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Guts. Growth. Glory.


Liza Pavlakos survivor, entrepreneur, and international keynote speaker - a force globally recognised for her achievements and accolades.

As the 8th speaker in suicide prevention globally and a Golden Gavel Honouree, Liza has firmly established herself as one of the world’s top 10 female speakers.

At the young age of 23, Liza started a business with zero start-up capital. Her tenacity and vision drew in 4,000 patrons to witness her Miss India International Event, marking the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey. She then successfully took over a bar and restaurant called Mini Bar Piccolo, showcasing her business acumen.

As an entrepreneur, Liza’s businesses have left a lasting impact. She built a successful tailoring business with five stores, serving prestigious clients like Australian Open, Grand Prix, Marriott Hotels, International A- list celebrities and designer brands.

Liza is recognised as a trailblazer in the field of mental health. She is the driving force behind “Mind Hub Directory,” a mental health directory with a strong commitment to helping those who require support. This directory serves as a worldwide platform, showcasing highly regarded mental health experts from various disciplines. It has garnered the admiration of corporate organisations fortunate enough to have heard Liza speak through her keynote presentations.

Liza’s journey to success, however, was not without profound challenges. From enduring childhood abuse to experiencing homelessness at just 16, surviving a life-threatening kidnapping, and overcoming the hardships of single parenthood due to an abusive partner, she defied the odds to become a self-made entrepreneur.
Through unwavering resilience and determination, Liza transformed her life, refusing to let her past define her. From the depths of poverty and despair, she emerged as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Her journey stands as a testament to the extraordinary power of the human spirit, proving that regardless of the adversities we face, we possess the capacity to rise above and thrive.
Today, Liza stands tall as an internationally renowned keynote speaker, captivating audiences worldwide with her poignant story of triumph. Her ability to forge deep connections with hearts and minds has positioned her as a powerful influencer in the realm of motivational speaking.

Her transformative impact extends to renowned Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, Lenovo, Just Eats, Qatar Airways and many others. These leading corporations have sought Liza’s guidance and expertise to cultivate motivation and drive within their organisations. Through her captivating speeches and profound insights, she fosters team building, propels performance, and ignites a profound sense of purpose and resilience.

In addition to speaking, Liza is preparing to release her upcoming book “Conviction“. She shares her personal and professional journey within its pages, imparting invaluable lessons and wisdom acquired along the way. Brace yourself to be inspired and uplifted as you embark on a transformative journey alongside Liza, unlocking your own limitless potential.

Liza’s life serves as a resounding testament to the extraordinary capabilities that reside within each of us. It is a powerful reminder that our past does not dictate our future, and that through resilience, determination, and unwavering self-belief, we can conquer any obstacle and create lives of purpose and fulfilment.

Talking Points

Unleash the Power of Strategic Thinking - Achieve Extraordinary Results

- Ignite your team's success with a visionary game plan that sparks strategic action.
- Harness the power of conscious visualisation to gain a competitive edge.
- Fuel ambition by setting transformative goals that push boundaries and expand horizons.
- Cultivate an unstoppable mindset that embraces change, boosts productivity, and banishes negativity.
- Empower your team to navigate change with purpose and positivity, fostering resilience and employee engagement.
- Propel your organisation forward with leadership insights and strategies for overcoming obstacles and achieving bigger goals.
- Educational, informative, and inspiring - a transformative experience for your team.

Empower Your Team to Dream Big and Achieve More - Cultivate a Winning Mindset

- Ignite your team's potential with a visionary plan that ignites strategic action.
- Tap into the power of conscious visualisation and goal setting to drive success.
- Unite your team around a shared brand vision for increased impact and motivation.
- Empower individuals with an unstoppable mindset, eliminating barriers and maximising productivity.
- Foster a culture of innovation by encouraging fresh perspectives and forward-thinking.
- Strengthen team dynamics and engagement through the transformative trait of forgiveness in leadership.
- Equip your team with resilience-building strategies and agile approaches to tackle any challenge head-on.
- Leadership, motivation, entrepreneurship, mental strength, health and wellness - an unforgettable experience for your audience.

Unlock Your Team's Full Potential - Empower Growth and Overcome Limitations

- Propel your team towards success with a visionary plan that sparks strategic action.
- Harness the power of conscious visualisation and goal setting to unlock hidden potential.
- Amplify impact by aligning your team with a shared brand vision and purpose.
- Equip your team with an unstoppable mindset, enhancing productivity and innovation.
- Foster a culture of adaptability and positive change through new perspectives and insightful questioning.
- Strengthen team cohesion and engagement with the transformative power of forgiveness in leadership.
- Nurture resilience and performance excellence through proven strategies and adaptive approaches.
- Leadership, mental strength, corporate psychology, sales, audience engagement - an inspirational journey for your organisation.
Liza’s representation is insightful, actionable and authentic. Coca Cola Company

Liza is a powerful storyteller. She inspires change.

Qatar Airways

Liza was ranked the highest rated keynote speaker for the entire event.

The Win Summit New York

Liza is an outstanding speaker. Her story inspires us to change for the betterment of our families, our teams and our clients.

Zurich Insurance Group Ltd

Liza is a phenomenal speaker. Her keynote is actionable and life-changing. She inspires transformation.

Oberoi Hotels & Resorts

Liza is an authentic speaker. She makes her audience see their future with possibilities.

The Ritz-Carlton

We had amazing feedback from the session. Liza Pavlakos was truly inspiring.

Just Eat Takeaway
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