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Dr Leanne

Academic, Psychologist & Mind-Body Expert


When you learn how to really value your health, amazing things happen.


Through her clinical work and experience in Executive Management in the not-for-profit sector, Dr Leanne Hall has been helping people transform their lives for more than 25 years.

As an experienced Psychologist and now Academic Leanne teaches and mentors Clinical Psychology students, supervises research and is involved in curriculum development. A qualified Psychologist, and fitness and nutrition coach, she covers a wide range of topics that tackle everything from the beauty myth and women’s self-esteem to body image, relationships, parenting, teenage mental health, cultivating creative teams in the workplace, endurance sport and the endurance mindset

Talking Points

Embedding the Voice of Live Experience

The value of authentic peer to peer connection is well recognised in almost every industry. In mental health specifically, peer workers have the ability to connect in ways that so-called ‘experts’ and trained professionals cannotIn this presentation, Leanne will take your teams through the most effective ways to drive peer to peer connection and the incredible results it can deliver.

The Skill of 'Enduring'

Discomfort is a part of life, whether it be emotional or physical. However our world is constantly pushing us towards being ‘happy and comfortable’. However this isn’t reality, and so learning to sit with discomfort and grow through the experience is a critical ingredient in living a fulfilling life. Through Leanne's research (and lived experience) of ultra-running, in this presentation she provides tips and strategies for ‘enduring’ everyday life and learning to thrive.

The Art of Embodiment

In our modern society the mind and body are often experienced as separate from one another. The body is thought of as a machine that the mind can somehow ‘control’. The Art of Embodiment takes the view that our emotional experiences are body centred, and the mind and body are unable to be separated. This presentation will focus on the art of reconnecting with the self, through the body. By reflecting on our embodied selves we can learn to be more intentional and focussed. This presentation will take participants through a number of grounding exercises and techniques to help them reconnect with their embodied selves, and to lead richer and more fulfilling lives and form deeper connections with others and with the environment.

Transitioning Through Injury: A Phenomenological Approach for Ultrarunners

The aim of her thesis was to understand and explore the embodied experiences of ultra-runners who had recently experienced an injury. For these athletes, an injury represents a shift in their entire way of being, which is often not considered in the course of medical intervention and treatment. Understanding their embodied experiences has implications for how these athletes respond to treatment and rehabilitation. Using arts based forms of narrative inquiry also sheds light on the limitations of relying solely on verbal narratives, as art provides unique ways of capturing experiences that cannot be accessed by language alone
Beautiful Minds had the pleasure of having Leanne Hall speak at our annual youth event to hundreds of our teens. She was a dynamic, funny and very engaging presenter and our teens loved her! She added so much value to our event. Beautiful Minds
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