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Astronomer, Author, TV Presenter & Australian Government Women in STEM Ambassador

Our future lies in the cosmos, if only we dare to reach out.

Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith is an award-winning astrophysicist and the Australian Government Women in STEM Ambassador. She is a member of the advisory group to the Australian Space Agency, and previously played a pivotal role in Australia’s bid to host the global mega-telescope the Square Kilometre Array. As an astrophysicist, she has worked in top universities and research institutes around the world, publishing more than 45 refereed journal papers on the birth and death of stars and in 2016 received the prestigious Chairman’s Medal from CSIRO.

Current Work:
Lisa is a regular on television, radio and in the media. She is a presenter on the popular ABC television show Stargazing Live and the author of two books, When Galaxies Collide and Under the Stars: astrophysics for Bedtime. She has hosted several national live-on-stage tours with Apollo astronauts including Buzz Aldrin. In 2018 she presented her first live tour When Galaxies Collide at theatres across Australia.

In 2016 she won the Eureka Prize for Promotion of Australian Science Research.

Lisa regularly stretches her body and mind to the limit, running ultra-marathons including 12-hour, 24-hour and multi-day events. Her feats of endurance include running 168 km (four marathons) in a single day and a completing a 250 km race through the Simpson Desert.

Talking Points

When Galaxies Collide

Take a thrilling journey through the past, present and future of our universe. Guided by an award-winning astrophysicist and science communicator, we take non-specialists on a journey through the stars, more than 3 billion years hence, to witness an incredible collision between our galaxy the Milky Way and our neighbour, the Andromeda galaxy. In this engaging presentation audiences gain a new perspective on our connection to the cosmos and what the future may hold for planet earth.

What’s new? The future of technology and data

Prof. Lisa Harvey-Smith is an international expert in astrophysics, big & smart data, supercomputing and new technologies to support the global space industry. She can speak with authority on a broad range of fascinating topics including drones in space, robotics, AI and ethics, backed up by her expertise in these rapidly changing industries. Engage your team in the cutting edge of science, technology and data.

Workplace equity, diversity and inclusion: great for business

Equity, diversity and inclusion expert and astrophysicist Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith makes the case for inclusion in your workplace. Backed up by hard data and international research, she makes a compelling case for transformational change that will be great for all staff and boost the competitiveness of your business. This talk can be delivered for a general setting (e.g. for all staff, managers or senior leaders) or tailored for your audience on specific topics, e.g.gender, or LGBTQI+ inclusion).
Lisa presented an opening speech at "An evening with Neil deGrasse Tyson", which attracted over 4,000 attendees. The feedback was of utter delight, as Lisa engaged the audience, made them feel excited and really ready to get thinking! Lisa is very confident, knowledgeable about science, has a great sense of humour and is very likeable. We believe she has the capacity to make real change within the area of science and beyond. Think Inc

Dr. Lisa Harvey-Smith’s talk was extremely well attended and received. Survey respondents gave her a 90.5% excellent rating, which is the best rating for the year (the average is 78%).

The Australian Academy of Science

Lisa is a force of nature. She’s an explorer, an optimist and a powerful advocate for the role of science and astronomy in society. She’s a role model for aspiring scientists and one of the great storytellers of Australian astronomy.

Science In Public
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