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Author, Speaker & Mentor


Lee Crockett believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together through humour and compassion.

Author, speaker, and mentor Lee Crockett works with governments, education systems, international agencies, and corporations to help people and organisations connect to their highest purpose and realise their wish for the future.

Lee founded the Future Focused Learning Network and Masterclasses to connect teachers and his schools with colleagues around the world. It has evolved into a global exchange of professional practice and mutual support.

Living in Kamakura, Japan, he practices Zen and studies the Shakuhachi, a traditional Japanese bamboo flute. Mindfulness and joyful curiosity are the foundation of his approach to his work and his life.

His several best-selling books, including Future-Focused Learning, Mindful Assessment, Growing Global Digital Citizens and his most recent book Agents to Agency: A Measurable Process for Cultivating Self-Directed Learner Agency, have received praise from some of the most respected authors in education, including John Hattie, Anthony Muhammad and Timothy Kanold.

The context of Lee’s work globally has ranged from the most challenging inner-city and regional schools to the most prestigious schools in Europe and the Middle East. His stories, humour and case studies provide the evidence, encouragement and strategies that connect with audiences globally. His timely and compelling message is always full of joyful curiosity and compassion and centred on possibilities and potential.

Lee presents in over 20 countries to School and Education System Leaders about the results and transformation they seek to achieve. His Clear Line of Sight Leadership Methodology has allowed schools and systems to achieve remarkable results, realising strategic priorities in evidence-based classroom practice. He is in constant demand in every state for both regional and national events and conferences.

His presentations are highly personal and engaging and focused on the current reality with a balance of story, provocation and clear actions. When asked about his writing and speaking, Lee says, “My keynotes and books are only meant to do one thing … to cut through the noise, the excuses, the distractions, and to see what is right in front of you (with a little humour). Most importantly, it’s not about me … All that matters is what the audience needs to realise their true nature, highest purpose, and most sincere wish for the future.”

Talking Points

Agents to Agency

Based on the best-selling book Agents to Agency: A measurable process for cultivating self-directed learner agency, this inspiring session will share the dramatic success achieved through Lee Crockett’s work with schools in Australia and detail precisely the process of implementing a continuum from "Agents of the Teacher to Learner Agency" that guides the transformation of evidence-based classroom practice.

Five Agreements: The Culture of Possibilities

Culture is our total way of being. It includes everything that a group of people thinks, says, does and makes - its systems, attitudes and feelings. Culture is learned and transmitted but is also created and constantly evolves through our actions. In other words, what we think, we manifest and what we state, we create. This keynote explores creating a culture of possibilities through the Five Agreements.

Mindfulness - It's not what you think

The term "mindfulness" is tossed around many circles, including business and education.

Leaders and managers scramble to put "well-being" experiences for their teams and though well-meaning, they are often far from the practice and purpose of mindfulness. In this presentation, Lee presents what he has learned in his journey of Finding Zen, with a
captivating blend of story and humour. Living and training in the Zen temples of Kamakura, the origins of Zen in Japan, he brings a unique and authentic perspective of mindfulness, and it's not what you think.
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