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TEDx Speaker, Author, Internationally Awarded Thought Leader & Consultant


In losing the ability to speak, I realised the power of my voice. Now I’m using it to create change.

By combining her professional background and lived experience, Lisa Cox brings a unique perspective, professional expertise and personal experience to each custom-curated presentation she delivers.

Medically speaking, Lisa died multiple times, but the internationally acclaimed TEDx speaker, author and media professional is living proof that you can be faced with some of the most challenging personal and professional obstacles and still go on to thrive and lead a life you love.

Lisa was a successful copywriter, with two university degrees, working with a host of corporate clients when life took an unexpected turn in 2005

After spending over a year in hospital and undergoing countless operations, including multiple amputations, Lisa taught herself how to type again (minus nine fingertips and part of her eyesight). As they say, once a writer, always a writer!

Today, Lisa’s work is published in national and international publications and she consults to business, industry, government and others who want to know more about how to best include disability in their content and practices but aren’t sure where to start.

As an advertising industry insider, Lisa has the ability to wear ‘two hats’ simultaneously. That of the passionate disability advocate and that of the agency creative or business strategist with an eye on the ROI.

Having spent the first part of her life without disabilities, Lisa understands how it can feel when you want to say the right thing but don’t want to offend or fear getting it wrong. Having this empathetic connection with her audience has helped to lessen the discomfort in conversations about DEI. Lisa helps her audience to navigate the nuances of disability inclusion without shame and with practical solutions.

Whether you are curating speakers for a conference, you want to inspire your executive team or motivate an entire company, Lisa Cox can take your audience on a journey they'll never forget - and leave them excited, motivated and informed about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as an individual professional and part of a bigger team.

Talking Points

Diversity & Inclusion Without Tokenism

It’s no secret that diversity and inclusion of disability is becoming increasingly important for brands and businesses - and so it should be! But how do you make sure that representation is just right and not have the campaign be called out or cancelled for tokenism?

Lisa Cox is here to help you by combining her years of expertise in some of Australia’s top agencies with her lived-experience of disability. She interweaves invaluable insights with her personal narrative of adversity and resilience, which will motivate and inspire any audience.

Lisa is a savvy business professional and passionate disability advocate combined. She can recognise the importance of ROI and a strong creative strategy while not forgetting to include key disability insights.

Having spent the first 24 years of her life without disabilities, Lisa empathises with business leaders who have the best intentions but be afraid to start. By combining her agency expertise and years of lived-experience, Lisa helps remove that fear, replacing it with practical solutions and strategy.

Who is this for?

This is a keynote specifically crafted for advertising insiders - by an advertising insider. It is specifically designed for the marketing, advertising and branding sectors but is also excellent for those in the broader media, communications, arts and entertainment fields.

It is also for those who know they need to start or continue being more diverse and inclusive but aren’t sure where to start.

Key Takeaways:
- Valuable insights into what the disabled consumer really looks like (according to data and not media stereotypes).
- Things to avoid when creating content or implementing practices around disability inclusion.
- The nitty-gritty: Finer points on filming, editing and camera angles to avoid tokenism.

Muse In The Mirror - Inspiration and Motivation To Live Life On YOUR Terms

Lisa is the ultimate life enthusiast and her incredible story of resilience and finding sunshine in the darkness has been published around the globe.

Hear how Lisa went from a very successful business career and rock climbed around the world to suddenly climbing out of an unbelievable health crisis.

Learn how Lisa rebuilt her personal career from ground zero and quite literally restarted her personal life.

From spending over a year in hospital to now being a happily married author and TEDx speaker; and award-winning international thought leader.

Lisa’s optimism and passion for life are contagious and she’s living proof that embracing change and overcoming challenges is not impossible

Who is it for:
This presentation is ideal for men and women of any age. Some of the many examples of where it has previously been used include:
- Gyms and fitness clubs to motivate members.
- Corporate teams to boost staff morale.
- Start of the year to inspire staff for what’s ahead.

Key Takeaways:
- Steps to being your own source of inspiration and not having to rely on external validation.
- Things that each audience member can implement in their own life to create change.
- Why this isn’t about toxic positivity and mental health matters.

Female Empowerment - Smashing Stereotypes & Other Useless Sh*t

Lisa was once climbing the corporate ladder to smash the glass ceiling but now take the lift in her wheelchair instead.

Lisa’s cheeky brand of humour comes out here as she discusses the often outrageous expectations placed on women.

Lisa has never been one to conform to stereotypes and since becoming disabled in 2005, she has been rewriting the narratives around the portrayal of disability and that of women.

Listen to uplifting stories from Lisa’s life as she shares vulnerable and inspiring moments from her recovery to powerful and game changing insights from her work today.

Lisa shares moments from her own personal and professional life about times she has felt both empowered and disempowered. But rather than let this stop her, it has only fuelled Lisa’s drive to smash more stereotypes, keep creating change and improving outcomes for the disability community.

Who this is for:
This presentation is best suited to women and women’s events. Depending on the audience, more or less emphasis can be given to topics like leadership and business or body confidence and body positivity.
I first came across Lisa while working as the Medical Director for the Australian Racing Board. From our very first teleconference, I was truly inspired by her passion for wellness, healing and in particular traumatic brain injury. Lisa has a vibrancy and energy that is infectious. Australian Racing Board
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