the heart and souls of many in your audience. Especially touching, I felt, were the comments from the young people there, expressing their desire to be all they can be - clearly you connected with them very strongly! Your enthusiastic, sincere and humble style are rare in the speaking world, and were an absolute joy to witness. Personally, I shall always remember your dedication and willingness to ‘do whatever it took’ to keep your commitment to our Chapter that evening

National Speakers Association of Australia

Lauren was absolutely sensational


Excellent, Lauren’s energy was intoxicating. Our guests were mesmerised

Price Waterhouse Coopers

Excellent. Lauren is young, fresh, unassuming and communicated brilliantly to a mixed audience

Seeley International

I would like to thank you for the fantastic presentation you gave last week at our conference and for the extra time you gave to talking to our group one on one and answering their questions. It certainly was the highlight of the conference and everyone was talking about it (still are!) and it really made a positive impact on the group. The impact you made on Sue has been amazing and it was a life-changing event for her. She is so proud of her achievement (breaking the board) and the fact that you believed in her has given her so much more confidence. It is clear that you have an exciting future ahead that will go way beyond your Olympic success (not a bad start though!) by applying that determination and attitude of success. That is why we all got so much out of your presentation and your 'success leaves clues' has made me look at things in a totally new light.

IXL Appliances

I would sincerely like to thank you for speaking with the participants on our Leadership program. Everyone I spoke to was very impressed and found your presentation highly entertaining, motivating and informative. Your presentation was still being talked about this morning and was the highlight of this important day for the group

Commonwealth Bank

A strong speaker with an ability to convince in respect of the sincerity of her message

Australia Post

Excellent. More than a draw card. Lauren is interesting, natural and relaxed as a presenter and has some great stories regarding pushing oneself and overcoming obstacles


Lauren spoke in a way that captivated and involved everyone, forcing us to admire and respect her commitment to all aspects of her life. I would love to involve Lauren in other Ernst and Young events and believe she would do just as an exceptional job in hosting or speaking at any event for us

Ernst and Young

Excellent. Lauren kept the delegates captivated A great example of hard work and perseverance bringing success


Lauren was absolutely FANTASTIC! Everyone in the room hung off her every word. The stories she told and the messages around leadership, discipline and focus (just to name a few) she conveyed to the audience had an impact on everyone and linked in beautifully with our themes for the day. As well as telling a fascinating story of her life so far, Lauren was extremely entertaining and kept the audience riveted the entire time. Not only was Lauren a sensational speaker but she was a fantastic person.

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Lauren was a great speaker and got the crown moving and sharing her journey, which was fantastic. A very professional, inspiring lady - he was a joy to work with. People really wanted to talk to her at the end and ask questions which was great, and think everyone enjoyed touching that little bit of 'gold'! Lauren was terrific and we would definitely use her a great motivational speaker again.

Spectacular World Travel

An absolute breath of fresh air. Lauren was engaging, funny and inspirational. Great stories and a great Australian.

Committee for Portland

Lauren was absolutely fantastic, the clients loved listening to her anecdotes. They especially liked the hands on aspect of learn a couple of Taekwondo moves and getting to break the wood board. It really helped to break up the presentations and was able to lighten the mood after some really intensive sessions.

Partners Wealth Group

Congratulations on the inspiring address and presentation you made at our national sales conference last month. I have over many years attended guest speaker events and I can honestly say, very few have held the audience attention for 40 minutes as yours did. What I found pleasing, was the way in which you aligned your success in sport to the goals our Company is striving to achieve. The message you delivered during your talk supported and reinforced what our management team had spoken about during the conference. Thank you again and congratulations on the way in which you told your story. Thanks to you, we now have a motivated and focused sales team.

Linde Material Handling

Lauren inspired and entertained the audience with her simple but powerful messages on how to succeed through sacrifice and determination.

City of Whittlesea

Thank you so much for coming to our event. I’ve heard so much positive feedback from people who attended - they loved how engaging you are as a speaker and how positive and uplifting your message was!

Macquarie Bank

10 out 10….Lauren was an absolute pleasure to work with - she took the time to understand our event, communicate with our team beforehand and on the night was able to read the vibe in the room exceptionally well. Throughout the evening Lauren was able to seamlessly navigate any changes to schedule or tweak the script as she went. Through personal anecdotes Lauren engaged with our guests and was able to inject her own personality and warmth into the evening. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lauren for your next event.

Australian Sports Commission.
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